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Church Service; People Just Don’t Listen.

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( The Bible some claim to believe in instructs the believer to “obey the law of the land” (Roman 13:1). Pastors are leaders in our community. There are some people that won’t budge on a matter until they hear about it from their spiritual leadership. I won’t engage in whether that is wise or not as it is a matter of perspective. However, it is very important to understand the influence of those in leadership…especially in spiritual spaces. The problem is simple…some people just don’t listen and that includes pastors. The Life Tabernacle Church, near Baton Rouge, LA, had over 1,800 people in church service on Sunday. This is irresponsible and a grave misuse of scripture and faith. Many people have been led to put themselves in danger due to following misguided belief and not thinking for themselves.

There are many churches that are reaching their congregations on Sunday digitally. The interesting thing is there are small churches that function in a rather old school manner that are embracing technology to reach their members while having a care for their wellbeing. There are businesses owned by Christians that are strong in their believe, but they are mindful not to tempt God and obey the law of the land. This is not a case of being faithless. They believe God for their health…while practicing the same wisdom in the bible that instructs their faith.

Those that don’t listen put all of us at risk. The Life Tabernacle Church and its leadership are wrong for putting their congregation at risk, and for endangering ever person their members come in contact with. They seem to have a zeal without knowledge…that can be deadly. The owner of Hobby Lobby has put the health and welfare of their employees in the hands of his wife’s vison. How can they stand against naysayers of the faith when they don’t obey the very Word they profess? We can’t accept one part of the bible while rejecting the rest. Instead of helping to alleviate fear among their parishioners they have incited fear among believers who are not a part of their congregation, but they are all apart of the same faith.

Measures keep increasing to bring about social distancing. We have gone from this being suggested to it being mandated. How long will it be before the mandate is enforced to the fullest extent of the law. If, or should I say when, that moment comes there will be citizens that fear for their lives beyond COVID-19. There are people dying, in part, because people don’t listen. This is just as bad as the young people that insist on not interrupting the flow of life as they know it, so they expose themselves and put others at risk. There is no excuse for us to ignore the mandate of the state for blind belief, or personal gratification. This is irresponsible, and dangerous.

There are men and women that are first responders, healthcare professionals, truck drivers, workers in stores and many other professions that are essential personnel that are risking their life for us every day. The least can do is listen. We can stop being stubborn and practice social distancing; we can stay home.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

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