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The Myth Of Black Fathers.

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( I’m a 37 year old  Single father of two boys, Karizmah Allen Smith 18, and Jabari Adham Smith, age 2. I have had the pleasure of raising my boys and providing a way for them and hopefully I have instilled the same morals and values that my  father instilled in me. My dad raised me with the help of his Great Grandmother, my Great Great Grandmother Leatha Henson. Growing up in the D.C. area in the Reagan/ Bush era it was quite easy and in many cases quite regular to find your family shattered ,thanks to the war on Black People. I mean the war on drugs and Reaganomics.

It began a new revamped style of separate and unequal and began a massive rise in  crime, addiction, incarceration, unemployment and murder in the Black community that remains to this day. Thanks to overblown, biased, one sided coverage by the media, glorification of criminal activity in the Black community in music and movies ,backed in almost all cases by a white Jewish production companies who profit from the black community via the artist and record sales. Then the same media, who gave you a version of the (Iran Contra caused ) War on Drugs that made Blacks and Latinas the ONLY drug dealers, shows the videos and movies of Black men engaging in the behavior they claim to rebuke. So why would I ever think THEY would portray Black men like my Dad in aFather and son building ship model at home positive image or even put him in the portrait?

Every time I hear some idiot on FoKKKs News say ” the problem in the Black community is a result of lack of fathers” I want to reach through the TV and punch that clown right in his mouth. Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity I’m looking for you! This is the most foolish and commonly used tactic used by the oppressor and I have come to find many of you don’t know how to refute this idiotic talking point. Well hopefully after you read this you will be armed with enough common sense to easily shut down such an attack.

It’s always said that most of our children are born out of wedlock. With that being the case since the United States has a higher divorce rate than anyone then what race of people are getting all of these divorces. Also isn’t that taking either a father or mother out of the household? This will put even the most staunch KKKonservative on their heels.

Next tactic use historical facts such as “Since when have people been so concerned about black families?” During slavery blacks were routinely separated from there family, mothers from children, husbands from wives and never did you her of mass plantation weddings. You know of the beatings and rapes that were done to our elders and when finally freed we never heard of mass marriages for blacks who established families while in bondage. And black on black crime was nonexistent during slavery as was black marriage so what’s different now?
Other than the oppression,nothing.

If the two options I have given have failed to silence the hate. Use personal knowledge of your inner circle, 9 times out of 10 if you’re like me you are a black father you are in your child’s life and you had a father ,like most of my friends growing up, like most of my family and like most of my friends are now.

My cousin John Smith married his wife and he takes care of his daughter in Atlanta, my big brother / cousin Octavious Smith is married and takes care of his children with his wife, my cousin Bobby Smith takes care of his two daughters and son, my friend big Wayne Thomas and his beautiful wife take care of their two sons, my buddy London Ramsey although he is not with the mother of his kids still support and takes care of his children, my buddies Terry Amos and Ronald McAllister both happily married taking care of their children, my brother del Russell and his beautiful wife married taking care of that you’re my brother Rashawn Sibley married taking care of his children my brother Desmond Russell divorced taking care of his children,  now that I think about it ,each one of them has a father in their life.

Like my brother Oliver Baker, or my man Sereno Bradshaw, shots out to the uncles ,who are like me and my brothers, for helping take care of the nieces and nephews because a little brother or big brother is no longer with us. And shouts out to my little brother Baron at all my uncles like my uncle Barry, Uncle John, uncle Rick ,uncle Butch, uncle George ,uncle Vince and uncle D for raising their kids. Understand I do appreciate the job that you do even though we’re walking around  invisible. The myth of black men not being fathers to their children is not something that I have ever grown up around. I  was raised by my father never to accept that and i was told any man black or white who does not take care of his kids should not be referred to as a man.

So the next time you’re watching TV and some Klansman without his hood says that the problem in the black community is the lack of fathers, Simply refer to the guidelines posted, unless it’s Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity …. No sense in wasting time …. Just punch him in the f****** mouth. Do it for you dad.

Staff Writer; LeVar Smith




21 Responses to “The Myth Of Black Fathers.”
  1. Kelvin Carter says:

    Spoken like a proud Black Man. Like so many, a devoted, loving father.

  2. Daseangod says:

    The myth has been broken .

  3. Daseangod says:

    Wow great article .. Lots of ignorant comments tho.
    But its definitely a myth .

