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Do African Americans & Christians Remember Tamir Rice?

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( Hello my Fellow Christians of America and the world. Today, I have an important question to asked those who follow Christianity and find out if they remember the past and the wrong doings endure by certain communities and cultures at the hands of those who created all the religions of the slaves and control America the Great. First of all, Let me be fair to all Men and Women of faith and asked the same question to all my fellow human beings: Do Christians, Muslims, Roman Catholics, Jehovah witness and Jewish Americans remember what happen to Tamir Rice and Trayvon Martin?

Let’s Begin by saying the following: America the Great and their mainstream media have a habit of portraying and saying that all black men and black women regardless of education, political affiliation, military background, religion, employment history are up to no good, that they are criminals, Super predators, aggressive, pieces of shit, monkeys and a treat to the stability of white America: Yet, when has any person of faith seen any Christian black men or black women unite and pick up weapons such as grenades, rifles, shot guns, Javelins, bouncing Bettys, RPG and bazookas and use those weapons of destruction to attack police stations, governor houses, military bases once month on the same day and at the same time in every city and state of the United States of America? I, as a citizen of this great racist country have never seen a black Christian brother or black sisters unite and planned any type of attacks against white entities or white establishments using the aforementioned weapons and or injuring those who seek to oppress them and against those that have oppress them from the beginning of black exploitations.

If you travel and visit other countries around the world: sometimes refer to as “Shit Hole Countries” such as Haiti, Brazil, Colombia, Somalia etc.. you will notice that in those countries there are black Christian brother and siters of African slaves descent who once a month unite with their fellow black Christian brothers and sisters in militia groups and they proceed to attack police station, military bases, government buildings all over their country on the same day and at the same time using weapons such as AK-47, grenades, Machine guns, RPG etc.. and these people do more damage to those government officials resulting in the deaths and injuries of hundreds of people and yet they government do not treat them in the same way that America treats its black Christian population that have never done such a thing. In the country of Haiti, you have black militias that control over 30% of the country and the Haitian police or military would not dare enter those areas knowing that it could lead to civil war and a bloodshed. So I asked my Fellow Christians, if America does not have any problem with their race soldiers aka police officers and other races and cultures entering any black community when they so desired, then why do Racist America label the African American Christian Communities and their residents as dangerous and a threat to the safety of Caucasian Americans and police officers.


Now, going back at the topic at hand regarding Christians remembering Tamir Rice and Trayvon Martin. Tamir Rice was a 12 year old African American Chirstian boy from Cleveland Ohio who was gunned down by a 26 year old race soldier aka white police officer Timothy Loehman, the great grand son of a slave owner who use Religion as a tool to control his former African slaves. This racist police officer responded to a called from 911 dispatch were a Pedestrians and another motorist of Christian Background reported a boy in a park holding in his hand what appeared to be a Toy Gun. Upon the arrival of the race soldiers, they immediately began shooting within 3 to 6 seconds of seeing a black Christian boy holding what was obviously a toy and clearly was not pointing that toy at the police officers or any other racist civilian. Our African American Christian child was murder in cold blood and in front of his little sister who ran to help her little brother but instead she was manhandled and thrown in the backseat of a patrol car in handcuffed as if she had committed a crime.

Our Christian child was not bothering nobody, He was not wondering clueless on the street, He was not harassing the children of the slave masters, He was not a gang member, He was not a drug dealer, He was not criminal and He was not a Super predator; yet, He was gun down like an animal based on his skin color and the racist agenda of America to eradicate, control and emasculate any black male figure that could be a future symbol of freedom against white supremacy.

The question that I have asked myself and certainly many of you Christain have done the same in trying to find out who was or who were the person or Christians that called the police and falsely reported that our Christan Child had a gun in his possession and was threatening white people. Who was that man or woman that called and lie on the Rice Christian family to report that a 12 year old black Christian boy was a threat to racist America. More so, was that police officer a Christian, a Muslims, a Jew, a Jehovah witness or just another white supremacy member hiding under his white privileged of a badge and a gun, but telling Black America to continue worshiping their creations of Christianity also known as the Religion of the Slaves.

Hey America! Do You Christian, Muslims, Jews, Catholics, Jehovah Witness Remember Tamir Rice?

