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Things about Social Network App Parler You May Not Have Known.

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( From the official description of the platform, Parler is an unbiased social media network without censorship. The description says it all. Parler, one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, is now way more popular than several other networks. According to its founders, the idea behind the app is to promote free speech, limit censorship, and secure the privacy of social media users. Still, you can’t join Parler if you don’t provide your phone number.

If you’re using parler or are planning to switch to parler, here are certain facts that you should know about the social media platform.

Adult Business Heaven

Parler once restricted all pornography but later when the social media platform revised its policy, porn content made its way to the platform. According to Parler, whatever is legal is allowed on the platform. Other platforms are not so flexible when it comes to posting pornography as companies like Twitter and Facebook have human moderators to restrict such content. The policy change has led several adult businesses to promote their products on parler.

Secret Funds

The ownership details of Parler are kept secret. The company doesn’t talk much about the investors, but some names have already come out. According to a report, Dan Bongino, a popular right-wing conspiracy theorist has a small stake in the platform. Conservative Robert Mercer also has a small stake in the company. Mercer’s daughter Rebekah is also the one who worked on Parler with its CEO John Matze.

Parler Social Network

The Propaganda Virus

Those who closely monitor social media platforms and human behavior suggest that no one is immune to the propaganda which is being peddled on social media networks. Parler is no exception. No matter on which side you are, Parler is slowly turning into a hub for hate speech from both left and right-wing supporters. The company, by saying that it doesn’t monitor what’s being posted on parler, inadvertently attracts such content on its platform.

A Twitter Competitor

Many studies have revealed that Twitter has become the first source of information and news for a large number of people around the world. A majority of Twitter users rely on the social media network for the latest updates and information about national and global politics. This has led the company to put AI and human moderators to monitor content. During the 2020 US elections, the company flagged many tweets from prominent people as misleading which led to a lot of positive and negative reactions from users across the country. Parler on the other hand claims that it doesn’t put its own opinion on what people think and believe. A lot of people, majorly the advocates of freedom of speech, switched to Parler. Recently, some public figures have also joined Parler.

The Bystander Effect

Social media is not as toxic as many people claim as long as you don’t let it affect your thought process. But as the rule of psychology suggests that you become what you think and what you see over a long period of time. The same happens with people who believe that they are just looking at the content and have no intention of reacting to posts they don’t like. But this attitude leads people to become insensitive towards victims as well. Social media platforms are filled with trolls and Parler is no exception. Unless people start taking action against unethical posts and fake information, everything will become normal.

A Troubled Future

Sexually explicit content is on the rise as Parler has completely changed the policy. As per laws regulating what should be published and whatnot, the platform cannot be held liable for most of the content which is published by a third party and is not endorsed or promoted by Parler itself. Although it is becoming a haven for companies willing to target their marketing campaigns towards the young adult population, however, most of the brands that do not deal in adult business will likely steer away from promoting their business on Parler.

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