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Trends of Cryptocurrency Exchange in 2019.

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(ThyBlackMan.comA new financial idea was born when Bitcoin was introduced in 2009. Today, we have countless of cryptocurrencies. This is all due to the broad acceptance this form of currency currently enjoys. But beneath this reality, there are some trends that are determining how the cryptocurrency market is going to be like in 2019.

1. It Will not be About the Majors Anymore

For many years now, it has been about Bitcoin and Ethereum, the two major cryptocurrencies in the world today. But 2019 could mark a departure from this trend as other cryptocurrencies enjoy greater limelight. But there is no definite evidence of this happening, just a chance based on how active the cryptocurrency markets have become lately.

2. A Greater Number of Decentralized Exchanges

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized by their very nature, and there is no reason exchanges should not uphold this status either. Since it is clear that cryptocurrencies are growing in importance, then it should also be expected that decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges will increase in number as well.

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3. More Knowledge on Cryptocurrencies

Today, one of the issues facing cryptocurrencies is that people don’t know as much about them as they ought to. This is partly the reason many people still treat these currencies with skepticism. But in 2019, people will learn more about cryptocurrencies, and forget some of the vicious stereotypes attached to them such as claims that they are used by criminals and people paying for illicit activities online.

4. More Interest in Cryptocurrencies

Interest in cryptocurrencies has been on the rise, and that is not going to change in the new year. In fact, estimates indicate that the total volume of cryptocurrency trading will grow by 50%. There is also a predicted increase in the number of large cryptocurrency exchanges, and large exchanges will be responsible for most of the trading that will take place.

5. ICOs Will be More Appealing at the Pre-ICO Stage

So far, ICOs have proven quite lucrative for investors. But there might be some changes in the year 2019 as private investors get into ICOs in earlier stages. Unfortunately, this might not the case all around the world, as countries like China and South Korea have put a ban on ICOs already.

6. Bitcoin Growth to Continue

A lot more people are getting involved with cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. Their estimates indicating that Bitcoin will eventually grow in value to reach a value of $10,000, primarily because institutional investors are getting more involved in this currency. The currency already had a substantial price jump towards the end of 2017, and this trend is set to continue in 2019 and beyond.

Big changes are on the way for the cryptocurrency market in 2019, and above are some of the highlights. Be sure to keep up on these trends by getting all the information you need on the subject as it emerges.

Staff Writer; Greg Parker


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