Joe Biden Can Still Pull Off a Victory.

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( Even with all the catcalls and derision currently being heaped on President Joe Biden — his popular support is tanking in the opinion polls — Biden may yet pull off a spectacular political victory. To be honest, even the most modest victory will register as a win and could thwart the prospects of a Trump electoral nightmare.

The vote-counting starts immediately in Virginia, where self-financed Repugnikkkan Glenn Youngkin could very well defeat former Gov. Terry McAuliffe, and that would start the dominoes to tumbling. Youngkin is a smooth operator. His appeal is that of a moderate, in the party where moderation and reason no longer exist.

Youngkin is like the wolf in sheep’s clothing — no, more like the camel’s nose under the tent. In that fable the poor camel is outside the tent on a very cold night. The Bedouin man felt sorry for the suffering beast and allowed the camel to put its nose, just his nose, into the warmth of the tent. Well, wouldn’t you know it? By morning the camel’s entire body was inside the warm tent, and the man was shivering outside.

With a Youngkin win, the right wing will become energized as though victories in more Senate and House races are assured, and a landslide will be forthcoming.


Unless he gets tough with the wayward Democrats so that he can squeak out (if necessary) a victory, the Biden team will get outmaneuvered by clever Republikkkans like Youngkin, who will give the impression of inclusiveness while all the time setting the stage for a takeover wherein they will absolutely expel or jail their political enemies.

Biden folks seem not to want to believe the worst about the worshippers of the twice-impeached, one-term, would-be dictator.

And then, victories for Biden in the seemingly intractable challenges ahead won’t spell automatic success for the Good Ol’ USA. No, the country will have merely “dodged a bullet” fired by the GOP. A series of bullets, really — debt ceiling, government shutdown, voter suppression.

The Repubs will not give up. They are like the apocalypse zombies. They see their numbers declining and their plurality of the U.S. electorate dwindling, to the point where they’re now advocating radical “Turner Diaries” solutions leading up to another white secessionist uprising. And when they’re not bombing and shooting at things, they’re threatening to make the government default and to destroy the world’s economy.

All the while the public was drinking the Kool-Aid that Black demands for Freedom, Justice, and Equality were extreme and a threat to the nation, while the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers built an armed movement which tried (on Jan. 6, 2021, and will try again and again until they are soundly defeated and a wooden stake is driven through their vampire-political hearts) to overthrow the U.S. government.

But if — after Biden 2.0 himself campaigned for McAuliffe, after Barack Obama (the original Biden 1.0) campaigned for the former governor, after Vice President Kamala Harris and all the Democratic presidential and vice presidential spouses campaigned for the Democrat, while Youngkin kept The Donald at arm’s length — if the Republikkkan wins after that campaign, there’s probably very little future hope for any Democrat in the future who’ll need votes from white folks to win.

What makes Joe Biden attractive is that he is a healthy, virile-looking White Man who apprenticed under a Black Man, who can face down the bully Trump, who carries himself like he could talk about Trump’s mama if he had to. Who seems like he could take The Donald backstage, privately somewhere and put a whipping on him and demand and get some respect.

The easiest way for Biden, and for the American system to get a victory, is for the Democrats to unite and solidify in support of a people-first agenda. If Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema go it alone and cause Biden’s agenda to fail, they will go right down the drain with the president. They mistakenly think their GOP political rivals intend to play fair when they gain control of those legislative gavels.

Democrats, Biden allies, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris — this is, as the Marines say, “the hill to die on.” Make your stand. Defeat Trumpism, decisively. Now!

Written by Askia Muhammad

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