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Republicans Consider Reparations (GOP).

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( Republican state legislatures can reserve THC licensing exclusively for African Americans quickly, before the federal Democrats can legalize “weed” nationally for their cronies.

This proposal has been sent to 281 Black legislators in 17 “red” States where emails were accepted: OH, SC, FL, IN, AR, OK, TX, LA, MS, WI, MO, WV, IA, UT, AZ, NE, KY. See legislator list below. Some states obstruct contacts, listed below.

“Forty acres and a mule” would be worth about $125,000 today, at an average $3,000 per acre of farmland nationwide – about the price
of a young couple’s “starter home.” This would be a reasonable reparation for the head of a household. The issue of THC licenses (for recreational marijuana) exclusively to African Americans would enable those individuals to amass that much wealth in a reasonable amount of time. Regulating the volume, the packaging, the pricing, the quality, and then restricting sales to in-State supplies could be arranged to satisfy this goal during the limited duration of the license. Then, another African American can get the same opportunity. (Yes. THC items can be “stamped” for in-state commerce only, just like liquor and tobacco. This should not become an inter-state commerce. Move quickly on a “RESOLUTION FOR REPARATIONS WITH IN-STATE ‘THC’ COMMERCE.”)


Distinct licenses can be issued for cultivation, for processing, for packaging, for wholesale distribution, and for retailing. This way,
lots of people can participate a little bit at a time, thus building a strong middle class. The number of licenses issued in each district can be limited, but trade should be allowed openly across districts within a state. “Bootleggers” must be prosecuted for unlicensed dealing, so that the legitimate licensees can generate their fair reparations.

Individuals must qualify for licensing. Each state can determine its own fair means of qualifying the applicants, but the determinations
will surely be subject to the courts’ standards of fairness. Qualifications are likely to include: American citizenship, African
ancestry, standards of character, of credit, of business acumen, and of ready resources including borrowing, leasing, etc. Certain
prohibitions will apply, probably the inclusion of non-African partners or creditors, such derivative or non-natural participants as corporations, trusts and partnerships. (But, how could anyone ever prove that they are an African American?)

African American legislators in “red” states are likely to find their fellow (Republican) legislators agreeable to this concept.
Legislatures dominated by Democrats might be less inclined to offer real reparations to African Americans, as this would be inconsistent
with their traditional African relations over the past 400 years. This reality enables African Americans to build good working relations with Republicans in their states, while maintaining good relations with the federal Democrats. How fortunate it is to be black in a “red” state! This could be the beginning of an advantageous swing vote.

Unfortunately, the Democrats in the U.S. House have already moved to decriminalize THC use – recreational marijuana – just this past
December. It will not be long before they try to license their cronies across the nation. But the cause of African American reparations is legitimate, and the “stamped” restraint of trade across state lines is a viable precedent in liquor and tobacco. This can be done, if African American state legislators move quickly.

If you need some help with this reparation plan, the “teflon” wing of the Republican Party is ready to offer you the same sub-rosa muscle that enabled President Reagan to stifle the Democrat’s “Cultural Revolution” of the 1960s and ‘70s. The teflon case originated in Columbus, Ohio. For more information on that, visit my address: @1983teflon. There, tweet #25 will encourage you to consider the political autonomy that unarmed Constables might offer your neighborhoods when elected in a very local level. I can send you a legislative model for that on request. Your “law and order” legislature might be amenable to the concept, although the Democrats opposed it in 2016, in favor of the BLM’s approach. Please also visit my Video #6 “Sue for Peace” out of tweet #60. I pledge to
you my teflon support in this pursuit, in the name of the Hon. James A. Rhodes, “the Guv.”


(Ohio; red state, medical and decriminalized.)

6 Phillip M. Robinson, Jr.; 9 Janine Boyd; 10 Terrence Upchurch; 11 Stephanie D. Howse; 12 Juanita O. Brent; 25 Dontavius L. Jarrells; 26 Erica C. Crawley; 32 Catherine D. Ingram; 33 Sedrick Denson; 34 Emilia Strong Sykes; 35 Tavia Galonski; 39 Willis E. Blackshear, Jr.; 44 Paula Hicks; 49 Thomas West. 9 Cecil Thomas; 17 Hearcel F. Craig; 21 Sandra R. Williams; 28 Vernon Sykes.

