Monday, February 18, 2019

Breaking The Leftists’ Deception of Black Americans.

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Tweet ( With earbuds in my ears and wired to my phone, I listen to national Christian broadcasts during my daily walk. Back to back, I heard two black pastors with large congregations. It was stunning hearing how clueless both men were regarding the truth of various political issues. Both pastors parroted Democrats’ and fake news... [Read more...]

Celebrate Black History All the Time.

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Tweet ( We’re in Black History Month and we still don’t get it, African people have the oldest, longest and most creative history of any people or ethnic group in the planet; but we don’t do the research or study the research others have done to show just how ingenious our ancestors were/have been. Last year I came across a story... [Read more...]

You Will Be Governed by These Three Things in 2019.

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Tweet ( Recently I tuned in to a special broadcast by Les Brown, one of my favorite speakers. Just thirty seconds in, Brown dropped this amazing bomb. He said our lives will be governed by three things in the New Year: habits, fears and the opinions of others. I immediately took out a pen and pad and wrote this essay to guard against... [Read more...]

Get in the pool.

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Tweet ( According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), 4,000 people in the United States drown each year. African Americans drown at a rate considerably higher than whites, nearly six times. While considering the disparity rate between races in this country, for things like salary and funding for entrepreneurs, the... [Read more...]

Several Things That I Hate About Social Media.

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Tweet ( Social media has been a part of my life ever since the heyday of The Old MySpace and I’ve seen the positives and the negatives of social media which has definitely helped me understand social media more from a personal standpoint. Here are 5 things that I hate about social media. 1. Too Much Coonery – Even though I personally... [Read more...]

Whose Story is History?

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Tweet ( The more I continue to learn about world history, and the roles that Africa and people of African descent played in it, the less enthusiastic I become about celebrating a “Black History Month.”  To relegate the recounting of our story to a single month is analogous to the way de-facto and du-jure segregation limited our... [Read more...]

Underground Cult Classic Film Returns To Durham, NC.

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Tweet ( Speller Street Films brought you the award-winning documentary “Wilmington on Fire” about the horrifying history of the 1898 Wilmington Massacre and the hatred that fueled it. Now they bring you “As an Act of Protest”, a narrative film about the psychological effects of racism and the consequences of... [Read more...]

How to Prep Your Bike for a Race with OEM parts?

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Tweet ( As usual, in order to be prepared for a race or carry your bike out for a regular ride, you would fully need to check certain parts of your bike and correctly find the ones that need replacement. Not only would this guarantee your safety, but it would also give you the winning edge that you might need. OEM parts are designed... [Read more...]

The LGBTQ “Black” Community Apocalypse.

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Tweet ( LGBTQ – private preference or socially perverted menace? LGBTQ should be the personal or private “business” of those who are a part of it. But that is not what is happening. When they throw what should be their personal choices in the face of normal heterosexual people, it becomes our business too. When they... [Read more...]

Massive Samsung Galaxy S10 Leak Reveals New Features & Design Upgrade.

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Tweet ( Samsung Galaxy S10 has some interesting new features and design changes “because you deserve more.” That punchline comes from a 25-second long teaser video released by Samsung that’s set to unveil its new smartphone, the Galaxy S10, on February 20. Recently we saw leaked images of all the three models of the Samsung Galaxy... [Read more...]

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