Stop and Frisk: Racial profiling or Necessary procedure?

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( With the recent controversial police procedure called “Stop & Frisk” is now on trial in the Supreme Court for violating civil rights. Now despite this there are some that make the argument that it is a necessary tool in order to stop or prevent crime. Some believe that by targeting young Black and Latino males from 14-21 years of age due to the area in which they live in or the way that they dress.

The problem that I have is that the NYPD is only stopping, questioning and frisking young men of color and not their white counterparts. Studies haveStopandFrisk shown that whites have been caught with more weapons on them then people of color when stopped and frisked.

So I ask you, why are the NYPD still violating young men of colors civil rights?  If Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and New York City Mayor Bloomberg is so concerned with stopping crime then why don’t they invest money into the schools so that the youth can participate in constructive and creative activities to keep them off of the streets?  Things like after school programs, music classes, community centers wouldn’t be bad either or even some jobs back into the community as well. 

Some of you will make the excuse that it’s a “recession” and that times are hard but my question to you is if times are hard and the Michael Bloomberg has to make budget cuts then how do we have money for a brand new Yankee Stadium when the old one was still safe to walk into? Or How is it that the Barclay Center has been built in Brooklyn?

If Commissioner Ray Kelly and Mayor Michael Bloomberg want the NYPD’s relationship with communities of color then the first step is to make an example out of police officer that assist the District Attorney in convicting officer that murder unarmed civilians. This would definitely help build the trust back with our community. The second step would be to stop frisking young men of color and allowing their white counter parts to walk freely.

In the end I hope that justice is served and this racist practice is removed from our great city and will allow young men of color like myself and to live their lives like everybody else. But we all know that by us living in the most racist country in the world that we will always have to be on top of our game at all times. Therefore the parents and the communities need to teach kids about how to deal with the police when approached by them.

Also we need to teach them their rights so that they can know how to deal with police officers looking to make them a statistic and to defer their dreams.

Staff Writer; Shawn Hudson 

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