“From Me To You”: A Labor of Love.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) One of the challenges of parenthood is trying to explain the complexities of the world to your children. They can ask a question and the answer will vary based upon whose talking. In most cases whoever gets to the child first creates the foundation of their thought on a subject matter. Addressing the subject of slavery as a Black parent is no easy task. It’s a series of conversations that must be had as either the child is going to bring the subject to the parent, or something is going to happen that forces the conversation. Sometimes a parent doesn’t always know where to start, or how deep to go on the subject especially if the child is you. “Form Me to You” by Deidra R. Moore-Javier,Esq. is a wonderful book to begin conversations around slavery and race in America.

“It all started with a question: My son, Justin, age nine, is the inspiration of this book. In September 2019, after attending a trip with Holocaust survivors, Justin and his friends began conversing about the Holocaust and slavery. Later that day, Justin asked “So, Mom, what exactly was slavery about?””

This book resonated loudly with me as I have a son that will also be nine years old this year, and his father and I had been pondering on how to begin the conversation. This book is thorough but moves the conversation in parts. Each chapter deals with a different part of the slavery and race issue in America, and it is in conversation form. It allows a child to connect with the question, and the parent with the answer. Furthermore, instead of giving general answers there are definitions to define terms like slavery and indentured servant. The Book explores various countries around the world and in Africa and brings together how they are related. Slavery is explained in various forms, and then the journey of it in the US is explained chronologically.

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“I just wanted to be able to communicate the story of slavery, and the African American experience, in the most thoughtful and purposeful way. I did want I do best, which was to speak generally and take the necessary time to come up with the best way to communicate this very sensitive and difficult topic to my son.”

Though the book is conversation with a nine year old there is so much information that parents can learn also as they are teaching their children. The content allows one to explain the subject in an scholarly thought provoking, yet age appropriate manner. The horror and trauma of slavery is part of the concern some parents have when trying to talk about it with their children. This book is a great tool to safely have the discussion. I recommend parents grab this book and allow it to be a conversation in the home, community centers, even church groups. Today we are battling in the schools to have history taught simply as it happened. Parents will have to take ownership of the education of their children more so than ever to combat the dismissiveness by which this subject is being taught. Deidra R. Moore-Javier,Esq has contributed a book that can help all of us educate our children properly on this subject.

“As you will learn, it was a painstaking fight to get to the point where we are now referred to as African Americans, and ethnic group born in America but whose ancestors are direct descendants of the motherland/continent of Africa.”

From Me To You”, by Deidra R. Moore-Javier,Esq can be found in local bookstores, Amazon, and anywhere books can be purchased.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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