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Marijuana: Very Bad for You. (aka… Weed)

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( Before we even get started into the medical and scientific facts, let’s talk about why people want to smoke marijuana. Keeping in mind that those of you want to do it regardless of the consequences are going to make every excuse in the book to justify your use, no matter what the evidence shows. Just like people did with cigarettes, and still do today, even though it is clearly established that cigarettes cause cancer.

Instead of presenting hard evidence to support the claim of this article upfront, this time I am going to take an existential, philosophical, sociological and psychological approach to why people want to smoke marijuana on a recreational basis in the first place. So, in other words, we are going deep into the issue of motive or intent. Also consider this, at a time when population control (Eugenics) is an established and verifiable fact, do you really want to have your mind clouded where it would be open to thoughts that are not your own?

Marijuana - Weed.

I won’t go deep into mind control and brainwashing in this article, but just know that they are real, and there is proof. Right now, especially in the African-American community, every single person needs to have their minds turned up to be as awake as possible and to be prepared for what is to come. Not sluggish, sleepy, dormant or slothful.

Many people today, especially young people, use marijuana recreationally as a placebo for real conflict resolution. In other words, they use marijuana on a recreational basis to keep themselves calm because they otherwise cannot handle the stress of life. Of course, a percentage of users smoke marijuana because of peer pressure. And of course a small percentage use it because they individually want to. But either way, the majority don’t even know what is in the marijuana they are smoking. There’s a reason it is called 420. There are hundreds of ingredients in street marijuana or street “weed”. And when a person smokes that street weed, for example, the chemicals ignite to form other chemical substances that can damage the brain. That is a fact.

The next question would be why state governments are promoting and allowing the use of recreational marijuana. The answer is simple, because they can make money in the process and because it keeps the population docile and unaware. You see, when your mind is in an altered state of consciousness, you become more prone to the power of suggestion and influence. To control the population, the powers that be need to grab them by the mind or by the brain first.

You don’t have to believe in mind control, but it’s a fact, and it can be proven. Including with declassified files from the CIA website. You don’t have to believe in human programming, but Elon Musk does, and between Elon Musk and Bill Gates, they are already prepared to program you. You don’t have to believe in population control or eugenics, but I suggest you do even a little homework and you will find out the truth. So I say, yet again, in this day and time you need to have your wits about you, your mind as sharp and clear as possible and you need to be awake and alert to what is happening as well as what is coming. Most of you have no idea.

You can debate with me or dismiss what I say, but that will not change the facts. I am not going to tell you that marijuana kill brain cells because many of you already know that and many of you don’t care. You are going to do what you want to do regardless, just like the people who smoke cigarettes. All the way up until the time they ended up with cancer. And you are going to make excuse after excuse after excuse, giving yourself reasons and justifications to damage your body. That is self-destructive behavior, and that can be programmed into the psyche, mind, subconscious or spirit of a person. It happens every day and it is happening all around you. Again, you don’t have to believe it, but that won’t change the truth.

There are a lot of reasons you should not smoke recreational marijuana, reasons on multiple levels. And one big reason is that marijuana does not solve the problem. When you come off the marijuana high, the stress is still there, the conflict is still there and the problem is still there. That is why I called marijuana a temporary placebo for conflict resolution. My suggestion? Locate the root of your problems and solve them. If you need to use drugs to relax or stay calm, what happens when you can I get them? What happens when you are at work and it is illegal to use marijuana? I have seen people in marijuana withdrawal and they are as much in denial as they are in withdrawal.

For those of you who think marijuana is so innocent, you need to think about why a doctor, a police officer, a fireman, a nurse, a construction worker on top of a building, an airline pilot, and 100 other professions have made it illegal to be under the influence of marijuana while you are at work. Obviously marijuana impairs judgment. Obviously it increases risk. Obviously it dulls the senses.

Some of you are reading this article and saying I’m wrong because you have smoked marijuana for years or decades almost of your life. So you say it did not affect you that way. But how do you know what marijuana has done to you? When was your last IQ test? And can you compare your intellect and achievements now with what they could have been?

You may say you are successful, but you know you cannot be under the influence of marijuana at work. You better not be. The truth is, those of you who smoke marijuana do not even know how it has affected you and impacted your life. Maybe you don’t want to know. But maybe you should know. Maybe you should also know that the THC in marijuana is addictive. Oh yes it is. Ask any medical professional you choose. But maybe you don’t care. Yet you should.

