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( I remember my first meditation experience happening around 1996 or 1997. A gentleman who was a friend of a friend was offering a class on meditation. Prior to then I knew nothing about meditation, but I paid my $25 and I took the class anyway.

Since the class was geared towards beginners there was not a lot of chanting mantras and things I would have considered over the top. We learned breathing techniques that helped us to clear our mind and to relax. If I didn’t take anything else from that experience, I was able to grasp the importance of simply breathing when I find myself stressed or anxious. To this very day that one meditation class has stuck with me.blackwomen

When you mention the word meditation some people immediately think of monks in robes and Tina Turner chanting in the movie What’s Love Got to Do With It? Some people don’t believe it in and some folks think its witchcraft. That’s crazy right?

People meditate for different reasons. Some meditate to gain clarity, to open themselves up to hear from God and to seek relief from things ailing them such as fear, anger and confusion. Some meditate to reach their higher self.

My Personal Meditation Experience.


There once was a time when you could only go to White Women for certain “ lewd acts or services ” and they were known for certain behavior. Now, as Black Women, we are willing to prove that we are JUST as filthy as White Women. One of the most regurgitated responses I get whenever I discuss our destructive behavior as Black Women is ‘White women do it too!!”

I only get this response whenever I post on FILTH, anything that could be deemed positive, i.e. submission, we go back to being Black Women REAL quick. White Women Do it Too…so what? That gives us an excuse to be just as dysfunctional as them?
How can a Black Man trust his seed with a Black Woman? How can he trust her(us) to instill confidence and leadership in his children if we are always trying to be like someone else, or trying to justify our behavior with a juvenile response like “they do it too!!”
I mean seriously! We sound like CHILDREN. And if our CHILDREN came home saying that they got in trouble because somebody else “did it too”, that would NOT be acceptable, but in true hypocritical form we give ourselves passes, but attempt to hold everyone else accountable. 
Rollow Follow; White Women Do It Too!!