Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Book Review; Diversity, Inc: Is Diversity a Real Thing.

Tweet ( Diversity is a term that makes sense when you look at is as having fair representation of the actual population in different spaces. This should be our expectation in education, housing, employment, and every other aspect of life. Black people, and POC in this country have been fighting to have the need for diversity to be recognized... [Read more...]

Book Review; Fathered While Fatherless: A Journey to Fatherhood.

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Tweet ( The lack of a father in the home can be devastating for a child. We’ve heard all of the statistics about the trauma children face when they their father is not in their life, or even more so when they have no idea who he is. There has been extensive discussion within the black community about the effects this has on black boys.... [Read more...]

Book Review; Ebony Angels: The Angelic Perspective in Black.

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Tweet ( There are various perspectives on black spirituality within our community. Angels have always been an interesting subject. Some black people have expressed a strong believe in angels and it is often associated with death, or our loved ones becoming guardians on earth. Some feel it was an angel that has been guiding them or giving... [Read more...]

“Barracoon”: When the Enslave Speak.

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Tweet ( Enslavement in the United States and the inhuman Middle Passage reads like a horrible nightmare in any book. The enslavement of African people was an institution unlike many others of the same name. Today we are told this time period is in the past and it should be forgotten. We are told the country can’t truly move forward... [Read more...]

Colson Whitehead’s Growing Oeuvre Continues adds The Nickel Boys.

Tweet ( Colson Whitehead is quite the eclectic writer with an equally as impressive resume. Raised in Manhattan, Whitehead is a graduate of Harvard University where he studied English and Comparative Literature. After graduation, Whitehead wrote reviews for television, books, and music for the Village Voice, the New York Times, the New... [Read more...]

We are Still Fighting the Race Battle: “The Fire is Upon Us”.

Tweet ( There are too many people that would try to make black people in America feel the race argument is old. We are told by white Americans, and some POCs, that it is time to move on. There has been so much progress made in the area of race relations that talking about race is whining and pulling the race card. However, they are able... [Read more...]

Looking at “The Book of Common Prayer A Biography”.

Tweet ( There are many books that expound upon the Christian experience. Some of them have become a part of the beginning of a life, the joining of a life, and the end of life. Many of us have heard the prayers given at baby christenings, the vows of a marriage…and we all know the “ashes to ashes dust to dust” funeral rites. There... [Read more...]

Looking at Life though “Basquiat-isms”.

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Tweet ( “The Black person is the protagonist in most of my paintings. I realized that I didn’t see many paintings with black people in them.” Jean-Michel Basquiat was a leading force in American art. His emergence form graffiti in New York to art galleries is a tale of urban enlightenment through art. He merged so many different... [Read more...]

The Wisdom of Proverbs.

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Tweet ( “Without effort no harvest will be abundant.” – Burundi As many of our people are seeking to establish a more solid relationship to culture and spirituality wisdom is a necessity. Many of us know the proverbs of the Bible, and that of the West. However, have you ever wondered where the elders get their sayings? Many of... [Read more...]

Self-Awareness: “The Second Time I Fell in Love with Jesus”.

Tweet ( Life is loaded with hardship, challenges, abuse, bad choices, and consequences. These things outside of having a stable foundation can ruin any soul. Being the child of a preached compounds the struggle as you live under a microscope that scrutinizes every mistake you could possibly make. The expectation is unrealistic and does... [Read more...]

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