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Yes, Black leaders fail to hold Obama accountable.

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( How many African-Americans know that the president of the United States (POTUS) recently met with their leaders? How many among the African-American population know what the meeting agenda entailed, who was there, and what was accomplished at, or subsequent to it, regarding our plight and problems?

Late Black History Month 2013, the POTUS had Blacks to a meeting at the White House in the Roosevelt Room. The president discussed his “plan to strengthen the economy … and continue to build ladders of opportunity forobama-angry those striving to get there.”

In perhaps the cruelest of ironies, the president praised the participants for their “steadfast leadership on issues critical to improving the economy.”

Obama’s policies
The presidential meeting produced no programs to lift Blacks, nor their economies. According to White House, President Obama “reiterated his commitment to supporting policies that will directly impact those hardest hit by the economic crisis by making sure that America is a magnet for jobs, etc. …”

Instead of informing the “emperor” that his clothing was “threadbare and worn,” people at the meeting gave a chorus of approval to the president’s agenda for Blacks and their communities.

Those in attendance included the Rev. Al Sharpton, National Action Network; NAACP President Ben Jealous; Avis Jones-DeWeever, executive director of the National Council of Negro Women along with Ralph Everett, president, Joint Center for Economic and Political Studies.

Staged photo-op
Who is going to tell the “emperor” he has no clothes? The only notable item to come out of the meeting was the staged photo-ops. Nothing of substance regarding an agenda for African-Americans was discussed. In his post-meeting statement, Sharpton commented, “I and other leaders had a very significant discussion with the president about concerns in the African-American community and the civil rights community in general.”

The reverend insists that calling on Obama to be an “exponent of Black views” is “just stupid.” But, the financial ills afflicting the Black communities are more real than Sharpton & Company admit.

The Black-White wealth disparity is more than 20 to 1, Black homeownership rates are declining, Blacks’ unemployment rates are nearly double those for Whites, and Blacks’ incomes are down. These discrepancies reflect a mixture of realism and low expectations.

Black agenda
Instead of devotion to White House deceptions, organizations such as the Joint Center can point Blacks in the right direction through program policy and leadership development practices.

The Obama administration has little interest in supporting Blacks in the same ways it has gay and Latino groups.

A Black agenda that addresses the serious problems that plague African-Americans needs to be presented to Obama, rather than “picture taking moments” with POTUS.

Written By William Reed

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4 Responses to “Yes, Black leaders fail to hold Obama accountable.”
  1. Realman says:

    It’s not just Obama but the Congressional Black Caucus , every black mayor and etc. The main problem is that most black folks are mostly concerned with having a good time, partying, music, and other forms of entertainment. The only thing Obama has done for blacks is sing an old Al Greene song for them and they loved it.

  2. It’s not the President we need to hold accountable, it’s these so called leaders and ourselves, we need to hold accountable. Where are these so called leaders leading us and is it working to help change our condition? Only you can answer that, but I know the answer and it’s not. We need a plan that rely’s on us to change our condition. Until we start working together to solve our problems, we won’t solve them. They’ll only get worse. I have a plan that has been proven to work now and in the past. All we need to do is follow it. For more information, click on my name.

    Black Unity means financial independence and happiness

  3. marquez says:

    These are not leaders, these are people who have been given by the powers that be to some to appear on the surface as leaders in america’s black community if any of those people actually took valid issues to president obama pertaining to the conditions of 2013 black america they know what he would say to them the same thing that fdr said to a. philip randolph “Go back to your people and make them demand I do it!” instead they continue to give those who follow them in the community a false sense that they are indeed making moves and in reality those that fall for it in the black community continue to walk with their heads bowed down.

  4. ROBERT says:

    I and many other people have been saying a long time black AMERICA’S main problem is our leadership.THE fact that these people have to meet in secrecy like prostitutes is only a indication of their criminal nature.NO other group in AMERICA has to jump through these many hoops just to have their interest heard.THE POTUS is more concerned with the illegal aliens than he is with his own natural constituency;and this is the first black POTUS.WE black AMERICAN’S ought to be ashamed of ourselves and just as angry for allowing ourselves to tricked by charlatan’s like A.S and J.J the NAACP and host of other con men.AMERICA’S wish for us is are total destruction as a people;they have enlisted theses leaders in this endeavor .OUR choice is either replace this leadership or cease to exist as a people.

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