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Devout Christians: Rediscovering Your Community After Retirement.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Being a devout Christian can be difficult in this modern world. There simply isn’t enough time to properly invest in worship or in community service. If you have built your career around your faith, then committing to living a true and just life is far easier, but unfortunately, not everyone can do that. Some take on jobs just so that they can care for their families. Others may be doing God’s work in other ways, like caring for the sick and injured. Working as a medical practitioner, however, comes with long hours and a disrupted schedule.

The fact is, modern life can make it difficult to commit to your faith in the way you may want to, and that’s okay. You can always recommit later on, so long as you hold God and his teachings close to your heart and aim to lead a good life that helps others in any way that you can.

For many, this means finding God and their faith again after retirement. Rediscovering your community can be a challenge, but with this guide, you can rejoin the flock in no time.

Older Couples - Rediscovering Your Community After Retirement.

Move into a Faith-Based Community

The easiest way to rejoin the flock and find your community is to move into a faith-based retirement community in Chesterfield, MO. Not only will you have access to all the health and assistive staff and support you’ll need to continue to enjoy as independent and exciting a retirement as possible, but you’ll be surrounded by other religious retired folks as well. This is how you can make new friends in your church – specifically friends in the same phase of life as you are. You can then try new things, go to church together, volunteer, and so on as a group.

Work on Your Own Faith Journey

Finding your community is so important for your faith, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to do the work internally as well. Finding that peace and renewing your relationship with your religion, faith, and God are all essential steps that you’ll want to commit to now that you finally have the time again.

Become an Active Member of Your Church

Regardless of whether you go to church with your new friends or on your own, you’ll not only want to attend and participate; you’ll want to become an active member. This means volunteering as often as you can to help your community in any way that they need. Volunteering is a powerful, enriching activity for anyone, and no, you don’t need to strictly volunteer through the church to rediscover your community, either, though it is a top option. You can also volunteer at hospitals, hospices, care homes, community centers, and beyond. You don’t even need to spread the word of God to be an active member of the church; you just need to care and help others along the way in whatever way you can. How your volunteering looks will depend entirely on you, and any way you choose to help and connect with others is valid so long as it feels true for you.

Staff Writer; George Jacobs



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