Americans: Think For Yourself.

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( Every day many of us older adults shake our heads as we watch young people follow the crowd, think in groups and act or react with little or no individuality. Many of us assume it is because they have not grown into their identity – and that is likely true in most cases. But what we do not realize is that far too many of us who are adults do not think for ourselves either – not anywhere close to the level where we should be. We find it easier to be lazy-minded and entertained while we allow others to make the critical decisions that impact our lives on almost every level.

Black Americans, Asian Americans, Mexican Americans, and White Americans: Think For Yourself.

We go to the doctor but act like he/she walks on water. We blindly follow his instructions without researching pharmaceutical medications, detrimental side effects and natural or alternative solutions. We take the position “that’s what he gets paid for“. But believing that a person gets paid to think for you is giving far too much control to someone who does not have you as their top priority. I am not saying we should ignore doctors. I am saying we should use every available resource (doctors, internet, dietitians, books of Faith, prayer, friends, family, wisdom, nutritionists, herbalists etc.) Your body is your responsibility before it is anybody else’s.

Failing to think for one’s self is a critical error made by most ethnic groups. DON’T BE A DUMBED DOWN ZOMBIE

We go to the Church, the Mosque, the Temple or the Synagogue and blindly follow what the pastor, priest or imam says without verifying the accuracy of the message nor the context of the examples. This is how cults arise and people are grossly misled by man-made doctrines and people with hidden agendas. Do we want to trust in others and believe in honest people? Or are we simply being lazy because it is easier than thinking? For years I watched women flocking to get loosed at conferences in man-made arenas and men flocking to the same arenas to get power. Neither realized they were already free and empowered because they thought someone else on stage had to walk them through it. Wake up.

We follow civil rights leaders based on their dreams, not ours. And while I promote, encourage, support and applaud unity in the African American, Asian American, Mexican American, White American, and other communities, there is a time when you should be launching your dreams and visions more than celebrating someone else’s. But every year those of us who want to ride along on someone else’s dream, plans or visions are right there for the march, the parade and the holiday. What about a march to your mirror, a victory parade of your own and a celebration of you reaching your goals and dreams? Wake up.

Most Americans will never be full-time entrepreneurs. Not for lack of money or ideas. But rather because they are programmed drones who trust in the employer more than themselves. They find it safer to let the employer think for them, give them job descriptions, tell them when to eat, what to wear, when to show up and when to go home. And they are willing to accept far less pay than their potential could acquire – all so they do not have to think about anything but what they have been told to do. This is the norm so if I am speaking about you, know that you are “normal“. But if you want to be unique, extraordinary and outstanding, start thinking for yourself and outside of the box. Yes, you can and you are full of potential that your employer is capitalizing on every day of the week. Your employer knows it even if you don’t. Wake up.


We go to attorneys expecting them to know our rights, tackle the courts and make everything alright. But too many of our people don’t know if the attorney is any good, if he/she is doing all that can be done or if there are any other possible solutions. Why not? Because we are letting the attorney think for us. I am not saying you have to go to law school, but clearly any good attorney will tell you that preventive measures mean knowing your rights – not waiting until you need him to explain them to you.

When we were children we acted as children and we thought like children. We expected our parents to think for us on things we did not know. But when we became adults we should have started thinking for ourselves and put childish things away. Sadly, refusing to do your research is laziness and refusing to think for yourself often reflects a lack of confidence in your ability to make decisions This becomes a cycle of decisions to stay willfully ignorant. You may say you are not informed. Then get informed. It is easier to research, fact check and double check things today than it has ever been in the history of the world so you have no excuse.


It’s time to grow up. All of those I mentioned in this article have a purpose. But none of them have the purpose of replacing your brain or your responsibility to yourself. I can tell you dozens and dozens pf cases where the decision not to think for one’s self has caused people their money, their health, their family, their careers and even their lives. That does not have to happen to you if you will get more involved in the things that involve you. Blind trust is good only if you happen to trust the right person. But if you trust the wrong person, the devastation can be overwhelming. Look in the mirror, do your homework regarding your health, your finances, your relationships and your life. Learn to combine guidance with the power of wise, smart decision making and you will take hold of your future.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw

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