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8 Ways to Improve Your Faith in the 21st Century.

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( It’s a busy world out there. How is the modern Christian supposed to stay connected to God when phones, texts and email alerts are going off every minute of the day? Here are just eight ways to renew and restore your spirituality despite the demands of contemporary society.

1. Get Online

If you don’t have the time or the means to attend church every Sunday, you can still enjoy a sermon on the world wide web. The Internet has everything from full-scale mass services to individual lectures, workshops, choir performances and Bible study groups. You can pick and choose what you’d like to experience.

2. Follow A Pastor

In the same vein as the above, if your life is too chaotic for regular worship, you can always find a specific pastor and follow his works. If you subscribe to the blogs, newsletters and video channels of preachers like Ed Young, you’ll have a concentrated dose of Christianity delivered to your inbox every day.

3. Read Your Bible

There are countless books dedicated to understanding or demystifying the Bible. If you aren’t one of the lucky people who can understand it intuitively, find yourself a “modern English” version that will shed some light on God’s word and allow you to apply His wisdom to your everyday life.

4. Support Christian Organizations

Did you know that you can spread God’s love just by shopping from the right retailers? This is because their profits go towards educating and encouraging others in the Christian lifestyle. The next time you need school supplies or a new robe, buy from a Christian store.

5. Explore Christian Apps

Your phone can wake you up in the morning, send you text message notifications and even remind you of appointments. Why not use it for God as well? Look into Christian apps that will deliver psalms or stream sermons any time you want them. Technology doesn’t have to be the devil.praying-hands-2015

6. Find a New Church

If you ever find yourself dragging your feet when it comes to Sunday sermons, the problem isn’t with the message. It’s with the environment. Maybe you’ve never clicked with the pastor; maybe the church itself is uncomfortable or out of the way. When this happens, it’s time to shake things up and try something new.

7. Become Born Again

If you’re ready to make drastic changes in your life, consider an adult baptism or “born again” ceremony. This will energize your faith and give you a good foundation for your future as a Christian. Instead of shrugging and promising to be a better, more spiritual person tomorrow, you’ll be making positive changes in your life today.

8. Get Involved in the Community 

It’s all too easy to become dependent on technology. Jesus, however, did not save souls through his iPhone. Despite the convenience and ubiquity of your gadgets, it’s also important to unplug every once in awhile and do something with your hands. Volunteering at your church, for example, is a good way to give back.

These are just eight ways to bring God back into your life even if you’ve strayed from the path of righteousness. It’s never too late to renew your commitment to the Lord, so use these tips and welcome His light into your heart!

Staff Writer; Keisha Moore


One Response to “8 Ways to Improve Your Faith in the 21st Century.”
  1. Marque Anthony says:

    Maybe most believers need to improve their works since you reap what you sow. Follow a pastor? Really?

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