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Three Ways to Minimize Distractions When Working.

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( Staying focused during the day is harder than ever. Granted some of us suffer from conditions, or side effects from medication, that make staying focused difficult. One of the main sources of distraction these days is literally our phones. Many of us can access social media, read a book, scroll though catalogs of music, text and message, or literally sit on the calls from the phone all day and into the night. The distractions can be extended to binge watching shows also as this is something else that can be done from the phone.

Distractions can impede the process of us accomplishing what we need to in the course of a day. It can also stop us from getting the right about of rest at night. The distractions are so real they cause accidents and have been responsible for death in various situations. Life is not without its distractions, and sometimes a distraction is welcomes, but they should not take over our life and render us irresponsible. Let’s look at three ways we can minimize negative distractions.

1. Organize your day, and your time on the phone. It’s understandable that the phone can be a valued tool that is necessary in this life for communication. Furthermore, there are apps in the phone that help us accomplish work during the day. However, we should schedule the recreation. So much time is wasted simply scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Remind yourself you have work to do…social media, games and shows will be there when you are done. It might help to keep in mind many of us are trying to teach our children to prioritize what they have to do verses what they want to do.

2. Utilize the do not disturb feature on your phone. Sometimes to get your work done you have to silence everything and discipline yourself to focus and do your work. In that space you can’t answer every call and text. There are ways to customize that feature that your family and say your child’s school can still reach you if something happens.

3. Never allow yourself to think certain things you see everyday can’t happen to you. Death by car accident is real. Many people have lost their life, or the lives of their children behind distractions that could have been avoided. When you weigh your life and safety properly you’ll find that the phone can wait until you are parked. Sometimes we take for granted that we can’t always do everything at one time. Though we live in a world that says everything needs to be done right away…I promise you that’s not a reality.

Organize, and respect, your time. When you are trying to secure the bag for yourself and your family that’s more important that some of the things that distract us on a regular basis.  We will not always be able to take care of self and family while tending to others. If you are not careful people can become distractions you can’t afford. Meditate of ways to focus yourself on your priorities. This allows you to enjoy the things you like with the peace of mind of knowing things are done, and those you love are safe.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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