7 Mind Hacks To Get What You Want.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) There’s no way to always have complete control over situations, however, there are mind hacks to get what you want. In this post, we have listed seven such mind hacks that can help you make your way.

  1. Feel Comfortable First

The human brain is complicated. You can never completely win it unless you master controlling your thoughts. Most of the time, we are controlled by thoughts and when it comes to interacting with people, for instance, attending a business meeting or meeting a new client for the first time, many of us don’t feel comfortable.

Our brain is wired to protect us from the unexplored and as a result, we keep thoughts and ideas to ourselves and later imagine the alternative ways we could handle a situation. Instead of putting too much pressure on yourself, ask your brain to feel comfortable. It will help you think before you speak and it will significantly improve your interactions.

  1. Then Ask Questions To Get a ‘YES’

You can’t control minds but there are certain ways to get people to say yes to what you want. Studies suggest that when you want someone to say yes to your requests, ask questions which you are sure will be answered positively. Once you start getting yes as a response to your questions, come to the point and then ask the big thing. The logic behind this pattern is that once a person says yes for something, he or she is less likely to say no as an answer to subsequent questions.

  1. Mirror People

The subconscious replication of someone’s non-verbal actions is called mirroring and it is a great way to building rapport. Mirroring happens when you start observing a person, particularly their body posture. Then you intentionally copy their moves after some time so that they won’t notice it. For instance, the person you’re speaking with is rubbing his forehead, so you slowly begin rubbing your forehead. If they use hand movements while speaking, you do the same. It’s a proven method to build rapport and if you do it successfully, you will notice that the other person starts mirroring your body posture.

  1. Let Words Do The Talking

Sometimes, a minor change in the way you say things can make a huge difference. Good communicators know what people want to hear, while the average ones focus on what they want people to hear. There’s a thin line between these approaches, but the way something is said makes all the difference and the results can be truly different in both scenarios.

  1. Silence is Gold

Some mind hacks work slowly but they are so accurate that you will be amazed to see how they make things better in your favor. If you are asking someone for a favor or speaking about something that’s touchy, don’t start the discussion without thinking about the possible answers. Ask questions but don’t overdo. Create a situation where they are bound to speak. Ask and then wait for them to speak. Do not put a new question if you don’t get an immediate answer. To break the awkward silence, the person will likely speak out.

  1. Make an Offer They Can’t Refuse

Asking for a favor is not always a comfortable situation for both parties, but there are times when asking someone for a favor becomes a necessity. If you are asking for something from someone, always start big. It is important to think about what you’re asking because even when you know that they are likely to say no, do not ask something unreasonable otherwise it might alert the person about your intentions. Ask for a favor and when they decline, ask for another favor, the real one, which they will find hard to say no to.

  1. Respect Your Relationships

Above everything, always be honest and respect the freedom of others. When using any mind hack, make sure that you’re not taking someone’s goodness or kindness for granted. Experimenting mind hacks on people who stand with you is something you probably wouldn’t want to do. So use these mind hacks wisely.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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