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My 2019 Film Of The Year – Joker.

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( Despite the pushback and fear mongering tactics from the liberal feminist SJWs and their media outlets, I finally managed to see the film “Joker” recently and I have to tell you, this film was an absolute masterpiece because the cinematography and acting in this film was absolutely phenomenal. And there were actual real messages that I got from watching this film which I will get into later in this article. 

The “Joker” film has made movie box office history by becoming the very first film to ever make more than $40 million during its opening day which is something that none of The Marvel films, OG Star Wars  Trilogy films, Terminator 2, or even Avatar had ever accomplished. The liberal feminist SJWs and their media outlets absolutely hated this movie because it doesn’t push nor shove any of their toxic political garbage down the throats of viewers like the previous films of “Captain Marvel” , “2016 Ghostbusters”, & “The Last Jedi” in which these white liberal feminist SJWs absolutely loved and longtime fans of those franchises hated. 

Here are a few things that I liked about The “Joker” film.

Real Life Messages – One of the reasons why a lot of people loved this movie was due to the real life messages that their brains manage to pick up and decipher from watching this film. One message that I got from this film was that if you or someone you know has mental health issues, they need to make sure that they get the help and the proper treatment that they need or they’ll fall down that dark path that Arthur Fleck went to and became The Joker towards the end of the film. The second message that I got from watching this film was that society allows anti-heroes to rise and rebel against elitism, corporate greed, and rampant government corruption that’s been poisoning this society for hundreds of years.  

Explores The Issues Of Mental Heath Especially In The Black Community – As I was watching this film, I noticed that the main character Arthur Fleck has mental issues that causes him to frequently act erratic and psychotic at times in which he pays a visit to a psychiatrist several times in the film to get the treatment he needs, but is unsuccessful in doing so. I could relate to this because I am a person who suffers from mental health issues mostly due to the systemic oppression inflicted against me and my people for several hundred years from police violence to mass incarceration. There are a lot of Arthur Flecks right now in the black community who have mental illness that have been alienated, ostracized, and bullied by society because of their mental conditions. 

There’s also a double standard and racial bias that comes with mental illness in America. For example: when a white guy goes out in public and commits mass shootings at churches, synagogues, movie theaters, and schools, he’s automatically labeled by the corporate mainstream media as “mentally ill” which I see as a BS excuse in an attempt to justify his deliberate act of violence against innocent people especially against innocent black people. When a black guy especially black guys with mental illness either kills another black person let alone a cop, he is automatically stereotyped and slandered by the corporate mainstream media as a “criminal, gangster, or thug” that basically dehumanizes him and strips his humanity away from him by the vicious slandering tactics by the corporate mainstream media outlets like the racist “Fox News”. 

The Conclusion – If you’re one of these liberal feminist SJWs that wants a movie to be littered with toxic political garbage, then this film is not for you. If you’re a real nerd who loves movies with good storytelling and real messages without the liberal feminist SJW political garbage, then the “Joker” film is for you.

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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