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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Dead by Daylight Leatherface DLC: A New Character From Hollywood Arrives.

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( The Texas Chainsaw Massacre character Leatherface is now a member of the Dead by Deadlight family. Recently, the game developer Behaviour Interactive introduced a new DLC pack worth US$3.99 for the game. The character remains in his authentic look and proves why he is called Leatherface. If don’t know, he wears masks made of skin, and alongside his family, he engages in murders and other heinous activities.

The character’s background is popularly known, but if you missed the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, you should know that the new DLC character for Dead by Daylight is different than others. Surprisingly, Leatherface is one of the murderers who kill people not because he enjoys killing them. He kills people because he’s afraid. He is afraid that people could harm him or his family. He kills because he doesn’t want anyone to discover that his hunger for human flesh.

With the new character comes new skills and new abilities. So if you wish to buy this small DLC pack, here’s what Leatherface is capable of doing.

Leatherface will kill the opponents with from his chainsaw and with the Knockout perk, the game will become more challenging for the survivors because opponents won’t be able to see the dying survivor’s auras. Meaning that those who get hurt by Leatherface will find it hard to seek the help of others.

The next perk you get with the character is Barbecue & Chili. With this, you can see the aura of other survivors for 3 seconds, but you will have to hook a survivor, in order to achieve this. The aura shown to you will be of players who are further than 36 meters from the point you hook the opponent. The third perk is Franklin’s Demise, which makes the survivors drop their item and it also causes significant damage to their items. A portion of the item’s base charges is dropped when this perk is active.

Dead by Daylight is one of the best games released last year. The game allows players to be on any side, meaning that either you can be a survivor, or you can choose to be a killer. All the killer characters see the game in first-person and they come with their own unique abilities. This is not the first time when the game developers introduced a Hollywood horror character in the game. As a part of the Halloween chapter, the developers added Laurie Strode and Michael Myers.

The Dead by Daylight Leatherface DLC character is now available on Steam for PC users. The developers have not confirmed when the DLC pack will arrive on consoles because the game is also available on the PS4 and Xbox One platforms. Earlier this year, the company released a new character and a new map to the game. That content is still available for PC users only and no information about its console release is given. In August, the company made the Halloween Chapter available for consoles, so there are chances that the latest DLC pack will likely be available on consoles later this month or in October. The good news is that the developers have confirmed that they will soon release the DLC pack for consoles as well, so how much time Behaviour Interactive takes to bring Leatherface on the Xbox One and PS4 remains to be seen.

Those playing Dead by Daylight on PC can download the character from Steam and enjoy the new perks this character has. Many fans are happy to see the character in the game and find it a perfect fit for the game as the character has appeared on the main film of the series and also in its six continuations and several remakes. Some fans are not finding this character worth purchasing as other than a character with some new abilities, this DLC pack doesn’t offer anything. Some of the previously released DLC packs added a map to the game which is truly a good choice for any player because you not only get to play as new characters, you get to test their unique abilities in new settings and environments. Unfortunately, Leatherface doesn’t come with any such map, but the good thing is, it costs almost half of what you pay for some of the other DLC packs released for Dead by Daylight.

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