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COVID-19: Cloth Masks Don’t Work.

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( So you wear your designer or homemade cloth mask and you think you are protected. Wrong. You trusted what the Surgeon General and the Federal Task Force told you without question. The same people who first told you not to wear a mask. The same people who told you not to buy the best masks for your family (n95) are the same people who told you to wear a cloth mask, a bandana, a scarf, a handkerchief or a cheap blue and white paper mask – all ineffective against COVID-19. But you still keep trusting them and trusting them and trusting them.


Maybe you say you won’t get infected, if it happens it happens or “whatever”. But that is exactly what quite a few people said until they got infected, sick and placed on a ventilator with a tube down their throats. That is also what quite a few and their loved ones people thought all the way up until the funeral.

Maybe you are so clueless that you don’t want to wear a mask at all. Maybe you think you are immune or strong enough to fight it off because you are young and don’t have any pre-existing conditions. But the young people who became infected and died this year also thought just like you. And what if you are wrong? So you say “I won’t get COVID-19”. But so did all the people on ventilators and all the people in the morgue or the grave who died this year after getting infected, including young people. Nobody planned to get it so in essence those people were once YOU. Are you going to be them?

Maybe you don’t care that you could give it to your mother or father or grandmother or somebody else who cannot fight it off. But that is very selfish and apparently a bad virus just loves a selfish zombie.

Maybe you don’t want the inconvenience of wearing a mask. But if you don’t like wearing a mask, you will hate wearing a ventilator in a cold hospital all alone with no family members allowed in. Day after day we see people saying they had no idea, they didn’t know it was real, they didn’t think it was as bad as it is, they didn’t think it would happen to them. And then there are what I call the “cheap-o” easy virus candidates. The people who lack a sense of priority. The people who will buy the new Jordan’s or go to the club, get their hair done or take a vacation, but they won’t buy a real n95 mask, even when they find them.


In 2011 the CDC created a “Zombie Control Plan” and those who knew about it simply laughed it off. But I said then I had never known the CDC to joke about anything medical. So today in 2020, take away the sci-fi thriller part about zombies and what do you have? You have millions of not the walking dead but rather the sleeping, walking clueless. People who don’t know what is happening, don’t care to find out  and live in denial, oblivious of what is obvious all around them. These are the zombies of 2020.

But COVID-19 has a present for the clueless, the ignorant and the zombies in denial. And it may be just a matter of time before it knocks on your door or the door of someone you love. So if you think all this is made up, you are proving my point. If you want proof that cloth masks don’t work, go to and click the button that says CLOTH MASKS DON’T WORK. You are being suckered, tricked, set up. And it is happening whether you believe it or not.


Finally, maybe you are saying you heard doctors or nurses say cloth masks are OK. What you heard was them repeating what the Surgeon General and the Federal Task Force programmed them to say, especially when they wanted the n95 masks for themselves instead of you having them. Doctors and nurses are not mask testers. And while I am not either, the crisis response team I lead has done the research, listened to Virologists, Immunologists, Epidemiologists, Biochemists and Molecular Biologists – the people who know about viruses and how they work. They are the people who explain it all to your doctor or nurse friends, if they take the time to listen.

My office had this debate with doctor after doctor (from OBGYNs to Cardiologists to Pulmonologists to Oncologists to nurses to PAs and nurse practitioners) and we embarrassed them every single time, educating them in the process because they had no idea what COVID-19 really is. And let’s not forget that medical malpractice is one of the top 3 leading causes of death in this country, 1.7 million people get infections from the being in the hospital each year and 99,000 die from those infections. So forgive me if I don’t just take what doctors who don’t specialize in understanding viruses say at face value and on blind faith about a mask they never tested. I am not a zombie.

Is the N95 mask guaranteed? No, nothing is 100% guaranteed. But it is a better choice, a safer, tested mask and more protection than the cloth masks, the KN95 and all the others I named in this article.


COVID-19 is a Trojan virus with very tiny particles that can penetrate masks easily if the masks don’t have enough layers, if the masks are not constructed to catch and block such particles or if the masks are not kept sanitized after every use. And while I won’t go into specifics (though I could), COVID-19 has the traits of pneumonia, HIV, SARS-1, MERS, the Spanish Flu, Wuhan bat corona virus and Kawasaki disease, to name a few. I could throw out terms like bio-engineering, ethnic bio-weapons or gain-of-function, but I won’t.

So wake up, protect yourself and your family.  Get the N95 masks and wear them. In fact, stock up and stop being cheap at the wrong time. And as for these good masks, when someone really does not want you to have something, you need to ask why not. DON’T BE A ZOMBIE!!!

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw

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