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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Addicted to Minding Social Media.

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( When you wake up in morning how do you begin your day? Does your morning routine begin with personal hygiene care, speaking to a loved one in your home, meditation or a morning devotional? Or, does your morning routine consist of rolling over, grabbing your phone, and logging in to social media? In a time when we are focusing on self-care, overall wellness and mental health we must ask ourselves what roll social media plays in these areas.  Social media has become, for many, the primary method of keeping in contact with family, sharing life events, keeping up with the news, tuning in to gossip, and simply burning time. They say too much of anything is not good.

One can only wonder if the same can be said for social media. Just as people have various different forms of addiction if could be true to say that many people have formed an unhealthy relationship with social media that negatively affects various aspects of their life.

Social media is the seat of validation for too many people. When you post a comment, event, or picture the question is how many likes and hearts will you receive.? It is dangerous to closely align your identity to the reality of who you are as a person. The need to be accepted and liked by many people that we don’t know has a negative effect on self-worth. Many suffer from anxiety, depression, and issues with self-worth and identity.  Some of it has bee directly tired to the amount of attention receives, or not, on social media. Granted not many are willing to admit they get deeply upset when friend requests are not responded to, messages in the inbox go unnoticed, your post has no likes, or you find that someone has blocked you on social media.

This addiction gives a false sense of both acceptance, and rejection. If you are conversing with someone that is busy in real time you might believe they are being dismissive of you due a lack of social media response when in actually they have their hands full. Its not healthy to constantly check to see where you are on likes and allow it to determine how awesome you are…or not.

Furthermore, we should consider getting the news from various sources verses just Facebook, or Twitter. It could be helpful for a quick glance at breaking news, but you also run the risk of being greatly misinformed as there are several social media sources that are inaccurate. There are sites that use social media solely for the purpose of adding to social anxiety and unrest. It is important that we go back to reading and researching for ourselves outside of the social media algorithms. Everything you find won’t be false, but to truly get a full spectrum on a matter you will need to rely on more than merely social media.

If we aren’t careful, the time we spend on social media will creep its way into every aspect of our life. Can’t spend quality time with out children because we’re reading the latest foolishness on Facebook, and due to such we might be in a bad mood when the kids deserve our time. Its hard to give your significant other your attention when you are so tuned in nothing else registers. Social media doesn’t have to be a negative thing, but once it becomes an addiction it becomes detrimental. Try spending more time in the moment. Life is something we should live real time verse simply watching online.

Consider starting your mornings, and ending your days doing something that is beneficial for you. Channel some of your energy into the people that are sitting in the same room with you. In short…know when to simply unplug. You don’t need the validation of social media for your life to matter. Trust me everyone that hits the like or heart button doesn’t love you.  Invest your time into those that are truly invested in you.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

May also connect with this sister via Twitter; ChelleStJames.

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