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These 7 Steps Will Bridge The Long Distance This Valentine’s Day.

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( Want to make this Valentine Day special for your long distance relationship, try these 7 steps to bridge the long distance. Pick any or all of these ideas and make sure that your Valentine’s Day this year becomes the most memorable day ever.

1. A Surprise Visit

Only one thing can ease the pain of living away from your loved one and that’s meeting them face-to-face. A surprise visit is something that can easily bridge the long distance this Valentine’s Day. If you don’t feel comfortable in meeting at her home, just appear when she comes out of the workplace. Or you can just speak about her day plans and just reach the place and surprise her. There’s nothing more pleasurable than seeing your loved one after spending weeks or months away from each other.

2. A Surprise Delivery

If you are busy and can’t meet that special person, just make sure sending your love through delivery services. Flowers, chocolates, soft toys, or a personalized gift delivered without prior notice will not only make them happy, it will fill their day with good thoughts. Those phone calls, texts, and video chats make it incredibly easy to communicate, but there is nothing like receiving a surprise gift delivered to your doorstep and especially when it comes from someone who is the love of your life.

3. Record A Video Message and Send

In your everyday lives, you always express your feelings in words. But don’t forget that “an image is a thousand words”. When you want to say how much you love them, picking the right words doesn’t have to be a problem with video messages. Recorded videos don’t need a script, especially when they are meant for someone special. All you need to do is to just hit the record button on your phone or video camera and express your love in any way you want. It’s the power of technology and the motion pictures that can offer many ways to send a message and tell them you remember them in every moment.

4. A Deep Talk

Plan a video chat session on Skype or any other video chat service and have a deep talk with your loved one. Try to make a video call because sometimes, it is not easy to convey the right message with the right meaning over text messages and phone calls. Don’t rush for this because if you are not prepared for the things you want to discuss, there will be no result of such conversation and there are chances that you might fail to convey the right message, or the discussion will simply head to a different direction. Ever wondered why the world speaks about growth in companies, but fails to measure growth in relationships and family? The reason is we don’t set up deep discussion sessions in the family and that’s why many things always remain in a never-ending loop.

5. Plan Your Next Visit

Hope works like medicine. It heals all the wounds and also eases the pain. In a relationship, staying away from each other sucks and it’s painful sometimes. If you can’t meet your partner on Valentine’s Day, don’t feel sad because there’s always a way to make things happen. Plan a visit on your Valentine’s Day. You can choose to visit the city your partner lives in, but it is a lot better if you could choose a new place for this meeting. Plan a weekend trip or a short holiday. It will not only keep you happy, the countdown will also keep you excited and motivated.

6. Make A Promise To Each Other

On this special day, think about making a promise that is going to make life better for both of you. It needs to be a promise that you can keep. Don’t be unrealistic when making such promise. Just think of something you can promise to your partner and to yourself as well. It can be anything – a promise to make a better future, a promise to stay organized, healthy and protect each other. Make a promise to stand with each other in difficulties or make a promise to fulfill that wish your partner had to bury long back.

7. Start Chasing a Goal Together

Chasing a goal together is fun and it doesn’t necessarily have to be something related to money, career or work life. You can start small and think of any goal you can achieve together with your partner. Doing so will not only keep your stay connected, but it will bring you closer. You’ll enjoy the moments when one of you will be in need of some motivation, strength, and support. Set a goal and go for it because at the end of the day, you will achieve something together and there will be a reason to celebrate together.

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