From Ronald Reagan’s Strength to Joe Biden’s Weakness: A Tale of National Security.

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(  Former President Ronald Reagan had a way with simplicity in language that was astute. When asked how he defined victory in the Cold War, his response was simple, “we win, they lose.” His foundation for our national security was rooted in a profound maxim, “peace through strength.” And I will never forget the sage and concise principle of one retired US Marine Corps 1stSgt Jim Reifinger, “If you ever find yourself in a fair fight, it’s because your tactics suck.” I must admit, you put those three sentiments and principles together into a national security strategy, and you will indeed have global peace; maybe the next contestant in the Miss Universe pageant will answer as such.

From Ronald Reagan's Strength to Joe Biden's Weakness: A Tale of National Security.

However, when one considers the national insecurity policy of one Joe Biden, well, it can only be termed as “chaos because of weakness…and incompetence.” And we should not be surprised because Biden was the Vice President in the Obama administration, one who famously gave us the insidious strategy of “leading from behind.” Down South, we call that following. I still get a chuckle from one of the many Biden administration chuckleheads, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, better known as “Boy Blunder.” who asserted that the Middle East has never been more peaceful in twenty years…really Jake? The progressive socialist leftists, Marxists, only see entities who threaten their ideological agenda as the enemy. You know, parents who want better education for their children…they are domestic terrorists. Or how about those miscreants who actually pray outside clinics where unborn babies are dismembered, they get an FBI raid. And the same goes for anyone that dares say something leftists do not like, first they censor you, then they come for you. Wanna support an Islamic terrorist organization that killed Americans? That’s accepted free speech; anyone else gets a free stay at the DC Gulag.

Guess who is watching all of this? Yes, the new Axis of Evil — China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Islamic jihadists, and transnational Narco-criminal terrorists (cartels). Weakness is enticing to them, and hence, we are witnessing a world on fire.

Our first introduction to Biden’s plan of national insecurity started immediately with the debacle that we know as the Afghanistan withdrawal. Who can ever forget Afghan men clutching to the wheel well of C-17 transport aircraft, to only fall to their deaths. Or the shameful and unnecessary loss of 13 brave Marines, a Sailor, and a Soldier all because of the blunder of shutting down the strategic Bagram AB, where Biden left some $80B of serviceable US military equipment. And how embarrassing that those five senior members of the Taliban who had been taken off the battlefield but released from GITMO by Obama, the Islamic sympathizer ended up right back in Afghanistan to lead the Taliban once again.

Biden’s policy of national insecurity has resulted in our selling oil from our strategic petroleum reserve (SPR) to our number one geopolitical foe, China. We have sent billions of dollars to the number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism, Iran, which was virtually bankrupt but is now able to flow resources to its jihadist proxy forces. Biden’s open border policies have led to hundreds of thousands of single military-age males coming into our Republic. And at a time when Biden has wrecked our military to the point that recruiting and retention levels are not being made. Leftist Senator from Illinois Dick Durbin offered a solution from the floor of the US Senate, let’s recruit illegals. Yeah Dick, let’s fill the ranks of our military with those who violated our rule of law, and ask them to take an oath to support and defend our Constitution…that is stuck on stupid!

Biden’s policy of national insecurity has given us his plan to rectify our recruiting shortages, just lower the number of troops required in the Armed Forces. Yep, so Biden’s FY 2025 defense budget has our Army as the smallest since 1940 and Marine Corps the smallest since World War I. Did I mention the leftist jihadist supporters defacing a World War I Memorial in NYC?

And get this, thanks to former Congressman and US Navy SEAL, Scott Taylor, we have a glimpse into how we are training our next generation of US Army military leaders at the United States Military Academy at West Point. Ya know that institution that said Duty, Honor, and Country would no longer be part of their values?

Check out these classes taught in the Sociology department:

Deconstructing Patriotism: Exploring Postmodernism and US Army recruitment amidst the lack of a national narrative.

Uniformed Perspectives: The Evolution of Cross-Dressing in the Military and Gender norms.

Do My Leaders ‘Get Me?’: Unpacking the importance of representation in the Military.

Harder Rights: An Approach to Espoused Values and Behavior Inconsistency.

This delusion is being taught at West Point by one Professor Ender, who has a minor in DEI and wrote a paper titled, “Dinner and a Conversation: Transgender Integration at West Point and Beyond.” On top of that, USMA, West Point, just hosted an LGBTQIA+ alphabet soup mafia presentation where former San Francisco, openly gay, Mayor Harvey Milk was honored.

Yeah, you can bet that at the Chinese Military Academy, they ain’t teaching this nonsense, and Iranian Republican Guards Corps officers ain’t learning about cross-dressing. But, hey, in the world of national insecurity, courtesy of Joe Biden, this stuff is important. Instead of Reagan’s “we win, they lose,” for Biden, it is “they win, we know our pronouns.”

And speaking of winning, not for us, but for the enemy, who would want to be an ally of the United States of America right now? I mean, c’mon Man, Joe Biden, you are actually going to cut off precision munitions and ammunition support to Israel in their fight against a designated Islamic terrorist organization in order to score political points? Hamas killed Americans on October 7th and took Americans hostage. What kind of American president takes the side of alliance with a terrorist organization over an ally…all the while signing and providing support and arms to Iran, Qatar, and Fatah (just a slick suit-wearing jihadist organization)?

As President of these United States of America, I believe that the most important title, role, is that of Commander-in-Chief of our Armed Forces. The national insecurity insanity of the Biden administration is putting our safety and security at risk, and for what? The leftists, Marxists, have always had their eyes on our military as the last great institution of honor, integrity, and character to destroy. Their intent is to weaken our nation and allow its invasion and fundamental transformation. The unholy alliance between these Marxists and Islamic jihadists should disturb us all — regardless of political party affiliation. Ask yourself, when was the last time you heard about a National Military Security Strategy? Heck, we have SecEnergy Jennifer Granholm talking about more electric combat vehicles on the battlefield.

Excuse me, China, could y’all just hold up while we recharge our tanks, and oh by the way, do you have any Tank EV batteries you could spare us? With all this we have just laid out, the Country that has to be the most concerned is Taiwan. Remember, all that it takes is for deranged young people to come out and shout “Death to America” and “Death to Taiwan,” protest, rip down and burn the Taiwanese flag, and Biden will fold like a doggone cheap chair.

Welcome to the age of national insecurity America, courtesy of Joe Biden.

Columnist; Allen West

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