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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Talking Youth and Golf with Ken Bentley.

Tweet ( When Tiger Woods emerged on the golf seen he made black people that never gave golf a second look watch. We were happy not only to see a brother, but it was exciting that he was the best. It was as if golf was being revitalized on the athleticism and greatness of Tiger Woods. He wasn’t like anything many of us thought of when... [Read more...]

‘A People Can Be No Stronger Than Their Stories’: The Wisdom Of Poet Ishmael Reed.

Tweet ( If nothing else, I believe that my past has displayed a willingness to receive inspiration and knowledge from whence it comes. So, it should not be surprising that I have taken something that a close confidante heard from noted race theorist Ishmael Reed as the inspiration for this essay. Hey, it’s not thievery; I hope that... [Read more...]

Interview; Talking Hip-Hop and Radio with Paul Porter.

Tweet ( Paul Porter has been in the music industry, and apart of radio, for what seems like more than a lifetime. He has watched the music change, and the industry itself as the goal became get money at all cost. In his book “Blackout: My 40yrs in the Music Business” he exposed the dark side of an industry that seems to have a valuable... [Read more...]

Interview; D. Revolution: A Journey of Finding Self through Hardship.

Tweet ( I love reading stories of challenge, overcoming obstacles, self-searching and redemption. D. Revolution’s “One Chance to be a Man” takes the reader on a very intimate journey of a man searching for purpose and peace in a world of hardship and chaos. The author bore his soul in the pages with no filter as he gives voice... [Read more...]

Book Review; Never Stop.

Tweet ( It would be easy to categorize “Never Stop” as a postmodern Horatio Alger novel set in an urban community. This memoir has all the ingredients of a rag to riches story. But such a reading has the potential to render all of the pain, failure, and life lessons chronicled throughout its 260 pages invisible. This isn’t fiction.... [Read more...]

Declining Black Readership Is So Problematic For African-American Writers.

Tweet ( I guess that we should not be shocked when a bit of sadness or depression results from the realization that there are very few independent black writers addressing pertinent issues affecting Black America. If one is not careful about their thought processes, they will find themselves believing that the Black Community is a place... [Read more...]

Book Release; What the Bible Teaches About Leadership and Delegation.

Tweet ( After 400 years of living in slavery, Moses had just begun leading the Israelites out of Egypt. His task was to take the children of God toward Israel, their promised land. As we read in the Book of Exodus Chapter 18, Moses was laboring in the middle of the Sinai desert from dawn to very late into the day and night as he attempted... [Read more...]

Book Release; An Advocacy Like No Other “The Fix This Time,” Debunking Trumpism Is Within Your Reach.

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Tweet ( If your spending ten dollars resulted in changing the world positively for you and your family and future generations; Would you spend that ten dollars? Of course, you would. Would you spend ten dollars, if it resulted in you being just and you seeing for yourself the execution of justice, as required by Micah 6:8? Of course,... [Read more...]

Music Industry Book – BLACKOUT: My 40 Years in the Music Business.

Tweet ( For more than 50 years, commercial FM radio has had the power to inspire, influence, entertain, and inform listeners. It’s also had the power to break artists and sell records. So, from day one, pay for play has been part of the game. But in the past two decades, terrestrial radio has undergone a sea change in terms of... [Read more...]

Four Women: The Novel Explained.

Tweet ( Five years ago Trayvon Martin was shot and killed in Sanford, Florida by an overzealous, prejudicial, profiling neighborhood watch captain. The 17-year-old was immortalized for wearing a hoodie home from the convenience store where he picked up an iced tea, and a bag of skittles to munch on while watching the All Star game.... [Read more...]

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