President Joe Biden’s Mandatory Military Draft of Civilians After The Holidays.

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( It is been in the works since the beginning of the Ukraine vs Russia war for the Leftist Democrats under the leadership of Deviant Biden and Happy Feet Kamala to send our American children to fight a war against Russia in Europe, Iran in the Middle-East and China in Asia; with a one way ticket to hell and another ticket back home in a coffin.

The United States of America is a war hungry nation ready to go to war over geopolitical control, money, oil, riches, natural resources etc.. at the cost of our American children and those children living in the countries we are about to attack and those already under a barrage of cruise missiles and bombs from our great Air force and Navy, who could care less about collateral damage or innocent babies been killed; similar, to the untouchables massacring Palestinian babies in Gaza.

President Joe Biden's Mandatory Military Draft of Civilians After The Holidays.

We as Americans have been living and paying taxes in the United States of America, a young country that has been involved in more wars and supported more military coups around the world since our declaration of independence in 1776, than all the rest of the world combine together. America has more military bases and black sites abroad in many nations friendly and foe with and without authorization of the current governments in charge; thus, causing division among third world countries, ethnic groups, religious group, political groups and so on, with the sole interest of keeping America on top by any means necessary; even, if it includes violating human rights and international laws.

Now, America is about to embark on a war with the middle east base on their support, allegiance and obedience to the State of Israel and the Zionist Untouchables, who after been attack on October 7, 2023 by Hamas a Palestinian so called terrorist group that was actually created by the Zionist Untouchables and financially supported by the United States in the early 1990’s as a political entity to challenge the PLO under the leadership of Yasser, Arafat; has now lead to the carpet bombing of innocent Palestinian children and Hospitals in Gaza in retaliation to Hamas attack. Indeed, American will always support any European/Caucasian or Zionist nation that bombs, assassinates, and kills brown and dark skin people; but, will place embargo’s and sanctions on any brown or negro skin nations that stands up to Europe and to any Western imperialist colonialism agenda.

The Department of defense has mobilized dozens of battleships, aircraft carriers and thousand of military personnel to the middle east and into the Mediterranean sea as a sign of solidarity and strength with the State of Israel and to ensure that no Muslim country comes to the aid and rescue of Palestinian children, women and elderly people in Gaza been killed, bomb and blown out into pieces by Zionist terrorist with weapons of mass destruction produce and supply by America. Where is the human rights violation laws when you need them? or it is only available when Caucasian/European and or Untouchable children’s are suffering and dying. Indeed, there is always double standards when the victims wear a brown or black skin color; in short, ” If you are not Caucasian or Untouchable, then you are not right”

Well, Thanksgiving is around the corner and many Americans are going to celebrate this Holiday which is actually a day in which hundreds of Native Americans Indians or first nation people were massacre during a meeting and banquet of peace with the European/Caucasians who came to the Americas and took everything from them with force, war and their contagious diseases. Yes, the Native American Indians signed over 400 peace treaties with the European Caucasian invaders and every single one of those treaties were broken by the “White Man” also known as the Demon of West and descendants of Neanderthal Cave Dwellers.

Deviant President Biden who is fascinated with touching the shoulders of little white girls with blue eyes and blonde hair, and who also loves to whispered adult innuendo into the ears of these innocent little girls, has now declared the possibility of a Mandatory Draft to be announced after thanksgiving holidays setting in motion the march to war and the death of millions of Americans. This Draft is the sole idea of the DNC /Democratic party who are now beating the drums of war against Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah, Russia and China. Indeed, a war that will end in the destruction of 80% of America and the deaths of million of children around the world.

Does it not surprised everyone? that the Democrats demanding for a Mandatory draft have never served in the military and their children have never served or intend to served; Yet, they are quick to send our children to fight for them and for their children, while our children die in combat and their children are at home safe and sound. Yes, a draft will literally send every American children to their death in a war that cannot longer be won in a conventional way resulting in the use of Chemical, Biological and Nuclear weapons of Mass Destruction.

Remember, all great Empires around the world had ruled the world for some time and eventually collapsed. The Roman Empire, The Mongols, The Persian, The Greeks, The Vikings, The British, The Prussian, The Hunts, The French etc.. collapsed and eventually, the great empire of the Untied States of America is going to collapsed and become a third world country. So, America’s time is nearing to an end and for that reason our Democratic crooked elected Deviant Biden has been order by his democratic senate counterpart to start a Draft of all Americans to prepared for war and to prevent the collapsed of America. A draft will not save America in the same way that it did not save French Emperor Napolean, who drafted all available young men in France to fight the coalition forces of Prussia, Russia, Austria and end it up loosing at the cost of half of the French population.

A draft only leads to death, destruction, hatred, disabilities, mayhem and more deaths; Therefore, Americans have a choice to accept the draft proposal and send their children to die for the chosen people or to reject the draft, demand peace, equality, freedom, jobs, education and the eradication of discrimination, bias, prejudice, bias, racism etc.. But, those are things that Racist America will never let go because without bias, racism and prejudice, America cannot rule the world and psychologically and economically control the African countries and the African Americans living in America.

With that said, It is time for all African Americans living in the United States of America and abroad to prepared and armed ourselves in order to protect our children from been drafted into Deviant Biden’s religious war against the middle east which will ensure the death and demise of our young black Christian children; even, if some of our black children manage to survive and returned to America, they will still be coming home to a racist nation with racist Americans and racist race soldiers aka “white Police Officers” who are killing our black children and or arresting our black children base on the lies of racist Caucasian/European Americans who are infected with the disease of madness, insanity, insecurity, fear and the short coming of having small private parts.

It is time for African Americans to exercise and utilized your 2nd amendment rights by legally purchasing guns, rifles, shotguns, Kevlar helmets, ammunitions, body armored, survival food/water, first aid kit etc.. from black owned gun stores which are owned by former military black soldiers who are loyal to the protection and well being of the African American communities. Every single black men, women and LGBT should owned a gun and become familiar with the laws of your state where you reside and also maintain a safety practice of your weapon around children. All African Americans must support their black owned gun stores and shooting ranges available nationwide for black people to protect ourselves from racist America. Every African American must applied for a concealed weapons permit in your state of residence and follow all rule pertaining to maintain it in good standing order

Do not let Deviant Biden and Sellout Happy Feet Kamala take your black Christian Children away from the safety of your homes and into a Military draft that will only lead to their death and the destruction of our African American communities. Let Racist America fight their own wars and send their racist children to war because when we as black men, women and LGBT go to war for America and we comeback home we are still called the n-word by the same racist people we went to war to protect and defend their way of living, we are denied jobs, we are denied loans to open businesses, we are denied the use of bathrooms at restaurants, we are denied freedom to walk in any neighborhood, and we are given an unfair treatment in the judicial system and in the healthcare system.

Staff Writer; Eugenio Stewart

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