Now, Lets talk about another African American Christian boy that was also gun down by a racist coconut aka want to be white race soldier pale skin Demon Vigilante George Zimerman. Yes, of course i am talking about 17 Year old Trayvon Martin a Christian and son of devoted Christian parents who trusted a white God and a white religion in the safeguarding of their son, who ultimately die at the hands of a white demonic entity. Trayvon Martin was Not hanging out at a corner, gas station, liquor store, on the streets or wandering with no purpose. Instead, Trayvon Martin had just finish shopping at a store where He purchase a soda and some snacks and he was walking home by himself with No weapons, No drugs or gang affiliation.

Yes, my fellow Christian brother and sisters, Trayvon Martin was walking home when he was follow by a racist individual who did not like the idea of a black Christian person walking pass his racist neighborhood; Therefore, a Racist vigilante chose to follow a boy knowing that He was told by the 911 operator to stop following a black Christian child to avoid a misunderstanding that could result in a bad situations. Of course, Zimmerman did not listen due to his coconut privilege and his infectious disease of madness, insanity, insecurity, fear and the shortcoming of having small private parts. He continue following a child who became terrified seeing a white old men following him for over 20 minutes late at night which cause him to assumed that this racist coconut want to be white men could be either a child molester and or a member of a white supremacy group, the proud boys, the replacement theory and with that said a verbal confrontation ensued and Zimmerman executed our black Christian child.

Hey America! Do You Christians, Muslims, Jews, Catholics, Jehovah witness Remember Trayvon Martin?

My fellow Americans do you remember and or have you already forgotten? During my adulthood, I remembered coming across many children of different races playing in parks, swimming pools, youth centers with toy guns, paint balls, bow and arrows, baseball bats etc.. and never did I or any of my friends assumed that those kids and or children were criminals base on their skin color and never did I pick up the phone to dial 911 to report any child playing with a toy gun and never did I assumed that based on their skin color that he or she could be a criminal because of the type of toy that he or she were holding in their hand. Where is the common sense of approaching a child like a man and or like a woman or better yet like a big Christian brother and sister and verbally telling that Christian child that he or she should not play in public places with those type of toys because other groups of people of other races and cultures might get scared, offended and called the police to have you arrested, cited or killed. Why not asked the child for the whereabouts of their parents, so you could personally talk to them and explained to them that as Christians and African Americans we are always and constantly in danger of the things, opinions and words that come out of the mouth of racist America.

Black America! Tamir Rice and Trayvon Martin were assassinated by those people who do not look like you, do not think like you, did not suffered like you and whose forefathers gave you ancestors the Religion of the slaves aka Christianity; which is now controlling you and making you docile and weak in the eyes of the world; which in turn causes all other races to disrespect you, to insult you, to call the police on you for no reason, to killed you, to deny you job opportunities, to deny you loans and grants, to gentrify your communities, to label you, to profile you, to demonize you, to dehumanized you and then turn around and blame you for everything that happens to you and your African American Christian Community. Black America you are been killed base on your skin color and you are been replace in the workplace by people who do not look like your or care for you. Indeed, these people will put businesses in your communities and hire their own people and treat you like trash while you still spending your Christian dollars at their store.

With that said,. My fellow African American Christians never forget the past and never forget your enemies and what they have done to you and what their forefathers have done to your forefathers because history can always repeat itself and they again can make you, break you, defile you and turn you into a slave without freedom but they will allow you to keep your Religion of the Slaves. If you are old enough to remember what happen in America during WW2 then you will remember that America the great place over 200, 000 thousand Japanese American Christian citizens into concentrations camps out of fear that these American citizens were going to have other views regarding the war between the United States and the Imperial army of Japan. America did not care that these Japanese American citizens were Christians and patriots; Instead, America judge them base on their appearances, culture, skin color and forcefully mandated all Japanese Americans to report to their respective concentration camps peacefully or forcefully. This situations was so horrific that over 10,000 thousand Native American Indians or first nations were wrongfully confused as been Japanese and forcefully relocated from their Indian American reservations to the American concentrations camps for Japanese Americans.

Columnist; Eugenio Stewart

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