Here is a psychological reaction that is very common. If you are feeling anger and rage, and disgusted at this article by now, you may be addicted to the very marijuana I am speaking of. That would prove my point.

What about medical marijuana? It definitely has its disadvantages, side effects and danger. But you have to remember that medical marijuana is very often balanced against something worse, conditions that the medical marijuana may help. And when medical marijuana is grown properly, held to a standard and purified, the risks decrease substantially. There’s no comparison between the use of medical marijuana and using recreational marijuana.

It’s time to wake up and stay awake. Clouded minds make bad decisions. Clouded minds do not prepare for what is coming. Clouded minds never allow the person to reach his or her full potential. Clouded minds make excuses. Clouded minds are easy to persuade through behavioral modification. if you need proof that crowd on your mind and smoking up your body are bad things, do you have an even bigger problem called “denial”. WAKE UP!

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw

A Free Thinker, who loves to talk about PoliticsReligion, etc. Also, all about uplifting the Black Community even if it doesn’t fit your mindset. One may hit me up at;


23 Responses to “Marijuana: Very Bad for You. (aka… Weed)”
  1. Trevo Craw says:


    I am not going to spend a lot of time addressing people who just want to ignore the truth, the proof, the facts and the both medical and scientific hard data.

    But like I said, from a Socio-psychological standpoint, these people are in denial. And, just like I said in the article, it hit the nail on the head so it makes them angry. Look at their responses. Classic denial and false justifications for what they actually know down deep is not good for them.

    My articles get to the core of who a person is, what their intent is, and what they are really hiding from. Look at what this article exposed or uncovered.

    Or people who use marijuana as a coping mechanism, because they have no real problem and conflict resolution skills or no support system. Sad.

    These people making these comments are proving what I said in my article to be correct. Listen to how angry they are. Listen to the insults. Listen to how they don’t want to look in the mirror. Listen to the denial.

    I can prove the claims about the dangers of marijuana. But this article was not about just proof, it was about going to the core of the heart of people and their intent, their pain, and what they are camouflaged in life.

    I hit the nail on the head this time, and I knew that would happen. So I am not going to spend time even dignifying a response to small minded insults from people who would prefer to have their minds clouded and live like that. Maybe and unfortunately, that is the only way they know how to live. But that won’t change the facts.

  2. Eugenio says:

    Thank you again Mr. Trevo for a good article addressing the issue of Marijuana that is affecting our African community; more so, our young black Christian boys and girls. Indeed, Marijuana is a drug that affects the behavior, mood, emotional stability and physical appearance of the individual consuming, smoking, eating, or drinking this drug that does do anything but destroyed the minds of a human being.

    As you can see marijuana or weed was used as a tool by racist America to incarcerate over a million young black men, black women, black LGBT for possession of marijuana for less than an ounce which resulted in a misdemeanor and a permanent criminal record for that black person. Since the beginning of the early 1970’s the African American neighborhoods were inundated with drugs of all kinds by racist as a method to destroyed our hard working men and at the same time destroyed the black home and turned our community into a drug haven and our brother and sisters into walking zombies addicted to the drugs created, cultiveated, enginneried and manufactured by racist white Americans.

    As I read, all the comments regarding this well written and informed article, I notice that the people making negative comments and been upset about the information provided in the article are nothing more but racist white men with small penis and racist white women with no buttocks and or with plastic surgery or fake butts, Botox lips and enhanced breast implants. Yes, the same people who hate us the most aka white people are the one upset about this article because Mr. Trevo is addressing an issue of drugs that have cause the destruction and the collapse of the black families and black neighborhoods.

    White America intentionally introduced drugs, alcohol and tobacco products into our neighborhoods as a method to eradicate our community into extintion and today our black community is waking up and fighting back against these Neanderthal cave dwellers demonic white Americans, who have only done things to tainted, demonize, dehumanize, label, profile our black community. Therefore, black America should not listen to the racist comments and the bigotry of white readers suggesting that it is okay for black people to smoke weed. Hell No! Black America, Weed or Marijuana is a threat to the stability and economical success of the black family home; therefore, all African Americans should refrain from smoking weed and doing any other type of drugs.

