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Controversies Aside, Far Cry 5 Is Not What You Think.

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( After a decade-long journey, Far Cry franchise aims to drop players in Hope County Montana with Far Cry 5. The franchise took us to the Himalayas, mysterious archipelago in Micronesia in past. We explored the African terrain and many mysterious lands in the previous games. The next settings of Far Cry game are absolutely stunning and a perfect fit for the franchise. If storytelling goes right, the upcoming game can easily get the crown of the best Far Cry game Ubisoft ever created.

When spin-offs like Far Cry Primal couldn’t do the magic on the ground, Far Cry 5 is something close to realism in video gaming. The gameplay trailers released in the past clearly show that everything in the game is more lively close to reality. If you observe the characters’ interaction with small events, you will notice how detailed the well-established graphics and physics engine is.

The main Far Cry series has been offering gorgeous environments and dynamic gameplay, and with the fifth installment, those elements are not changed. The biggest reason why Far Cry is not what you think is it brings you home. For Americans, the game’s environment is like you are exploring a world you live in, you are familiar with and you can easily relate yourself with.

Above all, the new Far Cry game is not following the traditional route where you’re always bound to stick to a single character. In Far Cry 5 players play as Deputy Sheriff who is on a mission to arrest the leader of the Project at Eden’s Gate and his name is Joseph Seed. In the new game, you will not just remain stuck with the Sheriff, you will be able to customize other characters by choosing their ethnicity, look, clothing and a lot more. It means that even when your mission is to arrest Seed, you will not only disrupt the cult activities, you will hear the stories of the characters you meet and alter the events with your in-game decisions.

While there are big changes in the new game, the Far Cry 5 still gives you the same dramatic feeling. You will get to see different areas, buildings, trees, and animals, but it doesn’t really affect your gameplay in a big way. The tricks everyone was expecting from the game are here. The ability to mark enemies from distance, trustworthy weapons like bow and arrow, a grappling hook and sabotaging vehicles from afar. The game brings you a main story, many side missions, and almost everything you can expect from an open-world shooter. And yes, there’s a comic book collection mission where you have to collect 12 comic books.

Sometimes the game doesn’t give you a chance to think. No matter where you go in the Hope County, you will be chased and shot by cult members or their supporters. Imagine playing GTA 5, you will always see people around yourself. It really looks like a community where you get puzzled between who is shooting at you. In Far Cry 5, you won’t see many people, but yes, you will get to see enemies everywhere. There’s nothing much to call a community in the game. It seems that the cult has recruited every single person they found in Montana.

Shooting the cult members is fun and driving the vehicles is a pleasant experience. The overall feel you get from the game is mixed. The final version of the game is still unavailable, and there are many things developers have not revealed about the maps and gameplay. The gameplay details shared by Ubisoft, and gameplay footages available on their website do not make the game a disappointment, but the details aren’t convincing enough. Everything from weapons to animals and mountains will be the same and people will be chasing you, but the most interesting factor is storytelling. It completely depends on Ubisoft that how they keep players busy with strong storytelling to make Far Cry 5 stand out.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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  1. Black Gamer. says:

    Nice breakdown of the game. Yes I will be picking up Far Cry 5.

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