Donald Trump – The Political Dynamics of ‘The Pot Calling the Kettle Black’.

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( Throughout Former President Donald Trump’s campaign speeches, a common theme includes his choice to mock President Joe Biden. Furthermore, he has also been frequently questioning whether the current President is mentally fit to hold the position.

Interestingly enough, this comes at a time when his campaign trail continues to be riddled with several verbal gaffes. Yet, polls consistently show that Americans view the Democratic president’s age as more of a liability, even as some of Trump’s rivals for the Republican nomination are stepping up efforts to use the issue against him.

Donald Trump - The Political Dynamics of 'The Pot Calling the Kettle Black'.

Recently, in Iowa, Trump even impersonated Biden in an exaggerated manner by walking around and seeming confused, explaining that Biden always looks like he is unsure about where he is supposed to go.

What is truly funny is the fact that just a few weeks after that, Trump’s campaign stop at Sioux City, Iowa became a topic of conversation among detractors after he thanked the crowd for supporting him by coming out to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. A state senator from Iowa tried to correct him subtly but the omnidirectional microphone caught on to every single word.

In Washington, DC, in the midst of a summit, Trump also stated that Biden might be the individual who pushes the world toward World War II instead of World War III. Moreover, he stated that according to election polls, he was in the lead when compared to Barack Obama, wait, what? He actually meant to say Joe Biden.

These few errors on Donald Trump’s part have certainly affected the reputation of the 4 times indicted; with 91 counts ex-president. The Republicans, as well as his entire campaign team seem to make excuses on the run. Many questions were posed by Republicans regarding President Biden’s ability to lead the country in his role as commander-in-chief. People widely discussed his mental acuity and age. It is certainly ironic that their party’s frontrunner is also seemingly navigating the same set of issues, which has lightened the load of their argument to say the least.

In the no so distant past, Trump has referred to Viktor Orbán – Hungary’s Prime Minister – as the Prime Minister of Turkey and was frequently caught mispronouncing Hamas – the militant group hailing from Palestine – as hummus. Is someone recording this?
In his September rally in South Carolina, Trump also seemingly mixed-up former President George W. Bush and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, stating that since Bush was a military person who plunged America into the Middle East, he would win in 2016 against Trump.

These errors are now being leveraged by several rivals of Trump, such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who has been shaping a new angle in his fledgling presidential campaign to consistently attack the former president. Recently, he claimed that Trump is no longer who he was in 2016 and his speeches are primarily a result of his attachment to his teleprompter. He also added how Trump would make absurd statements each time he would shift away from his teleprompter, such as “don’t vote.”

Similarly, a Trump Accident Tracker was recently launched by the DeSantis’ campaign team in order to shed light upon Trump and his multifaceted and erroneous speeches.

Nikki Haley – former South Carolina Governor; has been witnessing a slight increase in her poll numbers in the recent past and subsequently attacked Trump over his comments pertaining to foreign policy.

Additionally, Trump’s missteps have been leveraged by the Democratic National Committee too. Its X account: formerly known as Twitter, recently posted a screenshot demonstrating an MSNBC chyron, which read as follows: “MSNBC: Trump’s gaffes appear to be getting more incoherent.” Additionally, a clip demonstrating Trump’s struggle with completing a sentence was also shared along with his mispronunciation of Hamas.

Understandably, Biden’s campaigning is also relying on Trump’s goof-ups by posting several clips on social media.

The effectiveness of this strategy is still under debate among Republican pundits, since in the past, Trump managed to win the elections despite claiming that he could go to Fifth Avenue and shoot someone there with no recourse. Trump’s age, just 3 years younger than President Biden; is no secret and his followers believe that he is unnaturally active for his age, while Biden is considered weak in their biased eyes.

A spokesperson for Trump – Steven Cheung – recently made a statement that as per primary polls, Trump continues to dominate Biden, and the latter’s false narratives will not be successful in distracting people from his own shortcomings. They are confident that the race’s dynamics haven’t changed due to these mishaps and Trump remains the strongest candidate at the moment. He also pointed out in his distorted narrative, how Biden once fell on stage, continues to mumble during speeches, looks constantly confused, and so on, which is according to him and likeminded sycophants, not going unnoticed.

Again, although Trump and Biden are just three years apart, voters seem to perceive them very differently. According to a recent NBC News poll, significant concerns were expressed by 59% of voters regarding Biden lacking the physical and mental health required to be reinstated as a president. This number was significantly lower for Trump at 34%.

What is important to understand is that Trump’s attacks are not directed towards Biden’s age as he recently stated that the latter was not too old to run in these elections. He added that he merely believes that Biden is incompetent pot calling the kettle black syndrome. Trump refrains from discussing Biden’s age on stage and instead, tries to paint a picture of him being incompetent and mentally unhealthy. Shockingly, Trump stated that he does not intend to attack Biden’s age since he is acquainted with many in their 80s who are still very sharp. How nice of him to reveal this truth. Biden is now 80 and Trump is 77. Trump was the oldest person elected to a first term — until Biden was.

Today, the age factor is shaping up as an important issue in an apparent matchup in the upcoming election of the 2024 race for the top spot in American politics. Trump’s own flubs haven’t stopped him from making fun of Biden, though they risk undermining Trump’s strategy of painting President Biden as doddering. At rallies, Trump frequently performs a lengthy routine that draws hoots from his predisposed audience as he pretends to stumble around, squints and waves in directions where there are no people.

The problem with this routine is that he, more likely than not, is that he is describing by default himself! Sad!

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