    Black America, this message given to you by a proud black person who loves you is for you to reconsidered your life and future in order to abstain from a drug that is making and turning our young black boys, girls and LGBT into walking zombies and docile people not willing to fight white American machine, since our people are too high on the white men drugs. If you are a proud black men, women, LGBT then you must stop consuming, smoking, snorting, eating or drinking any type of drugs, alcohol, tobacco products created, cultivated, engineer and manufactured by racist white Ameria in order to destroy you as a black men, as a black women and as a black LGBT.

    If you are not black or African American and you are here on this black owned organization and you do not agree with our articles of telling our black people to stop doing drugs then feel free to exit because your racist opinion are not needed in black people spaces. This is for our black people to teach them the truth about what Racist America is doing to us for the last 400 years and how we must break free from their psychological warfare.

    My fellow African Americans, I have told you before that we must look out for each other and invest in each other by helping ourselves overcome the adversities and the discrimination we incur on a daily basis by these white Americans who are infected with the disease of madness, insanity, insecurity, fear and the shortcomings of having small private parts; which, in turn causes them to turn their own frustration onto our people. Even though we are poor, struggling, enduring the worst from racist America, we are still more happy and live longer than these racist demonic white Americans.

    For you white Americans and other Races who think you are better than blacks; yet, you envy us because everything we do is better than you and we make it look good. I must tell you and warned you once again: Do not bring your lies spoken with a fork tongue about weed or marijuana been good for the health of black people. No Mzungus, take your lies, your drugs, your alcohol, your tobacco, your addictive weed products and shove it down the throat of you pale skin looking white demonic children and leave our black community alone. We the new generation and law abiding black citizen do not want your freaking garbage around us and in our communities, so take all your marijuana dispensaries out of all black inner cities.

    Now, if you are an African American owner of marijuana dispensary, then go ahead and moved that disgusting establishment out of the black neighborhoods and put it in a white suburb and community or an Asian racist community and sell that garbage to those racist white and asian communities and see how quickly their neighborhoods turn into disgusting ghettos.

    If I was the leader of the African American community, I will ensure that no black men, women LGBT will spend a dime or a nickel on any businesses owned by racist white, asian and untouchable people. I will make sure all African American men, women, LGBT law abiding citizen exercise their second ammendment rights by legally purchasing guns, rifles, ammunitions, bullet proof vest, Kevlar helmets and more ammunitions and have them prepared to fight back and to the death against all racist Americans who done our community wrong in the last 400 years and even if 47 million black people die because of this war, at least I know that we have eliminated a million of you racist pieces of garbage Neanderthal cave dweller racist Americans who support the replacement theory and are against critical race theory.

  3. Debi Mzak says:

    Worst Writing ever and not the first time with biased garbage from this site. Not one fact, just irresponsible opinion, conjecture and conspiracy. I sent this to several activist groups to warn them that you are a divisive and uninformed site not to seriously. Then to everyone I know.

    • Gary W Doane says:

      Thought the idiots were lost in the political arena. Nope got some writing nonsense. one persons view… 55 years and counting…Oh yes got a MBA, started and sold businesses and retired at 55…..All the time smoking the best weed I could find. The black disguise of the real writer

    • Trevo Craw says:

      I can inform you of all the hard data, both scientific and medical, but all you would do is throw it out because the truth hurts and you want to do whatever you want to do. You are in denial just as I spoke of in my article.

  4. Heidi says:

    “Many people today, especially young people, use marijuana recreationally as a placebo for real conflict resolution. In other words, they use marijuana on a recreational basis to keep themselves calm because they otherwise cannot handle the stress of life.”

    Like everyone has done since beginning of time….Sit and spin moron, you’re probably invested in big pharma.

  5. Ballymore says:

    Excellent article. I used recreational weed virtually every day for two years back in 1969-1971 until I realized it was not the answer to my life. Sure, it gave me a few hours of bliss and relaxation. But, when the buzz wore off, life came back. Only I was becoming less and less able to deal with it productively. Meanwhile, my memory was getting worse and worse — I was only 23 years old, had graduated an Ivy League college. So, I quit. That was 50 years ago. So, kudos for an excellent essay. Keep on keeping on, bro.

  6. ZaSu Pitts says:

    Says the guy who likely drinks and if he doesn’t needs to get a life and stop wagging his bony finger at the rest of us fun loving folks.
    A pious person who feels the need to scold the public in such a public forum as this can’t be much fun to be around even for those that love him.

  7. the guy says:

    If this article had actual facts and references, it may be a little more informative; but obviously this is a fearful tactical opinion. We’re adults if you can’t control your habit that is on you but don’t make it seem like your problem is everyone’s problem. I know people very well off that brag about weed keeping them calm and still being able to successfully build a prosperous business. Thanks for your opinion but keep the nonsense especially without any back up.