(South Carolina; red state, fully illegal.)

59 Terry Alexander; 103 Carl L. Anderson; 90 Justin T. Bamberg; 82 William Clyburn; 66 Gilda Cobb-Hunter; 23 Chandra E. Dillard; 77
Kambrell H. Garvin; 111 Wendell G. Gilliard; 95 Jerry N. Govan, Jr.; 73 Christopher R. Hart; 31 Rosalyn D. Henderson-Myers; 91 Lonnie
Hosey; 76 Leon Howard; 102 Joseph H. Jefferson, Jr.; 80 Jermaine L. Johnson, Sr.; 64 Kimberly O. Johnson; 49 John Richard C. King; 117
Krystle N. Matthews; 41 Annie E. McDaniel; 101 Cezar E. McKnight; 15 J.A. Moore; 116 Chardale R. Murray; 12 J. Anne Parks; 113 Marvin R.
Pendarvis; 121 Michael F. Rivers, Sr.; 25 Leola C. Robinson; 109 Deon T. Tedder; 79 Ivory Tory Thigpen; 51 J. David Weeks; 62 Robert Q. Williams; 122 Shedron D. Williams. 7 Karl B. Allen; 21 Darrell Jackson; 36 Kevin L. Johnson; 29 Gerald Malloy; 45 Margie Bright Matthews; 22 Mia S. McLeod; 32 Robbie A. Sabb; 19 John L. Scott; 39 Vernon Stephens; 30 Kent M. Williams; 42 Marlon E. Kempson.


(Indiana; red state, decriminalized.)

2 Lonnie Randolph; 3 Eddie Melton; 33 Greg Taylor; 34 Jean Breaux. 1 Carolyn Jackson; 2 Earl Harris; 3 Ragen Hatcher; 12 Mike Andrade; 14 Vernon Smith; 92 Renee Pack; 95 John Bartlett; 96 Gregory Porter; 98 Robin Shackleford; 99 Vanessa Summers.

(Florida; red state, medicinal.)

8 Ramon Alexander; 27 Webster Barnaby; 107 Christopher Benjamin; 45 Kamia L. Brown; 109 Dr. James Bush III; 117 Kevin D. Chambliss; 13 Tracie Davis; 63 Fentrice Driskell; 94 Bobby B. DuBose; 88 Omari Hardy; 51 Dianne Hart; 20 Yvonne Hayes Hinson; 108 Dotie Joseph; 46 Travis L. McCurdy; 14 Angela Nixon; 95 Anika Tene Omphroy; 70 Michele K. Rayner; 102 Felicia Simone Robinson; 44 Geraldine F. Thompson; 92 Patricia H. Williams; 101 Marie Paule Woodson. 11 Randolph Bracy; 6 Audrey Gibson; 35 Shevrin D. Jones; 30 Bobby
Powell; 19 Darryl Ervin Rouson; 33 Perry E. Thurston, Jr.

(Arkansas; red state, medical.)

30 Fred Allen; 36 Denise Ennett; 16 Kenneth Ferguson; 5 David Fielding; 17 Vivian Flowers; 55 Monte Hodges; 29 Frederick J. Love; 48 Reginald Murdock; 78 Jay Richardson; 37 Jamie Scott. 30 L. Chesterfield; 31 Joyce Elliott; 25 Stephanie Flowers.

(Oklahoma; red state, medical.)

73 Regina Goodwin; 97 Jason Lowe; 72 Monroe Nichols; 99 Ajay Pittman; 88 Mauree Turner. 11 Kevin Matthews; 48 George Young.

(Texas; red state, medical.)

131 Alma A. Allen; 100 Lorraine Birabil/Jasmine Crockett; 113 Rhetta Bowers; 46 Sheryl Cole; 147 Garnet F. Coleman; 95 Nicole Collier; 111 Yvonne Davis; 22 Joe Deshotel; 142 Harold V. Dutton, Jr.; 120 Barbara Gervin-Hawkins; 139 Jarvis Johnson; 27 Ron Reynolds; 110 Toni Rose; 109 Carl Sherman, Sr.; 146 Shawn Thierry; 141 Senfronia Thompson; 19 James White. 13 Berris L. Miles; 23 Royce West.

(Louisiana; red state, medical.)

