The Burning Of America – Again.

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( I do not advocate violence, but apparently those police officers and racists who kill black people every week don’t agree. Yet when we African-Americans give back what is dished out to us, we are not only the victims but we are also labeled as the villains. And while people continue to blame and shame the victims, if you are honest, you know that nothing would have happened to the murderers of Floyd and Aubrey if protests had not turned into riots. Do I advocate violence? No, but I do advocate self-defense, getting the attention of the people who need to change this racist system and bringing about a radical, revolutionary change in a language that the murderous oppressors understand.


All over this country fires have been raging. From Minneapolis to San Jose to Atlanta to Texas to Washington DC and then some. And while I am not a looter, I see their point and I feel their pain, including their misdirected anger. People who are angry (and afraid) and simply don’t know what to do. People who see three police officers still not charged and walking free. People who realize even now the coroner in Minneapolis is helping pave the way for the murderer to cut a deal. People, black and white, who are standing together because they have had enough of the Eric Garners, the Sandra Blands, the Philando Castiles, the Ahmad Aubreys, the George Floyds and a host of others – all black, all dead. Then we have to see a young black CNN reporter on air doing his job get handcuffed and taken away for no reason while CNN was broadcasting. AMERICA ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Black people we have a president who wants to turn back the clock so wake the freak up and realize what is happening. And if you think you have “arrived” because you have a nice house, a nice car, a nice salary, wear a suit and white people smile and talk with you, wake up because you are in a delusional coma. People smile but plot behind the smile. All white people or all cops? Of course not. But too many!


For decades black people have marched peacefully, protested in an orderly manner, hosted candlelight vigils and practically begged America not to kill us. And what happened? We were killed by rogue, psycho, racist police officers anyway. So don’t tell us about peace and patience while the racist police knee is on the neck of black America. Ironically, they still expect us to roll over and let it continue. No!


As I write this article, Atlanta burns and is being looted. That includes downtown Atlanta. It also includes Buckhead, our most expensive upscale area. Buckhead controls Atlanta people. Atlanta is “black face”, meaning while there is a black mayor and there are several black county commissioners and city council people, Atlanta is controlled by Buckhead because they control the money flowing into the city. Because Buckhead is more valued than any other area of Atlanta, it was only when protesters and looters went to Buckhead that the Governor declared a state of emergency and called in the National Guard.


As I heard the mayor of Atlanta speak, I could hardly wade through the BS. Mayor Bottoms, former city council member, attorney and judge, hmmm. In your adult lifetime what plight have YOU had that the average black man or woman experiences? Yes we know your dad went to jail for selling drugs. And the tired old story that you worked in your mom’s hair salon does not count.

First Mayor Bottoms, we know you would be out there protesting too if Ahmad Aubrey had been your son or George Floyd had been your brother. Second, your address to black people about tearing down black neighborhoods is inaccurate because black people neither own the Starbucks downtown nor CNN nor Centennial Olympic Park. Where did black people tear up their own stuff? Thirdly, you having TI and Killer Mike (dumb name that feeds a dangerous profile) go on TV with you to speak and tell the “black” people to stop as if there are only black people protesting and looting. What about telling the whole truth? You said TI and Killer Mike own most of the west side and that is not true either. They own a grocery store, a club and other businesses but that hardly makes up Southwest Atlanta nor Northwest Atlanta so let’s stay honest Madam Mayor.

Bernice “I’m A Joke” King was also conjured up to speak to the “black” people of Atlanta. The same Bernice King who spent more time fighting with her brothers in court over Martin Luther King Jr’s Bible and papers than she did in taking the King dream 10 feet. The same Bernice King who sat right there at New Birth while pedophile Eddie Long molested boy after boy. The same Bernice King (and family) who let the King center run down. Bernice do you even have a real job? And I find it interesting how these people were much more quiet about the deaths of Aubrey and Floyd than they were in popping up to tell black people to go home, sit down, shut up and play nice. They can keep that all go home, sit down and play nice BS. And I am not inciting violence, I am inciting survival of the African American people. Black people do not need another lecture about how wrong we are for the anger we feel.


In every state in America where there are protests, looting and rioting, AFRICAN AMERICANS HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF RACISM AND DEATH BY COP! I say that as a father, as an African American man in America and as a man who carries a badge. America refuses to look in the mirror! America refuses to repent! America continues to blame the victims it oppresses and kills. And what does America offer as a solution? It tells us to go home, play nice, let the justice system work which continually fails us.  Then that same America via district attorneys, grand juries, police chiefs and blue code police partners in crime shield the guilty officers and protect bad cop after bad cop to assault, abuse and kill again.


Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms of Atlanta said what she saw on the streets of Atlanta was not Atlanta. But here is what she did not tell the world. What happened to Aubrey or Floyd could have just as easily happened in racist Cobb County or Gwinnett County, Georgia by racists cops. What she didn’t tell you was about the Atlanta officer who repeatedly beat a man at a Wal-Mart and broke his leg over a piece of fruit when the man actually had a receipt for the fruit. What she didn’t tell you was that she “cancelled” both the drug task force and the gang task force when both a gang problem and a drug problem exist.


What you were not told was that she began the process of transitioning the city jail into something else, leaving the county jail to absorb even more inmates when it was severely overcrowded already. What she didn’t tell you was how police in Atlanta unjustly killed a female senior citizen, raided a gay nightclub and harassed the patrons. Or how an Atlanta police officer tased a man filming them making an arrest when he was standing in his own yard. Atlanta is not exempt from cases of police brutality!

What she didn’t tell you is how many payoffs and payouts Atlanta and surrounding counties have made to victims of police brutality and misconduct. What she didn’t tell you is how the police chief is not at all qualified to oversee the department, how most of the police officers know this and how the police chief rarely shows her face unless begged to do so. What the Mayor didn’t tell you is that she was the right hand person of the former Mayor Reed who was under investigation along with many people he hired. What the Mayor didn’t tell you is that she is hard to reach when people, organizations and groups reach out to her unless it means money. So forgive those of us who know more of the truth in Atlanta, metro-Atlanta and Georgia who don’t feel warm and fuzzy after her speeches. Especially when we have a governor who opened up the state with the comfort that mostly black areas (Atlanta, Fulton County and Dekalb County) had the highest and fastest rising COVID-19 numbers.

The murderous thug ex-cop who killed George Floyd had 18 complaints against him, some for excessive force, and what did his department do? Give him 2 written reprimands. That means the chief and the internal affairs officer should be fired. If they had done their jobs, he would never have been able to kill George Floyd. Then that redneck hillbilly McMichael who killed Ahmad Aubrey was protected by the district attorney’s office in Brunswick, Georgia because of his connection with them as a former police officer. And America has the nerve to judge someone who throws a bottle or steals a TV? Give me a freakin break. America is in no position to judge the actions of black people.

America continually thinks it is so powerful that it can get away with whatever it does. But America know that there is a God and we ALL reap what we sow. Is anybody in power learning anything other than to blame the looters? A quick historical reminder. In 1864 Atlanta burned fiercely (  On  August 24, 1814 the British set fire to the White House  (


In 2020 white armed militia with assault weapons stormed the capital of Michigan, not once but twice over being asked to shelter in place ( And in Virginia, armed militias threatened to storm the state capital to stand against gun reform ( So why weren’t they called thugs, domestic terrorists by this joke of a president, arrested, held down til dead, hunted down in neighborhoods and shot? I will give you one guess.

They carried the same type weapons used in almost all of the active shooter killings done by people who looked like them. But the news media didn’t lose its mind and the country didn’t go into a mass panic. Why not? Because they were WHITE. So church leaders, Mayor Bottoms, Bernice King and others don’t tell us about peace, to going home and be quiet. We have seen too many bad cops get away with murder when we did that. And maybe it is you who need to understand we need stronger solutions.

Maybe we should have just gone home and been quiet Bernice King and Keisha Lance Bottoms when your ancestors could not vote. Maybe we should have just stayed in Massa’s ole barn and not caused no trouble. Maybe we should have just gone to the back of the bus and shut up. The Hell with that and you know it. And while Bernice King promotes that a non-violent approach is “the only approach that works”, maybe she should tell that to America that has been in battle after battle, war after war, including the one waged against the African American community. Maybe she should tell that to the racists who chased Aubrey through the streets and killed Floyd. Or maybe those who think like slaves should go back in the barn and put the chains back on while the rest of us fight for real freedom.

As America burns, is America learning anything? Freedom for the black community will happen and you cannot kill it with bullets, tanks, flash bangs, racism, rubber bullets or bean bags because the desire for freedom burns far too brightly in the hearts of the African American people. America change your ways. And if you can’t, maybe we should have more of the teachings of Malcolm X than those of Dr. King.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw