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Republican Sen. Tim Scott: Danger to Black America.

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( Did you see the video of the police execution of Ta’Kiya Young? A white police officer shot and killed a pregnant black woman accused of shoplifting from a grocery store. Her and baby died on the scene. reports that, “the rate of fatal police shootings among Black Americans was much higher than that for any other ethnicity, standing at 5.9 fatal shootings per million of the population per year between 2015 and January 2023. If I wanted to prove that systemic racism was a thing, do you think this would be a good statistic or place to start?

Republican Sen. Tim Scott: Danger to Black America.

What about the domestic terrorist in Jacksonville Florida? Multiple black people died at the hands of a white supremacist just for being at the dollar store. The terrorist left behind a manifesto, detailing his hatred for black people. In the past decade or so, we’ve come to learn of an online community of white supremacists who subscribe to a theory known as the Great Replacement Theory where they honor and venerate heinous acts of terrorism. Similar shootings that occurred in Buffalo, El Paso and many other places all over the world have all been attributed to the belief in the Great Replacement Theory.

Senator Tim Scott is a dangerous man in a position of power. To be able to say, with a straight face, that systemic racism isn’t real.. when these types of incidents continue to plague black people borders on the line of absurdity. These are the lengths Mr. Scott will go through to uphold the republican narrative and sweep America’s first sin under the rug. It’s a bit unbelievable when you really think about it but he’s either really naive or one of the more sinister politicians we’ll ever see.

The idea that he promotes, “I made it because I worked hard and so can you,” is related to a concept Mr. Neely Fuller calls, “racial showcasing”. The concept is at least a decade old, maybe older. In explaining some of the newer tactics of systemic racism, he discussed that more and more rich black people would be shown in the public eye. They’re going to appear to be rolling in money and will be able to flaunt their expertise or knowledge. This was done to quiet people who talk about systemic racism as if to say, “ there’s no systemic racism, we had a black president and Kanye is a Billionaire.. and if you work hard, you too can achieve the American dream.”

It’s a neat trick that Senator Scott and others lean on but for all the people who appear to be rolling in money, on the flip side of that will be much much more who are struggling to get by from day to day. As Mr. Fuller states, systemic racism is a business and like any business, it operates on profits and losses. Sure, they may have to take a few hits here and there, operational costs as it’s called but overall, the business thrives ahead.

What’s more interesting, if Sen. Scott ever took the time to study systemic racism, is how behavioral scientists have very accurately described the two incidents described earlier within the definition of systemic racism. Psychiatrist’s like Dr. Francis Cress Welsing analyzed conscious and/or subconscious behaviors that stemmed from a fear of white genetic annihilation and the concern for white genetic survival. A quick reminder that this is a very constant thought in the psyche of white America can be verified by Sen. Scott’s republican colleague, Rep. Mary Miller, when last June she boldly proclaimed, “”President Trump, on behalf of all the MAGA patriots in America, I want to thank you for the historic victory for white life in the Supreme Court yesterday.”

To make things more confusing, Mr. Scott has recently come under fire for not being married and you wouldn’t believe what he had the nerve to say in his defense. In an interview with The Washington Post, Scott admitted that the reason his single status has come under fire lately is because folks want to unfairly attack a Black man. He wouldn’t dare call it racism though as he went to great lengths to hide his hypocrisy following that, “It’s like a different form of discrimination or bias,” Scott explained. “You can’t say I’m Black, because that would be terrible, so find something else that you can attack.”

Police subconsciously kill black folks at rates higher than everyone else. White supremacists are feeling that the white race is being eliminated and consciously kill black folks in random acts of terrorism. All of this, while Mr. Trump inspires a group of people who are openly protecting white genetics… and the token black guy tells us, “America is not a racist country” and to hold fast our faith in the same theology that was taught on the plantations.. Is this real life? That white supremacy is a helluva drug.

Staff Writer; Janga Bussaja

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