58 Ken Brass; 96 Marcus Anthony Bryant; 63 Barbara Carpenter; 102 Gary Carter; 34 Wilford Carter, Sr.; 23 Kenny R. Cox; 93 Royce Duplessis; 57 Randal L. Gaines; 4 Cedric Glover; 83 Kyle M. Green, Jr.; 101 Edward C. James; 11 Patrick O. Jefferson; 2 Sam Jenkins; 21 Travis C. Johnson; 16 Frederick Jones; 29 Edmond Jordan; 26 Ed Lavardain III; 87 Rodney Lyons; 61 C. Denise Marcell; 40 Dustin Miller; 17 Pat Moore; 99 Candace N. Newell; 3 Tammy T. Phelps; 44 Vincent J. Pierre; 67 Larry Selders. 15 Regina Barrow; 24 Gerald Boudreaux; 3 Joseph Bouie; 7 Troy Carter; 14 Cleo Fields; 4 Jimmy Harris; 34 Katrina Jackson; 5 Karen Carter Peterson; 2 Ed Price.

(Mississippi; red state, medical.)

31 Otis Anthony; 49 Willie Bailey; 67 Earle S. Banks; 57 Edward Blackmon, Jr; 70 Bo Brown; 47 Bryant W. Clark; 69 Alyce G. Clarke; 96 Angela Cockerham; 71 Ronnie C. Crudup; 55 Oscar Denton; 5 John G. Faulkner; 85 Jeffrey Harness; 50 John W. Hines, Sr; 76 Gregory
Holloway; 29 Abe M. Hudson, Jr; 11 Latisha Jackson; 94 Robert L. Johnson, III; 41 Kabir Karriem; 42 Carl L. Mickens; 32 Solomon C.
Osborne; 26 Orlando Paden; 98 Daryl Porter; 80 Omeria Scott; 66 De’Kiether A. Stamps; 51 Rufus Straughter; 68 Zakiya Summers; 38
Cheikh Taylor; 16 Ricky Thompson; 27 Kenneth Walker; 103 Percy W. Watson; 119 Sonya Williams-Barnes. 34 Juan Barnett; 21 Barbara Blackmon; 36 Albert Butler; 27 Hillman Terone Frazier; 26 John Hohrn; 32 Sampson Jackson, II; 24 David Jordan; 28 Sollie B. Norwood; 12 Derrick T. Simmons; 13 Sarita Simmons; 22 Joseph Thomas; 16 Angela Turner-Ford; 38 Tammy Witherspoon.

(Wisconsin; red state, medical.)

10 David Bowen; 16 Kalan Haywood; 12 LaKeshia Myers; 77 Shelia Stubbs. 6 LaTanya Johnson; 4 Lena Taylor.

(Missouri; red state, medical & decrim.)

86 Joe Adams; 78 Rasheen Aldridge; 28 Jerome Barnes; 26 Ashley Bland Manlove; 79 LaKeySha Bosley; 27 Richard Brown; 98 Shamed Dogan; 75 Alan Gray; 23 Michael Johnson; 68 Jay Mosley; 74 Michael Person; 84 Wiley Price, IV; 73 Raychel Proudie; 66 Marlene Terry; 24 Emily Weber; 85 Kevin Windham; 22 Yolanda Young. 4 Yolanda Young; 13 Angela Mosley; 5 Steven Roberts; 14 Brian Williams.

(West Virginia; red state, medical.)

44 Caleb Hanna; 16 Sean Hornbuckle; 51 Danielle Walker.

(Iowa; red state, decrim.)

35 Ako Abdul-Samad; 39 Eddie Andrews; 32 Ruth Ann Gaines; 62 RasTafari Smith; 93 Phyllis Thede; 46 Ross Wilburn.

(Utah; red state, medical.)

23 Sandra Hollins.

(Arizona; red state, fully legal.)

6 Walter Blackman; 27 Reginald Bolding, Jr.

(Nebraska; red state, decrim.)

11 Terrell McKinney.

(Kentucky; red state, medical.)

77 George Brown, Jr.; 57 Derrick Graham; 42 Reginald Meeks; 41 Attica Scott; 43 Pamela Stevenson. 33 Gerald A. Neal; 13 Reginald Thomas.

(This list will grow as each state’s legislature is apprised.)

States unable to contact: TN, AL, WY, ID, KS, GA, NC, MI, MT.

Written by William Harris

One may follow this man over at; 1983teflon.

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