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African Americans: Wake Up, Wake Up Before Its to Late.

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( I’m going to be addressing the issue of Black injustice in a series of articles with specific examples of how this White supremacist establishment not only slaughter innocent Black people on the street, but also routinely victimize the average Black, minority, and working class person in their daily lives.

I referred to this system as the “White supremacist establishment,” but that’s a misnomer. I should refer to it as the White ELITIST establish, because the social manipulators who control this system don’t care any more about poor and working class White people than they do Blacks and minorities. Was it only Black people who lost their jobs during the great recession, or lost their homes during the 2008 housing crisis? I don’t think so. We’re in a class war. They only give White people the IMPRESSION that they’re special, and then throw a few perks their way in order to factionalize us and keep us at one another’s throats, because social division is the establishment’s most potent weapon.

The problem in the Black community is the most severe, however, and it’s partially our fault. We wait around until the brains of one our kids are blown out before we start jumping up and down. That’s tantamount to coming across poison oak and simply cutting off the leaves instead of pulling it out by the roots. The Black community has got to become PROACTIVE in the fight against injustice. We’ve got to organize in our churches and community, educate ourselves, and join with others to form a working-class coalition.

black people wake up

The murder and abuse of Black people by bad cops only to have their atrocious actions declared justified by the courts is just the leaves of a political system that is corrupt and indifferent toward Black, minority, and working class people down to its roots. So if we truly believe that Black lives matter, the atrocities being committed by the establishment must be snatched out by its root. We can’t just wait around until AFTER a Black life is taken to demonstrate and voice our outrage, we’ve got to take off our party hats, turn off BET, and begin to reform the infrastructure of our community BEFORE these atrocities take place.

Jumping up and down once one of our kids has been murdered, or one of our women has been lynched for smoking a cigarette in her own car is meaningless – that doesn’t help either the dead kid, or the woman, and it doesn’t prevent the next kid or Black woman from being senselessly murdered. We’ve got to come together in the Black community and develop a political clout that’s formidable enough where the last thing a cop hears before he goes out on the street is, “Whatever you do, don’t upset the Black community.”

That’s the way the Jews have it, and so can we. When was the last time you heard of a 12 year-old Jewish kid being murdered by the police? Never – and that’s in spite of the fact that this bigoted power structure is just as anti-semitic toward Jews as it is racist toward Blacks (well, almost). But the Jews have developed the cultural resources to fight back. They learned a very powerful lesson during the holocaust, and if the Black community doesn’t wake up from our “party hardy” attitude, and our delusion that “It can’t happen here,” we’re just one conservative lunatic away from repeating the Jewish experience – and we have a clown bus full of conservative lunatics running in the 2016 election. What’s currently, and routinely, happening to Black people at the hands of bad cops on the street, and the tepid response of the nation’s judicial system clearly demonstrates that the Black holocaust has already begun. So wake up, people!

Many insightful Black people recognize the truth in what I’m saying, but our collective response to it is lackadaisical, indifferent, and completely inept. Just going after one bad cop after he’s killed a Black child, and snatching microphones from people in order to grandstand on stage does absolutely nothing to correct the problem we face. What good has that done? Black people are still being slaughtered on the street, and their personal lives are still being made miserable in their homes, on their jobs, and in the courts. All we’re doing with such behavior is showing the powers that be what pushovers we are.

We’ve got to go after the system that spawned and protects that bad cop AS A WHOLE – and in order to do that we’re going to have organize our community, become serious and mature adults with an eye toward the future, and stop giving priority to Beyonce swinging her butt. But currently, we’re allowing the social manipulators to keep us completely distracted while they’re picking us off one at a time with complete impunity, and as they become more bold, they’re going to eventually start coming after us as a group, and that day may be sooner than you think.

Staff Writer; Eric L. Wattree

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