Devout Christians: Let Christians Enjoy Christmas.

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( I was recently in a conversation about the upcoming Christmas holiday. It was lighthearted, and familiar. You know, trying to get gifts, holiday décor, the holiday meal, and if there are any plans on the day. Holiday season can be very difficult for so many people for various reasons, so though I am not the public conversationalist I indulged in the holiday chat. We never know how much that can be a lifeline for someone else. I realized there were people around the conversation, but I was not expecting the plot twist. Someone else enters the chat by talking about how good God is. You know that can have us accept others into a conversation quickly, as the subject will change to the goodness of God…and there might be a testimony or two.

Devout Christians: Let Christians Enjoy Christmas.

The problem, of plot twist, came once we all identified ourselves as Christians; all of a sudden, we were unfaithful to God for having anything to do with Christmas. I say there as this person went on a “historical” tangent about why Christmas is a pagan holiday, and the devil was using it to deceive the people of God. Furthermore, even though some of us know better regarding Christmas…we continue to disobey God while wanting him to bless our life. I was completely taken aback…and actually offended. I wasn’t upset that they believe as they do, I wasn’t to upset that they shared their thoughts, what angered me was the condemnation they decided to push. Everyone is not going to feel the same regarding Christmas, but shaming other Believers in a manner that can strip the joy of others is Un-Christ like. We also never know who’s hanging on to their sanity by a thread…and here come the self-righteous hypocrites.

The thing that always puzzles me is why try to condemn someone when they are not harming anyone? Why don’t we take that moment to pray for the individual if their celebration of Christmas disturbs you so? This is why some run from the church, and those that claim to be Christians. There seems to be a serious issue with walking in the Love of Christ and keeping one’s mouth off of others in the church. This situation is compacted further when the same ones that would condemn us are celebrating other holidays. If you feel so staunch about Christmas…don’t celebrate any holiday…Easter included. You may say, but Easter [ or Resurrection Sunday] is about the death and resurrection of Christ, and it is vital to the Christian faith. You are right, however there can be no Resurrection Sunday without the birth of Christ. Why can’t we acknowledge both.

Furthermore, if you are bringing up the pagan aspects of “Christmas” when a believer tells you they are focused on celebrating the birth of Christ…the pagan aspects of “Easter” can also be mentioned when you want to celebrate Resurrection Sunday. If you look at your calendar Easter is what you will find not Resurrection Sunday. When I mentioned this to our chat crasher they were at a loss for words while trying to still defend their position. They did this while holding purple, green, and gold items.

Lastly, if you have an issue with Christians celebrating the birth of Christ…you have absolutely no grounds if you participate in Mardi Gras in any way. This is such a hypocritical thing to do, and it means one doesn’t understand the origins of Mardi Gras season with begins January 6th known as Epiphany [or Twelfth Night]. Here in New Orleans, we see a string of holidays or commemorations regarding Christ that starts with Christmas, through Mardi Gras, which leads to Ash Wednesday, and then lent begins that leads us to the holidays that take us to Easter.

How do you condemn Christmas, but show up for and participate in everything there after? Please stop. God can’t be please with all of the condemnation and negativity amongst his children. We need to ask ourselves what good does it do to tear each other down. Christ is the reason for the season in my house, and the homes of many other Christians. If you don’t partake, that is perfectly okay. I for one, would respect your right to not deal in Christmas…and no explanation is needed. However, I demand the same respect. The Google scholars can battle all day about the time when Christ was actually born and died. One can honor the birth of Christ, honestly, whenever they think about it if they choose. Please stop dying on his hill of condemnation is harmful to other believers. Let him live in peace, and you do the same.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

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