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Top 5 Must Listen Hip Hop Artists.

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( Hip hop is the largest and most listened to music genre in the world. The biggest appeal of hip hop is the large variety that it has. While which type of hip hop is the best is a discussion for another day, today I will be giving you my Top 5 artists and why you should listen to them.

5. Big Sean

The fifth spot for me is usually a wildcard with the top 4 staying the same through thick and thin. Big Sean is most likely that fifth spot though. The rapper out of Detroit, Michigan is a great example of an artist that always have high quality work, although the quantity that he releases leaves a lot to be desired.

He can make hits if you want hits and he has the more laid back and introspective album cuts that are usually my favorite songs on any album. Big Sean has the right mix of lyricism and production to make even his lower tier songs listenable.

Key Albums: Detroit 2 (2020), Dark Sky Paradise (2015), Finally Famous (2011)

4. Curren$y

Back in 2008, a friend of mine introduced me to Curren$y. From the first few songs I heard from him, I was hooked. His laid-back flow and superb choice of beats make him an instant play for any chill situation.

While he might not be a household name, he has been the most consistent artist out, usually not going more than two or three months without dropping some type of album or mixtape. That said, you will run into some skips, especially when he chooses to put a random feature on a track, Curren$y is usually a highlight and someone you might want to check out if you want a change of pace.

Key Albums: Cigarette Boats (2018), Pilot Talk Trilogy (2017), The Stoned Immaculate (2012)


3. Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates might be in the number two slot for me and sometimes number three. He has one of the more interesting flows and even though he isn’t the most lyrical rapper around. Also, he doesn’t insult your intelligence with basic bars.

Most of his songs are gritty and when they are not, it’s a gangster rapper singing in a very unique voice. His projects are sometimes hit or miss but he has a large catalogue and for some projects that I don’t like, you might. He stays busy even when he’s not dropping his own music by doing many features.

Key Albums: I’m Him (2019), Islah (2015), Luca Brasi 2 (2014)

2. Future

Future Hndrxx has been one of my go to artists for a long time. He is widely considered to be the pinnacle of the trap genre. Future is always consistent, even if sometimes the content does get a little repetitive.

Just when you think he is about to fall off, he comes back with something else to get excited about. His catalogue is massive with something for everyone and my favorite Future album sees him dig into a new bag, that left me blown away.

Key Albums: High Off Life (2020), Hndrxx (2017), DS2 (2015)

1. Drake

Drake is the number one hip hop artist out! Do not @ me! Now that we got that out of the way, Drake is the most polarizing hip hop artist out. Either you love him or you hate him and if you hate him, most likely you really do love him or just hate him to be different.

He has been on the top of the game for over ten years and shows no signs of slowing up. His albums are always high quality. He is hands down the most versatile hip hop artist of all time, a highlight on anyone’s song, and is one of the only artist that can change a regular song to a hit.

Key Albums: Scorpion (2018), If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late (2015), Take Care (2011)

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