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Black Men Are People.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Dear Black Men,

Greetings Gents.  I hope this letter finds you in good spirits.  I’m doing fine. Thanks for asking.  I am writing this letter because of a conversation I had with a good friend of mine.  For sake of this letter, we will call her Adrian.  Adrian is a beautiful woman. She has feminine tendencies, and she has a great career.  At face value Adrian is a great catch, however like most black women she has a hard time finding a man that she wants. She has many men attempting to date her, however she turns most of them down because they don’t meet her high standard.  Me being the social scientist that I am; I became interested in knowing why she and so many other black women have trouble getting men. I decided to use her as my test subject as I attempted to get to the root of the problem.

She and I had several conversations about her love life.  I asked her about the heart break she has experienced as well as the heart break she has caused.  She was reluctant to talk about the latter. I am of the belief that people that portray themselves as victims are reluctant to talk about times, they were the villain.  Doing so removes them from victimhood and forces them to take accountability for the things they’ve gone through.  But I digress; Adrian told me about the times she was taken advantage of by men. Used for her kindness and her body.

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Men do in fact use women for their selfish gains, however that is not the majority. Majority of men are decent people. In actuality because of what society teaches men; many of them have an unhealthy reverence for women.  That is something we will tackle letter. After many conversations with Adrian, we finally discovered why she was experiencing problems getting men. She doesn’t like men as people.

We arrived at this realization during a conversation when she said, and I quote “If men didn’t have a dick or money, they wouldn’t be good for anything.”  Her statement shocked me for a couple of reasons. First reason being the fact that she has such admiration for her father.  He was a strong positive presence in her life.  He’s a man.  Does her statement include him? Is he only good for fucking and spending money? The second reason being how pro-black she proclaims to be.  She has a hatred for those that oppress black people. She also proclaims to have an unconditional love for black people, however with her statement I am forced to question if that love is for black people or simply black women.

She and I had more conversations about her statement, but none of them explained why she felt the that she did.  To her men (I will say especially black men because that’s all she dates) are good for nothing but having sex and paying for things.  I want to use this an example of the type of women that want you to avoid.  Women that do not value us as a person should not be involved in your kingdom. Judging by social media; a lot of our sisters feel this way.  They feel that we aren’t worth anything unless we are spending money on them or making them orgasm.  I understand that some of you may have bought into that idea. I am here to tell you that you are more than that. You are the builders of the world. Every great civilization was influenced by you.  You are the kings and leaders of society. Gentle giants.  Once you wake up and realize your power the world will be a better place. Remember your power king. The world needs you.

Staff Writer; Christian Johnson

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2 Responses to “Black Men Are People.”
  1. Hamas Abedin says:

    BLM for Life! Black Liars Matter!!!

    Abort a Black Life Today

    New Series on BET for 2022:
    Heros II: “Save the Blacks’ Abortion Rights, Save the World”

  2. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    The African American man is usually not the definition of white supremacy or financial success in America therefore is often portrayed and believed to be useless to the black woman because he is not rich, and he is not the boss. Some black women buy into this national racist white supremacy propaganda and suffer from a constant longing for the kind of black man that is very hard to find. As long as the white supremacist is allowed to define masculinity and financial success in America the black woman will not be satisfied with loving an African American man because many cannot guarantee her security, and material happiness within her own adopted overall value system. The whole of the American social contract works to belittle the black male and falsely laud the superiority within the sociopolitical reciprocity of the white supremacist. This is a sorry state of affairs that some find necessary in order to feel comfortable in America. The African American man and woman are not able to love each other completely because there are mental issues coming between them.Quite frankly, neither the African American woman nor the African American man are being themselves. They are both modeling themselves after white supremacist within a sociopolitical structure that has the ownership of property as its highest value, and which also believes in an unequal distribution of available goods and services based on merit.Both white Americans and African Americans are beginning to realize that sociopolitical contracting of modeled behaviors that are logical outgrowths rooted in the ownership of chattel property,even those of love and happiness are not necessarily satisfying. In order for African American women to satisfy themselves with the social contractual performances of African American men,they must simply accept the fact that not every African American man is going to be rich, and possess untold amounts of property, and not every African American man is going to be famous.Some African American men will just be under-performers and normal within America’s sociopolitical system.Even the under-performer and the normal deserve to be loved.