How To Focus On What Matters In Life.

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( Life is strange. It has often been compared to a rollercoaster, and that’s a pretty good metaphor to use. It has twists, turns and sometimes, drops when you least expect it. To get to the high points you have to slowly raise to the top, bit by bit, and unfortunately, it comes to an end for everyone, sooner or later. This last point is one worth considering, because it helps us get rid of all the silliness of our lives and instead lets us focus on what is most important.

But what is most important? And moreover, how can you use this new wisdom to help you find it? For many people, focusing on what’s important means detaching yourself from that which is unimportant. Many of us shroud ourselves in unimportant things for variety, or to have fun, or because we have practiced bad habits up to that point. Yet no matter who you are, you can always come back to that state of having important priorities and measuring yourself appropriately.

To that extent, we’d love to explore some of the following advice with you:

Get Rid Of Distractions

Getting rid of the distractions that hold you back can often be a liberating experience. This is because we can never truly know just how harmful a distraction can be unless we slowly start to unfurl its hooks in our life. For instance, it may be that people we call our friends are actually quite committed to keeping us in the same place forever. These people will often show themselves when you start to make positive changes in life. For instance, it might be that you’re going back to school or are hitting the gym more than ever. Those who are content with their lot in life may be nervous that you’re trying to reach for something greater and unleash your potential. This is where you can realize that, if they continue to try and hold you back, they’re not a distraction worth keeping around.

The same goes for many different considerations in life. For instance, a distraction might be your undue desire to eat fast food every day, making you feel lethargic and unenthusiastic for your daily tasks. Perhaps it’s other vices that have their grip on you. When you focus, really focus, you’ll find that life starts coming together in ways you couldn’t have predicted. And more than that, you’ll be building concentration that can help you avoid distractions later on in life. Exercising, meditating and reading are all brilliant supplementary measures to help you on this journey.

Find What Is Sustainable

Sustainability is important to consider when focusing on what matters in life. This is why it’s often best to pursue jobs, hobbies, activities and relationships that are good now, tomorrow, and in the future. For instance, choosing a career that allows you to learn a craft or get better at a trade is much better than simply finding a dead-end job you find comfort in, although if you have a job in the first place you should commend yourself for trying each day.

When we try to structure our lives and livelihoods, this perspective and priority can help us select the healthiest kinds of activities. For instance, we may love hitting the bars on a Friday night, but if that’s all you ever have to do it can be that you become quite bored, and over time you will feel the physical and mental effects from following this. It’s always best to chase healthy considerations and try than to only focus on what feels good in the moment. Over time, you’lll start to understand what you really enjoy.

Building Yourself Up

Just like getting rid of distractions in life, building yourself back up first requires figuring out what may be holding you down. In some cases, this may mean dealing with the consequences of prior negative actions. It can sometimes feel as though you don’t know where to start. For instance, is getting arrested for DUI a felony? You can only know if you do the research and then figure out how to solve or help that situation settle through correct action according to the legal process. Everyone has black marks on their record, perhaps not officially but emotionally or socially, or perhaps even financially, and so it can be that a clean break requires solving the issue.

For instance, you may be $2,000 deep into an arranged overdraft that is quickly coming to an end. Without the ability to restore this bank balance to a healthy level, through careful savings, your credit may tank and over the years this can hold you back. But with careful  savings, the proper use of a credit card and the willingness to keep moving forward, you’ll be sure to focus on that which matters, and the effects will cumulate and work together in a positive direction. Building yourself back up can be a pleasurable process.

What Helps You Feel Strong?

A great way to market your progress going forward is to figure out just what makes you feel strong, wholesome, connected, productive, and together. The more you can follow a direction that helps you feel that way, the more you know you’re in the right place. For instance, when choosing a romantic interest, finding a person who helps you feel this way can help you forget chasing ‘the romantic game’ or anything like that in a shallow sense. It can help you detach from those who you may have chaotic history with, and it will give you the chance to fall in love with someone who is actually good for you. However, this example can be used for everything. Maybe it’s figuring out what exercise helps you stay in shape and that you enjoy doing, such as rowing overrunning, or basketball over football. Always consider what helps you stay strong, because it’s much more likely you will stick to that progression with care and attention.

With this advice, you’re sure to develop in personal strength as you go forward in life, focusing only on that which truly matters.

Staff Writer; Doug Harris