Christians: You Have the Right to Remain Silent.

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( “You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can, and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney, if you cannot afford an attorney one will be appointed to represent you at no cost……..”

Throughout my career in Law Enforcement I have had the opportunity to read these rights to people on many occasions. The reading of someone’s Miranda Rights usually implies that they are the focus of an investigation, in which there is a need to determine their intentions or level of involvement.  The words and statements made beyond this point could ultimately result in the dismissal or conviction in a court of law.

Receiving this warning usually causes the person being questioned to choose very carefully the very next words they speak, realizing the gravity of what may come as a result of such statements. Perhaps we as Christians could gain greater insight into to the powerful effects of our words and actions by considering these same elements. After all, from the moment you professed to be a Christian your words and actions were closely being watched and critiqued by onlookers. Have no doubt; there will be no shortage in those willing to sign up for jury duty, as your case comes before the people. Consider these important points as it relates to your Christian walk:

1). You have the right to remain silent.

Many people feel that if you have done nothing wrong then you obviously should have nothing to hide by remaining silent. There are still other people however, who for various reasons still refuse to speak during an investigation. Despite this, I have still seen that the vast majority of people I have encountered in an investigation cannot resist the overwhelming urge to speak out. People who truly have something they want to say require very little persuasion to do so.

Although Christians have the ability and free will choice to remain silent, we also have the moral obligation to speak out. How will the world know of the plan of God if we remain silent to the cries of a dying world? Many people fail to realize that the success and growth of the body of Christ today does not rest solely on preachers, who in most cases are sharing the Word of God with willing gatherers on Sunday. Instead, the success will be determined by the willingness of every believer to be a voice in the wilderness, a Good Samaritan on the roads and highways that we travel daily. Despite the most common excuse given by Christians for not witnessing, we are not quiet due to a lack of knowledge of the Word of God, but due to a lack of passion for its message.

Christians and Bible Study.

2). Anything you say can, and will be used against you.

Many people have done more harm than good to the Christian walk by being overly willing to speak its tenants, while lacking even the slightest qualities of the message. Hollywood has seemed to find a steady supply of willing spokespeople for “Christianity” whose lives display uncontrolled and offensive habits without even the slightest bit of visible conviction. They proudly display this mockery of the message of God’s ability to truly set people free, and continue their world wide campaign showing that ‘Christians” are no different than anyone else. Whatever happened to; walk in the spirit as not to fulfill the lust of the flesh? (Galatians 5:16)

People have fallen for catchy cliché’s and sales pitches too many times to buy into something that once again lacks actual results. The best speaker for the message of change is one who has become changed by the very same message. Remember, anything you say can, and will be used against you.

3). You have the right to free representation.

The majority of attorneys that I have spoken with over the years have stated that their major complaint is; clients who make statements outside of their presence, and speak on issues without first receiving counsel. When facing the overwhelming stress associated with the possibility of losing freedom, it brings great comfort to know that the one representing you is not only aware of the pertaining laws, but is also skilled enough to speak on your behalf.

Did you know that you are even entitled to receive legal representation today, even if you cannot personally afford it? This greatly resembles the access we have to the free gift of Jesus Christ who desires to become our High Priest and representative. He stands willing to go before us and to speak on our behalf before the throne of God; and in the audience of the accusers. In knowing this we should eagerly spend time in his counsel; praying, reading his Word, and seeking his guidance for our every response in life.

4). Will you choose to speak?

The Miranda Warning ends with the ultimate question of, “Will you choose to speak?” Although some people in life would be best served by remaining silent, those who have surrendered their hearts to the leading of God should be speaking out under the direction and clear voice of the Holy Spirit. When we truly encounter the person of Jesus Christ, and not just the idea, we will become passionate voices for the cause of the gospel message.

As the world around you seeks to determine your true involvement as a Christian, make sure there is enough evidence to lead to a CONVICTION. Only when we have true conviction will we choose to speak out, even when we have the right to remain silent.

Staff Writer; Dwayne Harris

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