  8. You don't need my name says:

    This is pure idiocy

  9. Michael Twillman says:

    I have recently come across what I can confidently claim to be the most mind-bogglingly idiotic internet article in the history of the World Wide Web. After extensive browsing and encountering countless absurdities, I stumbled upon an article that defied all logic, reason, and common sense, surpassing any other contender in its sheer level of stupidity.

    This particular article was a perfect concoction of misinformation, baseless claims, and nonsensical ramblings. It seemed to have been written by someone who had a tenuous grasp on reality, lacking even a rudimentary understanding of the subject matter they attempted to address. From its title to its concluding paragraph, every sentence was a masterpiece of idiocy, leaving me dumbfounded and questioning the state of online discourse.

    The author’s apparent disregard for factual accuracy was nothing short of astounding. They boldly presented unfounded theories as undeniable truths, cherry-picking isolated incidents and anecdotes to support their outlandish claims. The article seemed to have been concocted in a parallel universe where reason and critical thinking were but distant concepts.

  10. Marijuana is the best thing that ever happened to me in my life. It woke me up. I heard it is the best drug out there. When someone wakes up, that person sees how things really are. I think it helps people. It was able to make me come closer to God.

  11. Michael D says:

    In the sixties and seventies I tried almost every drug in existence at the time.After all, I was twice sent to do battle in Vietnam and contemplated that I would have a very short life indeed . After the war was over, I found that all drugs get in the way of relationships .For me, a god fearing man, there could be no higher calling then to have a wife and family. So I had a choice .I could have drugs or I could have a wife, but not both . The very hardest drug for me to quit was marijuana .Months after I quit,I was still tempted. It took me about six months to get rid of the craving .If some day I feel myself full of pain , and dying of Cancer ,then maybe I would try it again.

  12. You don't know what you're talking about says:

    Got any citations? References? Anything? Something to prove your intelligence goes beyond that of a 6th grader?

  13. Robert R says:

    Is this a joke? This article is trying to warn us about brainwashing while it literally is doing the exact same thing ?. Also states opinions as facts and has a Disgusting clickbait headline along with an uneducated and prejudice point of view. No doubt written by a right wing nut job American conservative. This has to be the biggest piece of shit “article” I have ever come across.

    • Mkultra says:

      Mkultra you are the joke you serve your masters well robert

      • There is a war on says:

        Trevo They are killing us all . You know what your talking about its not about right wing or left not politics the24 7 psyop is relentless infinate lines in digital sand we all built the corporate ellite they are done with us useless eaters we will distract them with drugs and video games the wef claims well it is working i am sorry to say.I am a hard working white male i appreciate your efforts with your community they need leaders like you we are all in grave danger my friend they weaponize race sex religion the nation is in hospice with a steady drip of data drugs propaganda a disfunctional abusive relationship with our government whose only true idea of diversity is fitting us all in the same hole

  14. Robert R says:

    Is this a joke? This article is trying to warn us about brainwashing while it literally is doing the exact same thing ?. Also states opinions as facts and has a Disgusting clickbait headline along with an uneducated and prejudice point of view. No doubt written by a right wing nut job American conservative. This has to be the biggest piece of shit “article” I have ever come across.

  15. Dick Trickle says:

    This is probably the single worst article I’ve ever read. It states opinions as facts and jumps to absolutely ridiculous conclusions. It tries to make a distinction between medical marijuana and recreational marijuana as if they are somehow different. If even goes so far as to say that medical marijuna has been purified. Purified by what? Your stupidity perhaps. Its like the author of this article lacks any understanding of science at all. Absolute trash, the author of this article needs to find a new line of work. Even in the internet day and age, this author can’t meet journalistic standards. And this is the age of the internet where its an accepted practice to outright lie in the title.

    • ZaSu Pitts says:

      I remember that name… RIP, you were fast.

    • Gary W Doane says:

      ABSOLUTELY SPOT ON WITH YOUR REPLY. First TIME SMOKED, GOT HIGH 1964- Viet Nam. Last time, last night. So 55 Years and still very much alive. What Ive learned, don’t listen to assholes….

  16. Ozzie says:

    I know many doctor’s & nurse’s who will tell you how much marijuana can HELP. It helps in many ways when used correctly.

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