  4. Netra Adams says:

    Aside from the foolish back and forth subsequent commentary, great article!! The world should be awakened to the greatness within our black communities driven by our black men and fathers!! 🙂

  5. toomanygrandkids says:

    BTW, stop bending over fiening for my balls to slap your ass. Oops, now everyone knows you are a down low faggot.

  6. toomanygrandkids says:

    Damn shame your nigra pappy’s sperm was filled with chimp juice cause it produced a gorilla nigga. Take your ass back home to the jungle from which your mammy gave birth.

  7. LeVar Smith says:

    I’m sorry for calling the too many grandkids guy a coon he’s obviously a handkerchief head Sambo who eats donkey balls or a Negro bed wench who wants approval from her white masa get that dick out of your mouth too many dumb ass grandkids. or your closet white supremacist who hide behind a computer which makes you a pussy not a punk a pure pussy

  8. LeVar Smith says:

    Toomanydumbassgrandkids,,,, lmao…..that’s the best you got ….Coon ass Faggot….Muslim? See they are dumb as grandkids like that dumbass grandmother or grandfather

  9. toomanygrandkids says:

    Listen here, you retarded spook. I’m no coon, Tommy, or Clarence. If I’m a punk then you are a bitch. A bitch ass spook. Bet you’re one of “those” self-hating Muslims who hates being put in their place, even though it’s exactly what you need. “Men” should handle the “business” of you being tied to the spook train.

  10. LeVar Smith says:

    Too many grandkids must be Tommy Sambomayor or. Clarence Uncle Thomas….eithter way catch the coon train and stay out of Black Mens Business..See men like me see it…live it and teach..
    Punks like you comment behind backs and smile when we meet…
    The Author

  11. toomanygrandkids says:

    Oops, corrections:

    blacks were angry because


    heard women state

  12. toomanygrandkids says:

    I repeat, NIGGA. PUH-LEEZE! During the Reagan Era, blacks were anger because their illegal drug activity had been exposed. While claiming to be poor (living in poverty) and experiencing racism, those involved in the drug game were living high on the hog. They were earning hundreds of thousands/illions of tax-free money and they didn’t want anyone (like the gov’t/IRS) knowing about it. There wasn’t a war on black people. Blacks stalked, attacked, shot, and killed each other all day, everyday, and till this day.

    Decent, black men/fathers are not a myth. Everybody recognizes these black men taking care of their children, working legit jobs, maintaining homes (and lawns), even volunteering in their communities, and cooking meals. I’ve even heard woen state that their fathers combed their hair and he did his best to plait it.

    The real myth is that niggers or males who abandon their responsibilities are (good/decent) fathers. Well, they are not. Feral black males are placed in the same category as men because of their skin color. Its a known fact that the worst (and #1) oppressor of good, decent black men are ignorant, out of control black males. If you don’t know by now then you never will.

  13. thumbs down says:

    I don’t need to watch 48 hours to know what’s happening in cities across America. That’s your prerogative to wear rose colored glasses.

  14. Jermar says:

    Black on black crime is too a myth just as black fathers who are said to not be prevalent in our commmunities. Statistically this so called black on black crime has been decreasing since the early 2000’s what you see, hear, or read in major media outlets is called propaganda. Just as there’s black on black violence there’s a large mass of white on white violence. 48 hours mystery shows it every episode.

  15. thumbs down says:

    Your attitude is why the chickens are roosting “BLACK on BLACK” crime!

  16. LeVar Smith says:

    @ Thumbs Down…….. Good Fathers defend their family and children by any means necessary you fucking coward. If you want to know why black people are on the bottom rung look at punks like Terrance amen and this thumb’s down clown. When did this non violent shit ever work you assholes you’re sitting here being non violent mean well kids are getting murdered in the street I’d say it’s time to be violent new cotton pickers killed me. They’re scared to beat their children because that’s like slavery but then they are scared to fight back because that’s violet what a pussy Well the Lord doesn’t want pussys or cowards so in heaven I wont see these clowns

  17. Patricia says:

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  18. thumbs down says:

    Way to go……Good BLACK fathers teach their sons that violence is an acceptable form of response!

  19. Eugene Bridges says:

    LeVar, that was very insightful. A million men can attend a march, but it takes a man of your character to create one…Geno

  20. Dave says:

    Great article by LeVar Smith. We need more positive examples of black men to inspire the next generation. His point of view is “dead on.” Can’t wait for the next article, keep ’em coming.

  21. Alemo says:

    Excellent! I challenge anyone to break the spell of this myth by launching this message and sending it viral. Soon sons will become fathers and through faith and space will shine. -A.moses

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