Black Community: Pro-Life vs Abortion – No Protection for Born Kids.

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( Abortion is always a scary subject, and I’ve always found it to be confusing in its presentation. Some are pro-choice, and many want the right to choose what happens to their body for themselves. Though I do not have children, I have had close relatives die in childbirth. Once that is experienced the reality of carrying a child hit very hard. There is a beauty in that process, but it is a delicate process that has ended tragically for some. It is difficult to watch something be legislated and many that make the argument will not have to risk their lives.

Furthermore, in the Black community it can be a difficult conversation given the high death rate of Black women in childbirth. Some are pro-life, and feel it is their moral obligation to protect the life of a fetus/baby that cannot speak for itself. They believe life begins the moment a heartbeat is heard. They tend to see the mother as a vessel for this new life, and that that life takes precedence. I am of those that is pro-life for myself but feel I cannot make that choice for another woman. What I do not understand about the pro-life position is just that. It’s not labeled pro-birth or pro-pregnancy…it’s coined pro-life. This leads me to question all legislation and care that is not provided for children and pregnant women. My concern is we want pro-life, but we don’t live in as pro-life society.

Prolife vs Abortion.

It is difficult to understand how we could have so many advocated that are fighting to eliminate abortion, for whatever reason, under the ideal that they are pro-life…or advocates of protecting life. Let’s assume the position is sincere, because if not the alternative train of thought is sinister, why aren’t we seeing the same push to protect the mother carrying the child? Why don’t we see the same push for legislation that makes the health and wellbeing of children a priority in our nation? You see, being pro-life is more than wanting a baby to be born. One must consider what all is necessary for a baby to be born as healthy as possible. We’d need to look at what would be necessary for parents to be able to earn a true living wage so that they can adequately provide for the children that must be born.

This is not just a matter of responsibility on the side of the adults, because some of them can do everything conservatives believe they should [got an education, got married, secured jobs, and started working towards home ownership] but they could still be a heartbeat away from the need for assistance given the economy. Then there are so many other factors such as possible health issues or the loss of one of the parents. So even if everything as one would suggest there is not much in place to assist with hardship so that the quality of life for the child that one advocated to be born can continue.

If we look at the foster care and child welfare departments, they are reflective of a society that does not make children a priority. They are shuffled around and endure unimaginable trauma at the hands of departments that are supposed to protect them and see to their wellbeing. Yes, I’m sure more funding is needed, but so is more care and compassion towards the youth. Let’s be honest, there is so much work that needs to be done in terms of education and equality in education that can be a conversation by itself. Where is the protection for children? Why are we advocating for lives that we won’t fight for once they are breathing. When I think about the young black children gunned down in communities without adequate access to opportunities, by racists that see them as animals, or gunned down by law enforcement that should protect them I’m fighting to understand the value of life spoken of.

For one to be pro-life it would make sense that this would mean the life of people matter. That should mean that life matters from the moment a child is born, and throughout the life of that child. Maybe our country would be better off and more innovative if we were indeed prolife verses, it being a talking point against abortion for whatever reason is given. You see it’s hard to see the pro-life argument as a moral one when a child and its family are abandoned the moment that child is born.

The same society that wants to demand that a woman risk her very life [ a life that should also matter if we are pro-life] to give birth can be the cause of that very child’s loss of life. As it stands there isn’t much protection for babies once they are born. I’m not here to say whether one should be pro choice or pro-life…I only believe in making that decision for myself. However, I do feel that there should be more honesty and principle in the positions. If you say you’re pro-life…protect all life, or this makes no sense and is not about protecting life at all.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

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