( Beauty ) A Woman’s Curse.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Before I go into this subject I must say that this subject matter was brought to my attention by a 15 yr. old student that attempted suicide because of being taunted by the so-called more attractive girls at her school. She says that everyday for years she has been picked on and called  ” Ugly ” by the more attractive girls. She says that she is an honor role student and wants to become a doctor later in life. She says that these ” Pretty Girls ” are drug and alcohol users and some already gave a kid or are pregnant. She says that if anyone is in a position to pick on someone it should be her because she has everything going for her and these pretty girls have nothing except their looks.

With that being said , lets look at society and the way beauty is being used by some women to damage the lives of others and not to mention their own. It is plain to see that good looks are the ” in thing ” now more than ever in this generation of young people. And beauty is wonderful , especially if it is given to a person that is comfortable and use to  “ power “. Because beauty is a blessing given to be an example of the humbleness of someone that could otherwise use it to beKM-Girl-2014 ruthless.

Beauty and Money are a lot alike In the sense that they are the roots of ” Our ” evils. They themselves are not evil , they only become evil when an irresponsible person possesses them. And the “ Trick ” of beauty is that it exposes the true nature of the person that is hiding behind that sexy flesh. And most often we get to see that these people are very ” disturbed ” because they walk around with a superiority complex ( As it may seem ). And they look down on unattractive people as lesser beings , and they put them down because they think that they are the only ones worthy of praise.

But in todays society lets look at what these pretty women go through to receive their praise. We see them wearing skimpy and even trashy clothes to get attention , a lot of them become strippers and escorts. You find many porn stars that are beautiful – as well as many prostitutes and what we call gold diggers are all beautiful and most single mothers and unmarried women are all beautiful. But I have to say that a lot of single attractive women are victims of this as well  because they fall victim to the stereotype that beautiful women are stuck up and scandalous – which is not always true. But yet some become these stereotypical types out of the pressure to be accepted because no one wants a beautiful nun.
Yes there is no doubt about it , beauty rules this world – and many believe that the founder of this world ( Satan ) was a beautiful angel a one point. And that it was the arrogance that came from his/her beauty that led him/her to become evil and that got him/her thrown out of heaven.
( But that is a discussion for the religious people )
I myself believe that beauty is truly in the eyes of the beholder but the facts are plain that some women are very ugly – but their outer appearance fools our eyes. And the opposite is also true, that some women don’t meet societies standards of beauty but they are very gorgeous inside. This curse of beauty is very confusing and powerful and very destructive and it is destroying society because it is being used to make evil attractive.
And in a lot of cases it ends up destroying the lives of the beautiful person themselves. Because the arrogance and false sense of pride and paranoia mixed with their secret insecurities eventually isolates them from a  “normal ” life. They find themselves becoming nothing but an empty shell – like a manikin that exists only to display the new clothes and new hair styles. And their bodies become nothing but a sex toy to be bought and used and thrown away when it is no longer fun to play with.
And those girls that use their beauty to attract men with money often find themselves victims of abuse. Because they are no longer looked at as a human but as a product that was bought and paid for. And that is a terrible situation to find yourself in , but the saddest part of a beautiful woman’s life comes when their beauty begins to fade. 
Their looks are their soul sense of value and strength in life and without it they feel worthless and their admirers being to see them the same way – worthless. And they begin to look elsewhere for a new batch of young pretty girls. And the shame of old age begins to set in on these once proud and arrogant women , and all their mistakes come back to haunt them because they are no longer distracted by the attention they use to get.
It takes a very strong and confident woman to avoid the powerful effects of this curse. It takes someone who is not driven by her beauty alone , because for most beautiful women who are – the mirror is their time clock. And to simply live for compliments on your beauty is only setting yourself up to one day hear them no more when beauty leaves you all alone. Sadly ,that is the life of someone doing time in the prison of beauty – blind to the cell bars that are slowly coming into focus with every passing birthday.
( Note ) I Find it Funny that Both the Attractive and The Un-Attractive ” Envy ” each others Life. They both wish to be in the others shoes – but I hope that from this article they both can see that ” The Glamorous Life ” is not what it looks like in the movies.
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Staff Writer; King Muhammad