Black Community: Ageism and Political Bias – A Critical Examination of Age Discrimination in the Presidential Race.

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( Even prior to the debate between President Joseph Biden and convicted felon Donald J. Trump there were those who spin like tops declaring both men were too old to serve as President of the US. If it is wrong to discriminate against some because of their race, color, religion, nation of origin, gender, sexual orientation and language, then it is wrong to discriminate against someone because of their age. All discrimination is wrong.

Ageism and Political Bias - A Critical Examination of Age Discrimination in the Presidential Race.

So you are okay with saying someone because their birth certificate indicates a certain chronological age that they should be treated a certain way. Then let’s do the same for everyone.

We learned in the debate, from the distinguished philosopher and future inmate, that there is such a thing as a Black job. That immigrants are coming into the country taking the jobs that have been set aside for Blacks and Latinxs.

You mean the minimum wage and lesser paying jobs that Blacks and Latinxs have not wanted and have refused to do for a longtime? You mean those jobs?

Trump might take a certain beating for referring to certain jobs as Black jobs. Still he is only repeating the same things that certain handkerchief heads have also stated in their rants, misinformation, disinformation and outright lies about immigration and immigrants.

“No, we don’t want the Black jobs. We want the job you have carrying the water for convicted rapists and convicted con men. We want our own thirty pieces of silver too.”

If you are a woman and find it alright to discriminate against someone male or female because of age, well perhaps you need to return to walking four steps behind the man, not just your man but all men.

If you are gay and you find it okay to define someone as what they can and can’t do because of their age, well perhaps it is time for you to get back in the closet and stay there.

President Biden’s debate performance may not have been as entertaining as some would have liked. Yes, entertaining because under the debate format presented to the candidates and the American people entertainment was all that could be expected.

Substantive questions about inflation, immigration, domestic terrorism, race relations, criminal justice, Ukraine, China, Middle East and world peace, none of them can be seriously answered in two minutes or less.

That debate format and all the other similar ones is disrespectful to the American public. They are also an insult to the American public’s intelligence.

Then again, perhaps showing disrespect was the point. That Americans have an attention span of only two minutes or less on substantive questions. Nothing more, nothing less and nothing more will be given. “They can’t handle it.”

Under the current election campaign process which includes the debates the American public is extremely flawed. The end result for American voters is a choice between the last two remaining   lesser of two evils.

The current presidential campaign process with its asinine debate format none of the previous persons who were elected as President would probably have been elected.

Lincoln would have been too weird looking. Franklin Roosevelt because he was in a wheelchair probably would have been viewed as too weak. William Taft at 340 pounds would have been viewed as too fat since Americans are more into looks than substance.

James Madison would have been too small since he was only 100 pounds therefore he had to be weak. Seven of the former Presidents were over 200 pounds which might not play well with the superficial crowd.

Few of the former Presidents were interesting speakers. Some were not that bright. Then again if they were outstanding liars like inmate reserved number 6664327666, they might do well.

Let’s be real, if Jesus were to run for President of the US he would not win. Especially if he ran as a Republican He would not make it through their primary to become their nominee. His color would be too dark. His hair would be too long.

Most important though, He would not single out groups of people for example immigrants to demonize. He would not engage in spreading conspiracy theories, misinformation, disinformation and just outright lies. Since He was not a pathological liar, He would not gain any traction in the GOP.

That is not to say that He would do much better running in the Democratic primary. As some who believed that “Thou shall not kill” the notion of “My body, my choice” would not make sense. “Thou shall not Kill” period.

He was not a war hawk and spoke too much about peace and love. Some would take it that the brother man had too much sugar in the tank.

He could turn water into wine, but not Hennessey so He would lose the Hennessey voters. He would make the mistake of walking on water therefore it meant brother man could not swim.

Because He spoke slowly and liked to use parables when speaking He would be cut off by the moderators before he would get a quarter of the way through his answer to a question.

But let’s talk about age. Let’s agree that President Biden is too old to run for a second term since he is over 75. Trump then, is too old and is also disqualified.

Trump is disqualified not just because of his age. He has some personal issues facing him, one of which is not who he might select as a Vice President. He should be using his time looking to see if he can get a compatible cellmate. Heaven help he does not end up with some Black or Latinx with an ounce of political consciousness. Might make for some interesting late night interactions.

But let’s talk about age. Many people who are over 40 will agree that they made some stupid, very stupid, decisions in their 30s and 20s. Many would go as far as to say that they really didn’t acquire good sense until they were 40 or older.

So using their judgment that they didn’t acquire good sense until they were 40 then perhaps the driving age, the age to consume alcohol and cannabis as well as other things should be 40 and older. Don’t need some twenty something, thirty something who can’t hold their liquor throwing up in a public restroom. Don’t need them in cars looking at social media and taking selfies causing accidents and worse.

In order to run for President, a person could not be younger than 40 which is the current law. The law could be changed that no one over 60 could run for President.

To prevent children having children, a woman would not be allowed to have a child until they reach 40. At birth, boys are circumcised. There could be a procedure at birth in which a girl would have a procedure in which their genitals were covered medically. At age 40 and not before it could be removed to do as they pleased.

In fact, so the feminists don’t start spinning like tops around and around going nowhere, let’s make sure the procedure is universal for all both boys and girls.

No longer would there be children running around having children damaging those very children. Perhaps at 40 or older they would have the patience and good sense to be good parents.

Government service and employment would begin at 40 and end at 60. No one under 40 could work in any governmental capacity and no one older than 60 could serve in any governmental capacity. No one could run for Congress younger than 40. No one 60 or older could run or serve in Congress.

Military service would be 40 years old to 60 for all individuals, no exceptions including being a member of Congress.  Since the people who would be deciding if the nation went to war would be the same people who would be going to war there would probably be no more war.

As to what would people 40 and younger do under this new age restricted society? They could do what they do now. They could play on Instagram, X, Tik Tok  and other social media sites. They could continue to complain about the state of the world and do nothing about it. They could continue to follow their influencers and so-called creators. They could go kick rocks.

Staff Writer; Al Alatunji

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