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Yes, Black Democrats, Black Republicans fight each other for crumbs.

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( On several occasions I have listened carefully as a couple of Black Republican colleagues cite the grievous shortcomings and sins of the Democratic Party. More often than not I found myself in agreement with much of their analysis.

After their critique is finished I ask the Black Republicans what should be the response of Black people to their analysis. Their answer is “Switch to the Republican Party.”republican-democrat-battle

That suggestion is an immediate signal that they cannot be taken seriously. From approximately 1867 to 1936, Black folks, as a way of thanking President Lincoln for ending legal enslavement of our ancestors, voted overwhelmingly for the Republican Party.

Since 1936, Black folks have voted mostly for Democrats, especially in presidential campaigns. Again there were concrete reasons for this voting pattern- – government programs launched by President Franklin Roosevelt and the passage of civil rights legislation eliminating legal White supremacy/racism, especially by presidents Harry Truman and Lyndon Johnson.

Empowerment guidelines
What serious observers of the current national scene should strive for is an independent Black economic, political and cultural movement not tied to the Democratic or Republican parties, yet willing to work with either on any issue of mutual benefit.

Clear and doable guidelines for doing this are made by Martin Luther King, Jr. in his book, “Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community?, Brother Malcolm X in his autobiography and in the goals and objectives of the Organization of Afro-American Unity and Chancellor Williams in chapter 15 of his book, “The Destruction of African Civilization: Great Issues of the Race 2500 BC-2000 AD.’’

Instead of following these guidelines Black Democrats and Black Republicans continue to fight viciously with each other over which group of White folks to cling to and accept crumbs from – White Democrats or White Republicans, White liberals/progressives or White conservatives/reactionaries. It’s a pathetic and visionless sight to behold.

Written By Peter Bailey



2 Responses to “Yes, Black Democrats, Black Republicans fight each other for crumbs.”
  1. ROBERT says:

    IT’S surprising how politically unsophisticated we black AMERICA’S are ;the fact that we can’t see pass this democrat/ republican staged fight that they are performing in front of us; illustrates a level of immaturity that are competitors don’t have.OUR government is controlled by lobbyist ; corporations;billionaires and PACS.THESE entities have bought both political parties and they are able to use that political control to further their economic or social agendas.THE reason why the POTUS is more concerned with illegal aliens than he is with his own constituency is because; believe it or not the illegal aliens have several lobbies working on their behalf.THE most dominate political group here are the JEWS;they are in control of the biggest and richest lobbies in the country just look up AIPAC.THIS group could care less which party is in power and that’s how you participate in AMERICAN politics.WE have to learn its either black power or no power at all!

  2. Susan says:

    Interesting article!

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