Book Review; Self-Care For Black Women is a Must Read.

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( There is no objection to the fact that society can be hard on black women. There is what feels like an endless number of obstacles to overcome in carious areas of life. For many black women taking care of self can take on many different meanings, but it usually involves others. Moreso it often times involves the perceptions of others, and their expectations. This can be draining, and overwhelming. When we are told to practice self-care too many of us have no idea where to start. We have no idea how deep we should go and there can be plenty of apprehension. Furthermore, we need the guidance for black women to come from black women. Too many of us have been further traumatized by trying to find help and receiving more pain from white women, or women of color who don’t have an understanding of the complexities of what ails black women.

“In a world that tells you that you and your needs do not matter, where Black women are expected to suffer in silence, and where Black women are disproportionately dying are a higher rate from things like heart disease and maternal related illnesses, self cate is more essential than ever. It is both a form of resistance against these systems of inequality and your self-preservation.”

Oludara Adeeyo’s “Self-Care for Black Women: 150 Ways to Radically Accept & Prioritize You Mind, Body & Soul” is an God send for those of us seeking ways to embrace self-care without feeling were are losing some ability to protect self. The book is broken up into three parts. Granted Oludara Adeeyo has the experience as a psychotherapist and psychiatric social worker to speak on this matter, but what I found to be most therapeutic about this book is it spoke to me as a black woman. The book reads like I’m receiving wisdom from a big sister that understands my struggle and how to speak to it.

She found a way to say take time for yourself, exercise because you need it, soak, oil your scalp, and give yourself permission to bask in your feminine power without beating little sis up. She addresses the aggressions, micro-aggressions, insecurities and all the ugly without condemning the reader. Oludara Adeeyo doesn’t simply say you need sisters…she leads by example as she guides the reader through the various methods of self-care.

“Most importantly, a therapist is a human like you who has experienced similar trials and tribulations as you, and if your therapist is Black and a female, she can relate culturally. It’s a whole new level of personal healing, sis.”

Self-Care for Black Women: 150 Ways to Radically Accept & Prioritize Your Mind, Body & Soul
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This is a wonderful book for book clubs, sister circle gatherings, family discussions on various ways to help each other walk out self-care, or for a personal journey. I strongly recommend this book to every Black woman; we need to embark upon or continue along the path of self-care. We owe it to ourselves, those that came before us, and the beautiful Black girls that will learn from us.

Self-Care for Black Women: 150 Ways to Radically Accept & Prioritize You Mind, Body & Soul”, by Oludara Adeeyo can be found in local bookstores, Amazon, and anywhere books can be purchased.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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