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Christians: Within Sixty Days, Expect The Anti-Christ And The Two Witnesses!

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( Starting with what is expected to be the Day of Trumpets, the first evening of the seventh Hebrew month, the month of Tishri, it should occur after sundown on Friday October 1st 2027. This would be the beginning of the Hebrew sabbath.

Christians: Within Sixty Days, Expect The Anti-Christ And The Two Witnesses!

If you count back 1,263½ days from that date, it will give you Tuesday, the morning of April 16th 2024, close to 7:00 AM Jerusalem time in Israel. Yehovah runs this universe according to His timeclock, often in accordance with His appointed times which He gave to Israel.

The appointed times are also known as moadim, the seven feasts. First is Passover, the fourteenth day of the first Hebrew month of Aviv (not Nisan), fulfilled when Yeshua was sacrificed at Golgotha, on Wednesday morning April 28, AD 28. Second is Unleavened Bread, the fifteenth day of Aviv. It was fulfilled when Yeshua was put into the tomb that very afternoon, about 5:30 PM, for seventy-two hours. Unleavened Bread began at sundown, the beginning of the fifteenth day.

Third is the First Fruits Offering, the first Sunday following the beginning of Unleavened Bread. It was fulfilled when Yeshua took the twenty-four elders (resurrected saints) to Heaven, after speaking with Mary Magdalene, the morning of May 2nd AD 28, the day after He rose from the dead.

Fourth is the Day of Pentecost, which is seven weeks (50th day) after the First Fruits Offering. It was fulfilled when Yeshua sent His Ghost upon the 120 disciples at Jerusalem, on June 20th AD 28. These feasts are the four feasts of the Spring.

Before the Second Coming of Yeshua, He must first fulfill the Day of Trumpets, in whatever year that happens to occur. Certain components must be in place three and a half years before Yeshua calls up the Two Witnesses back to Heaven.

  1. A seven-year peace treaty must be signed and agreed upon.
  2. A perfect red heifer must be obtained and sacrificed.
  3. The Two Witnesses must appear seven days before Passover
  4. The eventual anti-Christ must be identified by the Two Witnesses
  5. Construction of the new Temple must begin as directed by Elijah.

Passover this year is expected to be Tuesday April 23, 2024. Seven days before that is the 16th of April, when we can expect the two witnesses to begin their 1,260-day testimony, ending Tuesday morning, September 28th 2027, when the anti-Christ kills the two witnesses. A perfect red heifer is already in possession of Israel. There is currently a war in Israel, which could lead to a seven-year peace treaty.

Is all of this a solid prediction? No. I am not a prophet. It is an educated guess. The second Temple was completed in 408 BC. Every year after that, the tenth day of Aviv was a rehearsal of the coming of the Messiah, entering through the east gate of Jerusalem. The high priest would carry a lamb obtained in Bethlehem into Jerusalem with crowds cheering in the streets with palms, hoping that one day the Messiah would appear instead of the high priest with the lamb.

The Jews in Judea knew where the Messiah was supposed to be born, but they did not know when. The Jewish astronomers (magi) were among the Jews that had remained in Babylon. They were of the legacy of Daniel, and they knew when the Messiah was to be born. However, they did not know where, because the prophecy of the Messiah’s birth was written in Judea many years after most of the Jews had returned to the homeland.

The astronomers looked for seven conjunctions of the planet Jupiter. The first was Jupiter with Venus, on its way to the star Regulus. This would occur every so often, but it had to be followed by the second conjunction (the great sign) on the Day of Trumpets, as described in Revelation 12:1-2. It was the planet Jupiter, coming in conjunction with the star Regulus, at the feet of the constellation Leo, with the setting Sun illuminating the renewed Moon, at the feet of the constellation Bethulah (Virgin). This occurred on Thursday, the evening of September 12th 3 BC.

They looked for five more conjunctions for confirmation, ending with the seventh conjunction on October 13, 2 BC. This is when their caravan left Babylon, arriving in Jerusalem on December 19, 2 BC. Yeshua was fifteen months old at the time. They found him in Nazareth, seventy miles north of Bethlehem.

If the people had applied the information from the seventy weeks of Daniel, they would have known that the Messiah would ride into Jerusalem on the tenth day of Aviv, either in the year AD 27 or AD 28. However, since Yeshua had to first become the Divine High Priest after becoming thirty years old, at His transfiguration on September 30th AD 27, He could only ride into Jerusalem in the year AD 28.

With what is given to us in the books of Daniel and Revelation, could this be the year that the end of days begins? All of this is detailed in the book “The Sabbath That Assassinated Atheism”, by Christian Faith Publishing.

Staff Writer; Herman Cummings

You may also purchase this writer book which is entitled; Moses Didn’t Write About Creation.

Note: Recently Herman published a new book which is entitled; The Sabbath That Assassinated Atheism – Christian Faith Publishing.

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4 Responses to “Christians: Within Sixty Days, Expect The Anti-Christ And The Two Witnesses!”
  1. Brad T. Shaw says:

    Your insights have left me speechless. How were you able to determine the ‘precise dates’ for these events? Perhaps providing more information could help non-believers see the evidence for themselves.

  2. Carl Foster says:

    I have become aware of your work and am glad to see someone thinking outside the box in the context of religion. It seems I will need to read through the Bible again. Regarding the ideas you’ve presented, how realistic are they in terms of actual occurrence? Additionally, are we, as Christians, ready for such a miracle?

    • Herman Cummings says:

      There are more than three heifers ready in Israel for sacrifice. I doubt if much of a delay would occur in performing the ceremony. Also, Yeshua was sacrificed during a leap year and Adar Bet, which means a second twelfth month (Adar). Both of those occur this year.

      If you want the rapture to come soon, then Daniel’s 70th week must quickly occur.

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