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Gun Violence – An Issue We Should All Agree On.

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( So, I don’t see all Americans coming to some sort of even footing on race in the country. One thing we should be able to agree on is something really needs to be done about gun violence in the U.S. Of course, if you pull the thread enough you’ll find that the roots of racism exist there as well.

It’s not necessarily something you can request that people get their sh** together on either. Those are deep-rooted issues that impact multiple parts of Black and brown life in the U.S—through the generations. Nah, that’s another discussion for another time.

Gun Violence - An Issue We Should All Agree On.

The Gun Issue

However, the issues involving guns come with multiple fronts. I always felt that it would be easier to even change how guns are presented in society and that will eventually change the public perception of firearms. This came from seeing how Europe’s public presentation of guns is differently.

Sure, guns exist in entertainment—and that will be an issue for a related reason—and as a part of hunting and sports culture in Europe. That’s about it. Even though firearms played a major role in many of those countries’ histories, they’re still not just everywhere.

That’s in comparison to the U.S where guns are extremely tied into our culture as civilians, soldiers, and criminals. In our media, we see all aspects of this involving guns and they’re deep-rooted in our history. Most significant moments we’re taught in school—or were taught—involved a rebellion, a dispute, some battle, or outright war.

Sure, there are some milder moments like the Wright brothers’ first successful flight or the invention of peanut butter but when it comes to capturing the spirit of America—our military victories are often presented proudly.

Or Is It a Violence Issue in General

Then again, maybe we shouldn’t just look at the overall gun issue. There’s a lot there, many suggestions, and some involve halting the manufacture of firearms. That’s just not going to happen. All guns having biometrics is an idea of sci-fi and probably decades off.

Of course, most solutions have to factor in the spread of 3D printers. It’s a lot to consider in regard to just the gun issue. It wouldn’t be unfair to day there’s an overall violence issue that all Americans should take notice of. It’s not some “Oh, a visible spike in violence!” or anything. It’s more along the lines of violence become more physical and aggressive in nature and the instances of violence seeming to increase.

With that said, it could very well be an issue of just seeing multiple reports of violence and living in an age where news in relayed almost instantly via your smartphone. If there’s a war or conflict overseas, depending on the outlets you follow, you can get the most in-your-face account of it.

Or something that’s more of a reserved account. The thing is, access to violence now doesn’t mean you have to be in proximity of it. To a degree, it can seem like there’s constant shootings when actually they tend to be spread out a bit—not that the news couldn’t or wouldn’t cover all the violence.

And at this point, why expert them to not cover it. Violence sells and a shooting will always mean ratings from both the live coverage and the aftermath. What’s going on? Where is it happening? Why is this happening? Who are they? Could this have been prevented?

Many questions and the media knows its viewers’ questions and present the coverage accordingly. The thing is that this doesn’t end.  That isn’t to say that taking violence out of everything but all Americans should be aware that this is a violent nation, our history is very recent compared to other countries and stained in blood in a shorter period of time.

So, the discussion about gun control? Very important but there are now ways around which is sure to present a massive headache to lawmakers. Americans of all stripes should pay attention to how these discussions about gun-related legislature goes, if it remains the same, and who benefits.

It also helps you understand why nothing is being done even though everyone should be able to agree that innocents shouldn’t be shot and killed.

Staff Writer; James Swift, Jr.

Gaming since 1989 and headbanging since 1999, James enjoys comics, RPGs, wrestling, and all things old school and retro. Check out his writing here AfroGamers and The Black Rock and Heavy Metal. You can also find him on Twitter at; metalswift and soon on Kick where he will stream mobile titles.

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One Response to “Gun Violence – An Issue We Should All Agree On.”
  1. I have been interested in gun control and I think the NRA is part of the problem. In Switzerland, which there is a high ownership, they don’t have the gun violence problems, but the American NRA has a surprising disclaimer on the facts.

    To tell you where I live— it is Wyoming [close to Yellowstone] and most of us grew up learning to shoot game with a single-shot long rifle. [30.06 or 30.30, for examples] And I remember when the NRA was teaching gun safety. Just common sense stuff that meant you never pointed a loaded gun at anyone else and you made sure that the game [ usually elk] was where the round was the only target you were aiming for. Maybe it is the fact that we have wide open spaces on the mountains to where we can hunt that still indicate that there are very few accidents here. A mass shooting is something we only read about in mostly larger cities. People still remember Colombine HS in Denver where there was one of those mass shootings–I believe in was in the early 2000’s.

    My personal opinion is that we are reaching the End Times and as A Christian. Gun violence will increase in that scenario as it has.


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