Exclusive Features Google Pixel 5 Users Can Enjoy On Android 11.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Google Pixel 5 users can enjoy many exclusive features with Android 11. Google is highlighting features that will be available with Android 11. In a series of updates, the company has revealed all the Pixel-first features as well.

Live View with Location Sharing

There are times when you want to track your friend’s location in real-time in order to locate them. Google is letting you do exactly the same. With a new live view location sharing feature in Android 11, users can share their live location. The feature is available in Google Maps. Once your friend shares his/her location, you can click on the Live View button and the AR directions to their location will be highlighted on the map. You can enable the route guide by tapping the ‘Start’ button and can track which way they are going.

Gboard Smart Replies

Smart Replies are now a part of the Gboard, Google’s keyboard app. The Gboard is the default keyboard on Pixel phones and with the introduction of the smart replies feature, it will make typing effortless as the keyboard gives you auto-generated responses as you type. The feature can be used in different chat apps as well, however, you need to have Gboard because smart replies won’t work on other third-party keyboards.

When Google introduced quick smart replies on the Gmail app, many people disabled the option citing concerns regarding data privacy. Google has answered this by restricting content processing. With the smart replies feature on Android 11, all the text that you type gets processed on the phone itself.

Google Pixel 5

Overview Actions

Your Pixel 5 gives you easy ways to take screenshots, select media, and texts. Android 11 brings a new overview action feature so when you copy something, text, or media, for instance, you will get more options to control the content. According to Google, this will enhance user experience to a higher level.

Intelligent Folders

The previous version of the Android OS lets you create folders and put similar apps into them. You can also rename those folders as you desire. However, with Android 11, your Pixel 5 can help you organize your phone’s home screen and menu with the Smart Folders feature. Based on the theme of applications like news, music, fitness, photography, and work, etc. your phone will suggest folder names. Additionally, it can group similar apps to create folders.

More AI-based Features

With artificial intelligence slowly becoming the backbone of smartphone software, Android 11 brings new features to Pixel phones first. As a part of the update, Pixel 5 will get app suggestions based on artificial intelligence backed tracking. The software will track usage patterns and suggest applications based on the user’s daily routine. The phone will automatically recommend apps that you use frequently at different times of the day. For example, if you use Google Maps in the evening or music or other media apps at night, it will show suggestions based on your routine.

Android 11 release

Apart from the exclusive Pixel 5 features, Android 11 will also bring many improvements and new UI experiences across the Pixel series phones and other Android phones. Some of the features won’t remain exclusive to the Pixel series and will likely be available for other Android phones. This will happen once the Android 11 will be rolled out for a large number of devices, however, features like Pixel Launcher will be interesting for Pixel 5 users.

Bottom line

Although Android 11 features will be available on many other phones, Google Pixel 5 and other phones in the Pixel family will still be the first to get all of them and most importantly, these phones come directly from Google so one thing you can be sure about is the longer software support cycle than many other flagship phones.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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