The Truth Behind Women’s Reproductive Rights: 2024 Election’s Hottest Debate.

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( It’s one of the hottest topics in America today and a major area of concern for millions of people on both sides of the coin. It’s one of the biggest issues in the presidential election of 2024, right alongside the border issue and the economy. But is the issue of women’s “reproductive rights” based on truth or inconvenience and lack of personal responsibility?

The Truth Behind Women's Reproductive Rights: 2024 Election's Hottest Debate.

Before we go down the rabbit hole of truth in that area, this article needs to identify deceptive rhetoric. Very often, when an act is bad, people will not call it what it actually is. They come up with new names and new terms that resonate with people who want to follow through with that act. Such is the case with the very term “women’s reproductive rights”. Just as the term “abortion” is easier to stomach than the truth about killing an unborn child.
One day often used but seldomly mentioned propaganda or marketing manipulation is this. It is not what it actually is, it is what you call it that can control, manipulate or deceive people. Labels hide the truth, thereby making the dark and awful truth that much easier to swallow.
Let me ask all of those who support abortion on demand for the convenience of the mother a question. Since when was one gender exclusively given the power of life and death in America? Clearly it is a sad day when we have to debate the issue of whether or not to kill an unborn child. Not for the health of the mother or because of rape or incest (a small percentage of cases), but for sheer convenience and to avoid personal responsibility for one’s actions.
At the heart of the matter is a claim that the woman has the rights over her own body. Some would say total rights at any cost. But let’s see in this article if that test is accurate by dissecting that argument with the facts. First of all, it’s not just the woman’s body. The unborn child has its own body and any ultrasound can prove that to be true. Most people who are pro-abortion don’t seem to address that issue.
Are we to accept that the woman has all the rights, the unborn child has none and the father has none? Clearly that is not equal protection under the law guaranteed in the Constitution of the United States. Yet millions of people don’t care about the Constitution when it comes up against an excuse to get rid of an unborn child.
In a twist of hypocritical irony, if the man does not want to take care of his child, he is considered a “deadbeat”. But if the woman wants to get rid of the child, it suddenly becomes her “reproductive rights”. And what if the unborn child wants to live? Apparently to millions of people that does not matter because the child is reduced to a silent piece of tissue at the mercy of the “mother”. At least until she can get to the clinic or take the pill.
Let’s take a short walk down history lane. Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, was a racist into eugenics. Her views and actions against African-Americans in this country can be clearly proven. Sanger once said that Black people were “like weeds and should be exterminated”. Kind of a proactive and twisted form of Darwinism. Is there proof she said that? You better believe it. And her strategy was to use the pastors of Black churches along with rhetoric or propaganda to deceive black families into reducing their numbers. Since African-Americans today have the highest rates of abortion in America, I would have to say Sanger’s approach is still working.
Margaret Sanger cared nothing about African-Americans. And she set up planned parenthood to continue her work after she was gone. The proof can also be found in all the unnecessary hysterectomies Sanger and her agency pushed on the African-American community. Further proof can be found by taking a look on any map as to where Sanger made sure most of the abortion clinics were placed. So if you don’t know about eugenics or population control, now is the time for you to do some research.
Find women who are scared, selfish or inconvenienced. Tell them you have a solution. Tell them what they want to hear. Tell them it’s not their fault and that they can abdicate responsibility in one quick visit. And in the process, reduce the population. That is a very dark agenda.
The agencies, groups and organizations that promote abortion (the killing of an innocent unborn child) leave quite a lot out of the equation. While they focus on the quick and easy solution for the woman, you have to wonder if they also tell her that she might not be able to have children one day when she wants to. You have to wonder if they counsel her on the additional health risks. Or the emotional pain that comes later when she wakes up at 2 AM the next month in tears all by herself.
I challenge any woman who wants to have an abortion to actually watch an abortion on video first then deny what is actually happening. Unfortunately the infection of feminism has even made many hearts grow cold when watching the process.
What about the doctors who are supposed to “do no harm”? Apparently, in such case, conscience, oath and/or practice care nothing about an innocent unborn child. I guess they would make the excuse that the unborn child is not the patient. Unless of course the woman wants to keep the unborn child and make it through delivery. Then presto, the unborn child becomes the patient just like the woman is.
Then there is the issue of the fetal black market you never hear about. The plan to label unborn children as “fetal tissue” then usually them in experiments and vaccines and cosmetics – and ironically in pregnancy medications given to unsuspecting women. If you don’t believe me, ask an OB/GYN, what the iron given to a pregnant woman to raise her iron quickly is made of. Or seek the truth about non-Plant-based “collagen” that is put in cosmetics, then on the faces of millions of unsuspecting women. What about parts needed for other babies that have already been born? All these things are not only true, they are as sick as they sound.
You see, women all over America are being used, deceived and manipulated for another agenda entirely. A much bigger and more profitable agenda. But it makes you wonder why so many politicians do not have the courage to speak the truth. Why so many doctors do not have the courage to say no. Why so many abortion clinics do not have the ethics to share the facts with women they profess to care so much about. Why so many pastors and clergy will acquiesce so easily to death instead of choosing life.
Then there is the argument that the choice should be “between the woman and her doctor”. Hold the phone. How did the doctor slip into the marriage covenant in front of the husband, when the woman is married? How did the choice become between the woman and her doctor, when the woman has parents?
Finally, let’s look closely at this issue of whether or not a woman has the right over her own body. For you “pastors” and clergy especially, the Bible teaches that in the marriage covenant, the man has authority over the wife’s body, and she has authority over his. So how do you stand up for the truth without standing up for the truth and life?
Let me conclude by saying this. For those of you who want to make the claim that the woman has the right over her own body, are you saying all the rights? Are you saying exclusive rights? Are you what all the pro-abortion advocates are saying? Or do you even know what you are saying?
In America, no woman (nor man) has total authority over their body. That is why prostitution is illegal. You cannot do what you want to with your body. That is why suicide is illegal. You cannot do what you want to with your body. That is why there are seatbelt laws, because you cannot do what you want to with your own body, even in your own car. That is why you can go to jail for using drugs, such as cocaine or crack, because you cannot do what you want to with your own body. That is why you cannot take your clothes off and run naked through the street. Because you cannot do what you want to with your own body.
For many of you, this article will not change your view, your attitude nor your actions. But it may reach a few who will wake up and see the truth. If this article can accomplish that, it has done more than I had hoped. Maybe you will share it with others, even if just to tear it apart or criticize it. Maybe it will make you think. Maybe it will cause discussion and insight and illumination and a change of mind.
There is always hope. And I leave you with this. For those of you who promote the killing of unborn children and the propaganda rhetoric that is used as camouflage to do so, you need to know this. If your mother thought the way you do, you would not be here to read this article.
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