Sunday, May 31, 2020

How Analytics can Shape Everyday Life and Society in Surprising Ways.

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( What are analytics? The definition of the word is, “the systematic computational analysis of data or statistics” – put in layman’s terms, analytics is basically the study of trends, statistics and patterns to help you determine information. Look to analytics to determine if a business is growing steadily, for instance, and which demographic seems to be leading the charge. Companies like Facebook or Twitter study analytics to see trending topics, for example, and analytics are used all over the world to determine all sorts of different kinds of information. 

You might be surprised to find just how much analytics can shape our lives, but it’s true. The use of analytics and data determine how so much of our lives play out on a grand stage, affecting society in myriad ways that we don’t even think about.

For instance, in the world of education, those who work for school boards, and in the education sector of government study analytics to determine which schools are performing the best on standardized tests, which ones have the best overall grades, which ones are utilizing the most public funding, and so on. They of course study the demographics of each school system, the socioeconomic status and other key factors in the makeup of the school, and use these analytics to decide how much funding each school gets, what (if any) extra resources they get, and so on.

Analytics are used in the world of law enforcement, too, with lawmakers using analysis of data to determine how police forces/departments are utilizing funding, the arrests they make, tickets they issue, instances of unjustified force or brutality, and more. The same goes for the judicial system and city/county legislation. Data from all of these organizations are analyzed and used to make key decisions including funding, changing laws, and so much more. 

To say nothing of how much analytics are used in the business world, consult analytics on the daily to determine what type of marketing/PR works best for a company (i.e. how to sell you stuff), to assist in rebranding decisions, and so much more. 

Analytics are used every single day. In every single arena of life, almost. Even those social media influencers you know are out there looking at the analytics on their Instagram or Facebook page, using that data to decide what picture to post next.

There are many companies out there who are offering excellent products (websites, software and even apps) in the world of analytics, helping companies learn to analyze their data to best improve their business or just keep up with trends in various arenas. Companies like Visallo, and even Google Analytics can offer great services for affordable prices. 

Regardless of how one might feel about it, analytics are here to stay. Too many companies, government entities and society at large simply rely on the study of statistical data to shape our everyday lives. All we can do is strive to make sure those analytics are being used for the greater good. 

Staff Writer; Brian Love

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