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Tech Gadget Trends in 2020.

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( The year 2020 is just around the corner. While the decade has been all about AI and putting it everywhere we can, 2020 will turn a corner into the rise of global connectivity (5G) and humanization of technology. The product trends nowadays consider the consumer’s ever-growing desire for new technologies that interact with us. Products that shouldn’t just do what we want but also be doing what we want before we even ask.

Here are some cool gadgets waiting for you in 2020: 

LG G8X ThinQ Smartphone with Dual Screen

Unfolding the future of smartphone technology, LG offers a next-gen foldable design through the LG G8X ThinQ Smartphone with Dual Screen. It offers multiple display options that allow you to view two screens at once with a snap-on display. You can use the screen as a viewfinder or use it as a stand for watching videos. For gamers, this can be a true gamechanger. While one full screen can be your view of the game world, the other can function as a full-featured game controller.

Samsung Galaxy S11

Samsung continues to innovate the camera features of its Galaxy smartphones. The latest details on the upcoming Galaxy S11 will feature a camera with an exposure time of up to 30 seconds and an ISO of 3200. This actually means the shutter can stay open for longer to gather more light into the sensor, perfect for night shots and dark environments. The higher ISO also helps in low light environments. This will open up many artistic shots at low-lights for users and photographers.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

For your household, vacuums have come a long way. With the latest robot vacuum cleaners, you no longer have to suffer dragging around a plastic hose connected to a clumsy, noisy, wheeled machine. In fact, you don’t even need to get off of the couch nor lift a finger. This is exactly what the iRobot Roomba i7 (7150) Robot Vacuum is offering beyond what we ask for. It is a Wi-Fi Connected vacuum that can be voice-controlled through Alexa. It has a Smart Mapping features that intelligently maps and remembers multiple floor plans to clean your entire home, It is ideal for pet hair, carpets, and hard floors.

20-Pin USB-C Magnetic Breakaway Connector

A 20-pin USB-C magnetic breakaway connector is perfect not only for MacBooks but any gadget with a USB-C port. It is a magnetic connector that clings on enough to allow your laptop to be pulled off a table. The magnet is strong enough to keep the two parts of the connector attached. The adapter supports 100W (20V/5A) charging and it even supports up to 10Gbps data transfer and 4K@60Hz video output.

Zendure Supertank USB-C Portable Charger

If you carry a laptop or several devices around with you while traveling, this is one of the best portable power banks this 2020. It has a whopping 27,000mAh capacity with 100W output that can charge a 15-inch MacBook Pro at full speed, adding an amazing 8 hours to the runtime. It can also recharge an iPhone XS seven times on it.

The Zendure Supertank also features a low-power mode for charging low-power devices such as Bluetooth earphones, smartwatches, fitness bands, and other phone accessories long as it has a USB-C port. 

Tile Pro (2020)

There’s this little piece of tile that can help you keep track of your keys, wallet or mobile phones.

The New Tile Pro is a powerful Bluetooth tracker that uses your smartphone to make your Tile ring when you misplace your things within a 400 ft Bluetooth range. It also works the other way around. By simply double pressing the Tile button, it can make your phone ring, even when it’s in silent mode so you can easily find it. 

Staff Writer; Ellie Carter

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