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COVID – A Year Later.

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( It’s been over a year since the World Health Organization declared a global health emergency on January 30 2020 despite the fact that except for Italy most of what was called COVID-19 was relegated to isolated parts of China mainly in Wuhan. During that time we have seen over one hundred nations take unprecedented measures ostensibly to “mitigate” the spread of the virus. These nation’s leaders shut down their whole country except for “essential workers” which turned out to be people like sanitation workers, first responders, and healthcare professionals as opposed to many bureaucrats and white collar workers many who had experience working from home.

What have we learned from this experience? What lessons and take-aways can we glean from all this? First we know that the actions of local, state nation and national governments, the corporate and digital media and pharmaceutical cartels were based on faulty mathematic and algorithmic models. People like Neil Ferguson of the London Imperial College predicted 500,000 people in the UK would die and over 2 million in the US would succumb to the virus. It is globally acknowledged that Ferguson’s predictions were wildly inaccurate. His “predictions” were used to bring life as we knew it to a stand-still with devastating consequences that were far worse than COVID.

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The social and economic disruptions of the lockdowns and social isolation have been horrific. Economic privation has worsened due to the shut downs of economies, loss of income and jobs, depression and suicide have spiked and media induced hysteria have been rampant.

A study of COVID policies in South African revealed the adverse impact of the COVID lockdowns were extremely destructive in terms of personal happiness and sense of wellbeing for society in general. Researchers there discovered the negative impact of lockdowns in these specific areas: social capital: unhappier people display less altruistic behavior in the long run (Dunn et al.). They are also less active, less creative, poor problem solvers, less social, and display more anti-social behavior (Lyubomirsky et al.). If unhappier people display more anti-social behavior, South Africa could see an increase in behavior such as unrests, violent strikes and perhaps higher crime rates.

Health care: unhappier people are less physically healthy and die sooner (Lyubomirsky et al.). Additionally, unhappy people engage in riskier behavior such as smoking and drinking, thereby placing unnecessary pressure on national health systems.” The good, bad and the ugly of lockdowns during OCIVD-19 Talita Greyling, Stephanie Rossouw and Tamanna Adhikar

South Africa is not alone. In the US the lockdowns resulted in: massive spikes in suicide rates and mental health crises increase in drug overdoses and substance abuse, economic devastation, food insecurity and hunger and a surge in domestic violence. 

Yet despite these known facts, policy makers, public health officials and the media still continue to promote and advocate for what caused these horrendous outcomes! To add insult to injury the powers that be are hell-bent on controlling the narrative so that no discussion, debate, alternative options and therapies other than vaccines are considered! What’s up with that? Its okay to admit you made an error in judgment or that your data was flawed. But you cannot in good conscience keep doing the same thing over and over and think you will get a different result, especially when what you are doing has never been done in human history. That is the definition of insanity.

The damage has been done. Now we need to investigate ways to create open dialogue to damp down the division and acrimony, decrease the censorship and work to find ways to restore mental health, confidence and good decision making. Unfortunately we are being driven towards what is being called The Great Reset a social engineering agenda being formulated by oligarchs that like the COVID-19 “mitigation policies” will turn out to be far more disruptive/worse than COVID itself.

A year has passed let us learn the valuable lessons from this experience and move towards real healing, recovery and stability.

Written by Junious Ricardo Stanton

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