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Now Donald Trump Is Trying To Pimp Jesus!

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( Trump claims that he wants the churches full and the country back in business by Easter Sunday. But the truth is, Trump doesn’t care anything about the churches, or Easter Sunday, he doesn’t even go to church. What Trump is actually concerned about is all the money he’s losing as a result of his resorts and hotels being under shut-down, and the impact that the hit on the economy is having on his chances of being re-elected. So now, all of a sudden, he’s found Jesus.
The Guardian reported, “As US coronavirus cases and deaths continued to soar, the president said on Tuesday he wanted to reopen “large sections of the country” by Easter Sunday – 12 April – when there would be “packed churches all over our country”.
Trump undoubtedly picked Easter Sunday as a target date to reopen the country in order to get Evangelical support. The ploy has obviously worked with some of Trump’s more rabid Evangelical supporters. Jerry Falwell Jr. has announced that Liberty University, which he heads, will reopen. But with thousands, and possibly millions, of lives at stake, many Christians are seeing through his ploy and recognizing that God’s most precious gift to humanity was common sense.
The Guardian quoted pastor and activist, the Rev William J Barber II, as saying, “It is the height of hypocrisy for Trump to suggest that Easter is a time to defy public health recommendations and ‘reopen’ America. Jesus challenged oppression and cared for the poor, while Trump ignored the pandemic of poverty and tragically dismissed intelligence about the coronavirus. We need a resurrection of Jesus’s concern for the most vulnerable, not a capitulation to corporate greed that could cost millions of lives.”
But according to the Washington Post, “six of Trump’s top seven revenue-producing clubs and hotels, bringing in about $174 million total per year, according to Trump’s most recent financial disclosures”, are shut down. “That works out to $478,000 per day — revenue that is likely to be sharply reduced with the clubs shuttered. The disclosures provide self-reported revenue figures but not profits.”
So at first, the Republicans wrote the bailout bill in secret, and wrote it in a way where Trump was given $500 billion to pass out any way he liked – and in secret. But the Democrats weren’t having that. That’s why Mitch McConnell tried to complain that the Democrats were obstructing money going out to the American people. He was lying, of course. What the Democrats actually did was prevented Trump from getting a slush fund for him and his cronies to divide up.
So it’s no wonder Trump doesn’t care if a few people have to die for him to reopen business. To Hell with the people, he’s losing money – and the House saw to it that his businesses (and the businesses of anyone in his administration) are banned from getting any money from the bailout. But now that he’s signed the bill, he had his lawyers write a letter saying that they’re not taking that prohibition seriously. So congress just might have to impeach him again, and this time send his ass to jail. The man is selfish, greedy, and as ignorant as they come.

Staff Writer; Eric L. Wattree

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