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9 Coding Games for Your Child to Learn Programming.

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( You can never get it 100% right as a parent. However, you can do right by guaranteeing your children a bright future. Encouraging them to pursue their passion and interests is one way to help them be more successful in life. For this reason, you can encourage your kids to play coding games online to grow their programming skills.

Despite programming being a very lucrative career, it is rather hard to master the skills. If your child is interested in coding, teaching them, this will not be so easy. You can take advantage of the pool of free coding games for kids available online. They make learning possible and fun while at it.

Top Coding Games for Children

Over time, I have come across several publications and comparative essay articles about teaching kids programming at an early stage in their development. Most authors adopt the theory that it is way easier to teach programming to kids than to adults. They do point out that kids learn the skill fast when it is enjoyable and fun.

Here are some of the top recommended programming games for kids.

1.     Scratch

You build your child’s confidence by encouraging creativity. Scratch is a free online game developed to help kids express their creativity by creating animations or games. It has a user-friendly interface that allows your child to have fun while learning.

2.     Minecraft

Minecraft very popular, not only in Australia and the USA but also all across the world. It allows kids to build a game of their own as they please. Just like planning an analytical essay structure, Minecraft also requires kids to carefully analyze all their options. It opens your kid’s mind to explore new dimensions.

3.     Code Combat

If your kids show interest in coding, Code Combat might just be what they need. If I had such expositions when growing up, I would be a “badass” programmer by now. This particular one makes it fun learning to code. It is more like playing Chess, and gets more interesting when the challenge is magnified.

In my time, I had to learn coding in a theoretical class and that was no fun at all. In my time, I had to learn coding in a theoretical class and that was no fun at all. Most times I had to seek help from a proficient essay writing service in Australia AU.Edubirdie. With Code Combat, however, I wouldn’t need an essay writing service to help me learn coding. It would be inbuilt.

4.     CodinGame

Although CodinGame is designed for kids, it is also enjoyable for professional programmers. Honestly, I find it enjoyable and fun to play and I would say that I am fond of it. This might just be the right app to nurture your kid’s coding skills. Anyone with basic programming knowledge can freely play.

It is a free app, meaning that you don’t have to pay a dime to have it. It also comes with many puzzles and coding battles in several programming languages.

5.     Codewars

Codewars introduces learners to over 20 programming languages, including the popular JAVASCRIPT and PYTHON. Unlike many others, this program allows students to take lessons and make use of their online library. The highly interactive community also allows young programmers to interact and learn from each other.

It is an interactive, exciting way to learn about coding and perfect your skills. You will not get any edubirdie free papers and comparative essay samples here, but this app guarantees you access to its vast online library.

6.     Codehunt

Codehunt is an excellent choice for beginners in JAVA or C#. You have to win to progress to the next level. Any time you sign up as a player, you undergo some training before you can play. The levels start slow and easy and get more challenging as you progress.

It is an excellent platform to teach the basics of programming, especially to young kids. The puzzles, ciphers, and loops make it more suitable for these young ones.

7.     CodeMonkey

Being an award-winning educative game, CodeMonkey is one of the most effective code games online. The app makes programming seem like a straightforward task for kids because of the thrill and user-friendly interface.

You have to put your creativity and some basic coding knowledge to use for you to help the monkey get to the bananas. It is a game that can be played by kids as young as 5-year olds. It is simultaneously entertaining and educative.

8.     Lightbot

There is no surprise as to why some schools have adopted Lightbot to teach kids basic coding skills. It is both entertaining and challenging if you ask me. Lightbot is one of the coding games online that teaches all the basics of programming in detail and suits older kids best.

You need to input a sequence of instructions to a robot for it to light up all the tiles. Lightbot helps kids understand the concept of planning, debugging, testing and loops. Where else would one learn this and still smile at the end of the lesson?

9.     CheckiO

CheckiO is for those interested in learning JavaScript and Python programming languages. Being almost a decade old, it is quite popular among many professional programmers. The game demands that you as a player use codes to protect yourself from your enemies or to attack them. This is one of the main reason why it is very popular among kids,. It is thrilling.

Parting Shot

The above-mentioned programs are just but a few free coding games for kids that you might want to get your coding young ones. As mentioned above, programming is one of the most consistent and lucrative careers in the world.

Helping children master coding skills could be the best way to secure an excellent future for them. This might just be the inheritance they need from you. Introducing any of these games is the easiest and most economical way to teach programming skills to your kids.

Give any of the above 9 games a shot.

Staff Writer; Calvin Shaw

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